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  • The trail to the war criminals of the World War
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  • A model court
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  • Read the passage and answer the following questions: 1. What is a fact ? A fact is anything that can be proved. 2. What is an opinion? An opinion is what someone believes is true but has not been proved. 3. What is called evidence? Some useful information given by the eyewitness is called evidence.
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  • Language points 1.opinion. n. ; ; . Everyone had a different opinion on the subject. in ones opinion ; . e.g. In my opinion, its a very sound investment. ______the opinion ______most people, there will be a good harvest this autumn. A. In, in B. In, of C. To, of D. For, /
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  • 2. consider sb.(sth.) + adj. / n. consider( , ) sb.(sth.) + to be sb.(sth.) + as that-clause consider ) + n. / doing sth. +to do sth. They consider Paris (as/to be) the brain and heart of the country. She was considering how she should answer/how to answer.
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  • consideras. = consider to be(as ) = think look on(upon).as. =take as. e.g. Abraham Lincoln is generally considered _________ the greatest president of America. A. to be B. as C. / D. All of the above
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  • 3. prove. v. prove (vt.) + / n.(pron.) n. prove (link-v) + adj. to be + adj. e.g. (1) It has been proved that pride goes before a fall. (2) The book has proved most useful. (3) His words proved (to be) right.
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  • e.g. Einsteins theory proved (to be ) correct. We have proved our courage in battle. e.g. Premier Zhou _______ to be unforgettable in the hearts of the Chinese people. A. proved B. regarded C. thought D. considered
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  • HOMEWORK: 1. P42. Look at the photos of cultural relics and complete the following sentences. 2. Translate the following sentences into English. 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7
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