unit 7 cultural relics the second period by lu xianfang

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  • Unit 7 Cultural relics The second period by Lu Xianfang
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  • 1.There are all kinds of cities in the world.In your opinion, what makes these cities great? 2.What are your favorite cities? Why?
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  • But what happened to it in the Qing Dynasty? Yuanmingyuan was burnt by the foreign armies,and lots of the cultural treasures were robbed by them.
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  • Fast reading 1.What is the name of the city?Who built it? Who are the heroes of the city?
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  • Careful reading Read the following sentences and decide if they are true or false. If it is false, please correct the error and give the right information. ( )1.The city of St Petersburg was rebuilt by Peter the Great. ( )2.The Germans attacked St Petersburg a hundred years ago. ( )3. A portrait of Peter the Great was destroyed by the Germans. ( )4.It was difficult for people to rebuild the old places. ( )5.Workers and painters used old photographs to help them rebuild the city. ( )6.St Petersburg will never be as beautiful as it was before. T T T F F F
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  • Please answer the following questions. 1.Why do people think St Petersburg is a great city? Because many great palaces were built in St. Petersburg.These palaces were large and beautiful,and they often looked like something out of a fairytale.The city has been the center of many important events in history. 2.Why was it so difficult for people to rebuild the old palaces? Because St. Petersburg was almost in ruins. Buildings were destroyed,and paintings and statues lay in pieces on the ground.
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  • 4.Why are the people of St Petersburg heroes? Because they have made something impossible possible. They have successfully rebuilt the palaces without destroying their old beauty. With hard work, patience, devotion and love for their cultural relics, they have shown that dreams can come true. 3.What did people use to help them rebuild the city? With the help of old paintings and photographs,the people of St. Petersburg were able to bring back the beauty of their culture and history.
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  • Summary St. Petersburg lies on the _____of the river Lena in _____. More than______ hundred years ago, the Russian Czar, Peter the Great,built a new ______here.He was a strong and _____man. St. Peter has been the _____of many important ______ events. These events are the reason why the city has become such an important part of Russian culture and history.The people of St. Petersburg fought hard against the _____ during World War II and were determined to rebuild the city when the Nazis had left it in _____. ______ the great city was ______, but the people of St. Petersburg succeeded.Using old ______ and rescued pieces of the old city, they managed to ______ St Petersburg to its former glory.The people of St. Petersburg are _____ because they managed to rebuild the city, proving that they are at least as great as Czar Peter. bankRussia three capital center proud historical Nazis ruins Rebuilding difficult photographs restore heroes
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  • Discussion What can we learn from the text? 1.How can we protect the cultural relics of our country? 2.What should we do to make a contribution to it?