unit 1 cultural relics the great pyramid of khufuthe great wall

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  • Unit 1 Cultural relics the Great Pyramid of KhufuThe Great Wall
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  • Terra Cotta Warriors A collection of soldiers and horses made of clay( ), the armies of Qin Shi Huang who was the first emperor of China. The features as a cultural relic: with an artistic value with a historical value
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  • ivory dragon boat The ivory dragon boat is a boat carved in the shape of a dragon, the traditional symbol of China, with amazing carving skills. The features as a cultural relic: with a historical value with an artistic value made of valuable material
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  • Taj Mahal Taj Mahal completed around 1653, is located in India. It is a marble( ) grave that a king built for his wife. It is widely considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and stands as a symbol of eternal( ) love. The features as a cultural relic: with an architectural value with a symbolic meaning with a historical value
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  • Conclusion: Cultural relics can be buildings, tombs, artworks They can be made of stones, bricks, clay, ivory, marbles They are symbols of civilization, reflections of the history...
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  • Can you imagine a house made of amber?
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  • the Amber Room in St Petersburg in Russia In Search of the Amber Room
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  • In search of: looking for sth; searching for sth eg. Scientists are in search of a cure for the disease. Reading Prediction: The amber room must have been lost.
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  • 1. Who owned the amber room first? And Why was it made? 2. When did the amber room disappear? 3. Who is to blame for the loss of the amber room? 4. Have we found the Amber Room by now? Fast reading Frederick owned the amber room first and it was designed for his palace. The amber room disappeared in 1941. The Nazi army is to blame for the loss of the amber room. No, we havent found it yet. Task 1 on Page 2
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  • I 1 Frederick I 2 2 Frederick William I 3 3 Peter the Great 4 II 4 Catherine II 5 5 The Nazi army 6 The Russians and Germans Germans A stole the Amber Room. B sent a troop of his best soldiers to the King of Prussia. C had the Amber Room made. D had it moved outside St Petersburg. E gave it to the Czar as a gift. F built a new Amber Room after studying pictures of the old one. The passage is mainly developed in the order of _____. time
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  • Careful reading: para 1:How was the Amber Room made? para 2: para 3: para 4: para 5: Why did the King of Prussia give the Amber Room to the Czar of Russia as a gift? How did the Amber room become one of the wonders of the world? How did the Amber room get lost? How was a Amber Room built?
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  • The Amber Room was made of which had a beautiful color. It was a treasure designed and decorated with, which took artists about to make. several tons of amber like honey in a fancy style gold and jewels ten years amazing surprising select to choose sb/sth carefully to decide how sth will look by drawing design to make sth look more attractive by putting things on it decorate a precious stone such as a diamond jewel Para 1: How was the Amber Room made?
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  • Para2: Why did the King of Prussia give the Amber Room to the Czar of Russia as a gift? Frederick William succeeded the Amber Room from, but he decided not to keep it and gave it to, which helped to build friendship between and. The Amber Room became and served as succeed belong In return troop reception hall to gain sth when sb dies to be owned by sb in reward soldiers in large groups welcome area in a hotel Frederick Peter the Great Prussia Russia part of the Czars winter palace a reception hall for VIPs
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  • Para3: How did the Amber Room become one of the wonders of the world? The Amber room was moved to Catherine s outside St Petersburg by. More details was added to the Amber Room as Catherine wanted. The in the room shone like gold by summer palace Catherine in 1770 mirrors and pictures candle light
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  • Para4: How did the Amber room get lost? In when Germany and Russia were, the secretly stole the Amber Room although the Russians were able to remove and from it. But what happened to the room after that remains. 1941at war Nazis some furniture small art objects a mystery at war remove less than doubt in a state of war not more than to take sth/sb away from a place to feel uncertain about sth
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  • Para5: How was a new Amber Room built? The have built a new Amber Room at according to. In it was ready for the people of when they celebrated of their city. Russians and Germans the summer palace the photos of the former Amber Room 2003 St Petersburge the 300th birthday
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  • The clue of the story Peter the Great Catherine Frederick Frederick William Nazi passed down given as a gift passed down stolen A new Amber Room was built.
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  • The Amber Room was made of several tons of amber with a beautiful yellow-brown color like honey. It is designed in a fancy style and decorated with gold and jewels. It took the artists about ten years to make. Frederick was the first person owning the Amber Room and it was designed for his palace. It was passed down to Frederick William , who gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great as a gift. Later, Catherine had the Amber Room and asked her artists to add more details to it. Unfortunately, it was stolen by the Nazi army in 1941 and it still remains missing. Luckily, a new Amber Room has been built in St Petersburg now. Summary
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  • Suppose A and B are visiting the new Amber Room. A is supposed to tell B the story of the Amber Room B should ask some questions when A introduces the Amber Room.
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  • It is really a beautiful and fantastic place to visit, isnt it? But who would come up with such an amazing idea to build an amber room? A: B: A: Actually, there is an interesting story behind it. The amber room first was built for. Of Unfortunately, the Nazis stole it in 1941 although Then Frederick William succeeded from but he decided not to.and gave it to Peter the Great It served as . Later Catherine succeeded it and asked artists and it became one of the wonders of the world The amber room we see now actually is a new one built according to the pictures of the old one. As you can see, the room is made of amber and decorated with gold and jewels B:... A: B: A: B: The Amber Room is really worth visiting.
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  • Homework 1. Surf the Internet to collect information about the seven wonders of the world and choose one of them to make a poster to introduce it. 2. Review the passage and finish the exercises on Learning about Language.

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