reading unit 1 cultural relics it is 13 times the price of gold

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Reading Unit 1 Cultural Relics

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  • Reading Unit 1 Cultural Relics
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  • It is 13 times the price of gold.
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  • Do you know what they are made of ? What colour does amber have? Yellow and brown.
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  • color yellow- brown feel like Amber is the form of from trees.Amber is the fossil( )form of resin( ) from trees. It takes to form. It takes millions of years to form. feel as hard as stone What is amber?
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  • C a n y o u i m a g i n e a h o u s e m a d e o f a m b e r ?
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  • A room made of amber
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  • Judging from the title, what do you think happened to the Amber Room? In search of the Amber Room
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  • Read the text quickly, trying to get the main idea about the text. It tells us the strange history of the_______ ________, a cultural relic of two countries: _________ and ________. Amber Room Germany Russia
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  • Paragraph 1: The Amber Room and its________ Paragraph 2-3: ___________ of the Amber Room Paragraph 4: _____________ of the Amber Room Paragraph 5: _______________of the Amber Room design the history the missing the rebuilding
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  • Read the passage quickly and find out characters, years,and places in the passage. ( clues characters years places 1 2 3
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  • Read Para 1 Read Para 1 to find detailed information About the Amber Room Colour Birthplace Design Material Time to complete it yellow-brown Prussia in the fancy style popular in those days several tons of amber; gold and jewels It took a team of the countrys best artists ten years to make it.
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  • The Amber Room Purpose It was made not to be a ___________, but for the ___________ of Frederick I. What happene d to the Amber Room. 1716____________________________________. 1770____________________________________. 1941____________________________________. 2003____________________________________. Frederick William gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great as a gift. Catherine had completed the adding to the Amber room The Nazi German army stole the Amber Room The rebuilding of the Amber Room was completed. gift palace Task 3:
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  • 2.Frederick William 3.Peter the Great 4.Catherine 1.Frederick
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  • 1.What did these four people do to the Amber Room? 2.What happened in these four years (1716; 1770; 1941; 2003)? Careful reading: 2.Frederick William 3.Peter the Great 4.Catherine 1.Frede rick
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  • Frederick Frederick William pass down
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  • Peter the Great Czar give as a gift In return Frederick William A troop of soldiers Where?
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  • pass down Move/add details
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  • Be stolen take apart Put inside/ Put on a train
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  • 1716 1770 1941 2003 Frederick William gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great_________. Catherine _____ more details to the Amber room. The Nazi German army _____ the Amber Room. The ________of the Amber Room was completed. years as a gift stole rebuilding added
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  • Amber Room, the best and biggest work of amber art ever made, was first built for the _____ of Frederick I. In 1916, Frederick William I gave it to Peter the Great as a _____ of friendship and ___________ he got the Czars a troop of best soldiers. Thus the Amber Room became part of the Czars winter palace in St.Petersburg and _________ a small _______ hall for important visitors. Later, Catherine II told her artists to _____ more details _____ its design. Unfortunately, in September,1941,When Russia and Nazi Germany were ___ war, the Amber Room was secretly stolen by the Nazis. 100,000 pieces of the room were put inside twenty-seven wooden boxes. ________is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for Kongsberg. After that, the Amber Room was ________. While the search for the old room continues, the Russians and Germans have built a new Amber Room which was ready for the people of St. Petersburg to celebrate the 300 th birthday of their city in the spring of 2003. palace gift reception add to at There missing in return served as
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  • Suppose you are the guide of the Amber Room! You are going to introduce the Amber Room to us. What are you going to introduce? Welcome
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  • Hello, everyone! Im glad to introduce First the Amber Room was made for Then Frederick William It soon became part of the Czar's winter palace in St. Petersburg. Later, Catherine and she told her artists to In September, 1941 the Nazi Germany army secretly After that, what happened to the Amber Room Now Russians and Germans have much like the old one.
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  • Frederick Frederick William Peter the Great Czar Catherine Nazi The clue of the story p a s s d o w n g i v e n a s a g i f t p a s s d o w n s t o l e n
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