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A presentation prepared for a discussion around Social Media @ the Telemis Passionate People lunch. More info:


  • 1.Social Media WTF(uzz)?for Telemis Passionate Peopleby David Hachez

2. About meSearch David Hachez on 3. Evolution of Man Kind 4. From 5. To 6. source: Youcracy 7. 8. What has changed? 9. TIME & SPACE24/7WWW 10. NETWORKS one to allpeer to peer 11. ENCODING 12. SEARCH nd retrieve 13. CONTRIBUTE review & ratepublish 14. 1creators10 synthetizers 100 consumers Pyramid of Bradley Horowitz 15. Source: Forrester 16. So we are CreatorscriticsbroadcastersDJspublishers reportersexpertseditors 17. Applied to Marketing 18. source: Duval Guillaume 19. credibility of CG reviews2% Why does it matter? 98% very/somewhat credible not crediblesource: eMarketer 20. Sustainability 21. Verba volant, scripta manent 22. Verba docent, exempla trahunt 23. Think about how you use the Web right now compared to six years ago.Now think about how our children are using it. Social Media is the innovation of our time. Whether or not the internet becomes a mass media isirrelevant. Our behavior and the behavior of futuregenerations has been irreversibly altered.- David Armano, Logic+Emotion 24. Web x.0 25. Thank you