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Hello, everyone. My name is Freddy.


Using language---- Listening and Reading Unit 5 Music : Listening Hello, everyone. My name is Freddy. Listen to the story of Freddy the Frog( ) once and then write down the main idea. ____________________________ This story is about a singer who joined a band and became a singer. Listen to the tape again and do the true or false exercise. 1. Freddy had changed from a man to a frog. 2. He felt lonely in his lake till he met his friends on the lily leaf. 3.The singers of the band could sing very loudly. F T T 4. Freddy thought he could sing as well as the other singing frogs. 5. Freddy was very confident about his singing. 6. He sang the song to ask the other frogs to be his friends. F F F Listening text FREDDY THE FROG Freddy the frog dipped his long, thin legs into the water. Within a few short weeks he had changed from a small tadpole into the beautiful animal he was now. He smiled to himself. Then suddenly he heard a fine, deep sound that carried far into the darkness of The quiet night. Freddy looked up. Other frogs! I must try and find them, he thought. Its so hard being a grown-up frog on my own. He began to swim slowly towards the sound. Suddenly he knocked into a large lily pad. On it sat three confident frogs and they were playing instruments. Freddy climbed onto the leaf. Can I sing with you ? he asked quietly. Of course, they said. He opened his mouth wide and began: Help! I need somebody, Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone. Help! When I was young and so much younger than today, I never needed anybodys help in any way. But now these days are gone, Im not so self-assured. Now I find-Ive changed my mind, Ive opened up the doors. (Chorus) Help me if you can, Im feeling down. And I do appreciate you being round. Help me get my feet back on the ground. Wont you please, please help me! Reading Freddy The Frog We formed a band and soon we became famous and went to Britain to give performances. Then what would happen in Britain? We would succeed or fail? Did Freddy and his band get a great success in Britain? Yes, they got a great success and became very popular in Britain. Whats the main idea of the story? This is a story about a band that became famous and did not like it. 1. Freddy was now quite confident when he went into a concert hall. be confident + be confident of (about, in ) Language points in Reading II He is quite confident that hell pass the driving text. Dont be too confident in your own opinion. Tom is confident of his ability to overcome the difficulty. 2. He had to go to London, wear an expensive suit and give a performance to a TV camera. performance n. performer n. perform v. , , , They put on a performance last night. What play will be performed tomorrow? Perform your promise. The car performs well on hills. One should perform ones duties. 3. Then things went wrong. Freddy and his band could not go out anywhere without being followed. go wrong = Something is wrong with = There is something wrong with My watch went wrong yesterday. Whats wrong with you? He was done wrong. 4. Freddy and his band could not go out anywhere without being followed. eg. I cant live without you. There isnt a single time when he looks at the photo without thinking of his childhood. 5. At last feeling very upset and sensitive, Freddy and his band realized that they must leave the country before it became too painful for them. 1) v-ing eg. Not knowing how to work out the difficult physics problem, he asked the teacher for help. Having lived with the girl for five years, we all know her very well. 2) sensitive adj. 3) painful adj. Discussion Express your opinion on the following questions. What do you think are the advantages of being famous? What are the advantages of not being famous? Do you think you would enjoy being famous? Homework 1. Do the listening exercise in WB. 2. Remember the language points in the text. 3. Prepare a report about the advantages and disadvantages of the being famous. 4. Complete the reading task in WB. Unit 5