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Cultural relics ou know the following cultural relics (heritage sites)?

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Cultural relics. Do you know the following cultural relics (heritage sites)?. The Forbidden City ( 紫禁城 ). Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and Terracotta Warriors. Temple of Heaven. The Taj Mahal (In India). ivory dragon boat. Mogao Caves (In China). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Do you know the following cultural relics (heritage sites)?

  • The Forbidden City()

  • Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and Terracotta Warriors

  • Temple of Heaven

  • The Taj Mahal (In India)

  • ivory dragon boat

  • Mogao Caves (In China)

  • It is one of the seven wonders in the world.It is the only wonder that can be seen from a spaceship in space.It is the symbol of China and its culture.

  • They are near the capital city of Egypt---Cairo.They were the tombs of the Egyptian kings and queens.They are the symbol of Egypt and its culture.Pyramids

  • It is in England.It is a circle of large standing stones. It was built in stages from 3100 BC to 1500 BC.It is the symbol of England and its culture.stonehenge

  • Question

  • In Search of the Amber RoomMain idea: the strange history of the Amber Room Looking for !

    the Amber Room in RussiaWhat happened to the Amber Room?

  • Listening&Scanning

  • Par. 1:The best and biggest work of amber art ever mad an introduction of the Amber Room Of the fancy style popular in those daysamber(7000 tons)goldjewels

    10years for a team of the countrys best artists.


    ColourDesignMade up of(formation) Time of building it

  • Par. 2 A gift to Peter the GreatQ1: In fact, What was the amber room first made for?Key: It was first made for the palace()of Frederick I.

  • Q2: What happened to the Amber Room in 1716?Frederick William I(the king of Prussia) 1. his winter Palace in St Petersburg2. a small reception hall for important a gift gave to

    in return toforas a reward for something

    gave a troop of his best soldiersSomething given to a personuse

  • Par. 3 Who (person) :Catherine IIWhat(event):1.She had the Amber Room ________ to the palace outside St Petersburg.Details:600 candles ____ the roomThe mirrors and pictures _________ like gold More details were added to the Amber Room2.Told her artists to _____ more details to its design


  • Par. 4 the missing of the Amber RoomTime : Event: 1941 Russia(the Russians)Nazi Germany (the Nazis)at war stole the Amber Roomthe Nazis arrived

    sent it to Konisbergthe Amber Room was missingto take something awaywere only able to removefurniture and small art objects

  • Par.5 A new Amber RoomFill in the blanks: While the ____ ____ the old room continues ,the Russians and Germans have built __ ___ _____ ____ at the summer palace. In the spring of 2003, it was ready for the people of St. Petersburg to ________ ____ 300th birthday of their fora new Amber Roomcelebrate the

  • 1 Read the passage again and choose the best answer for each blank. 1 The king of Prussia who gave the Amber Room as a gift to Russia was _____ A Frederick I B Frederick William I C Peter the Great D Catherine II 2 The king of Prussia gave the Amber Room to Russia because _____ A he wanted to marry Catherine II B he was kind C he needed better soldiers D he wanted to make friends 3 The Amber Room Was stolen by _____ A Russian soldiers B German soldiers C people in Konigsberg D people in St Petersburg 4 In 1941, the city of Konigsberg was in _____ A Germany B Russia C Sweden D France

  • 5 The Russians didnt hide the Amber Room because _____ A they were at war B they couldnt find a place C the German soldiers arrived too soon D no train could take it away

  • Retell:was builtwas givenwas addedwas stolenwas missingwas rebuiltwas becoming

  • Retelling: IN SEARCH OF THE AMBER ROOM Amber Room, the best and biggest work of amber art ever made, was first built for _____ _____ _____ Frederick I. In 1916, Frederik William I gave it to Peter the Great _____ _____ _____ and _____ _____ he got the Czars best soldiers. Thus the Amber Room became part of the Czars _____ _____ in St.Petersburg and served as a small _______ ___ for important visitors. Later,Catherine II told her artists to _____ more details _____ its design. Unfortunately, in September,1941,When Russia and Nazi Germany were _____ ____,the Amber Room was secretly _____ by the Nazis. 100,000 pieces of the room were put inside twenty-seven wooden boxes. _____ _____ _____ _____ that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg.After that,the Amber Room _____ _____. While the search for the old room continues, the Russians and Germans have built a new Amber Room which was ready for the people of St.Petersbrug to celebrate the 300th birthday of their city in the spring of 2003. the palace of as a giftinsummer palace reception halladd to at warstolenThere iswas missing return no doubt

  • 1.Retell the story . 2.Do ex. 1&2 on P2