unit 7 cultural relics period 3 reading

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t 7 Cultural Rel eriod 3 Reading

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Unit 7 Cultural Relics Period 3 Reading. The capital city of China. The Great Wall. Many Places of Interests. The Forbidden City. The Temple of Heaven. The Beihai Park. The Summer Palace. The May, 4th Movement. The July, 7th Incident. Historical Events. Need to Know. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Unit 7 Cultural Relics

    Period 3 Reading

  • The capital city of China

  • Many Places of Interests

  • Historical Events

  • Need to Know Position2. History 4. Historical events3. Places of interests

  • A City Of Heroes

  • 1 Who made St. Petersburg the capital?

    2 Who rebuilt St. Petersburg? 1. There is a river in St. Petersburg. 2. The war in St. Petersburg lasted near three years. 3. The Germans controlled St. Petersburg at last. 4. The city of St. Petersburg was rebuilt by Peter the Great. 5. Today Peter the Great can look over the City. Peter the GreatThe People of St. PetersburgTTFFF

  • On the banks of the Newa River The Russian Czar Peter the Great Strong and proud Present SituationSt. Petersburg

    The building of the city Position Creator Personality of Peter the Great

  • 1941 900 days Germans (Nazis) 1. fires burned everywhere2. buildings destroyed3. paintings and statues lay in pieces on the ground

    The decline of the city (important historical events) Time How long IntruderThe results of the Nazis failure

  • 1. pieces of palaces that had hidden before the Nazis came2. old paintings and photographs Save the palaces and buildings without destroying their old beautyParts of statues have been put back together2. Missing pieces have been replaced3. Old paintings and the old palaces have been made

    The rebuilding of the city Materials Difficulties The results of hard work

  • Strong, proud, and unitedThe people of St. Petersburg

    The present situation of the city The modern heroes of Russia The character of people of St. Petersburg