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  1. 1. half ofWOMENeverything
  2. 2. Were paid about 80 cents on the dollar for the same work.the bad Were less than 5% of CEOs and corporate boards.Were less than 5% of agency creative directors.
  3. 3. We get mommy tracked.So we leave - not for home, but for other work.Some of us leave before were forced to...
  4. 4. the truth is, the modern corporate environmentsucks for both men & women but its women who are going to change it
  5. 5. Because we possess half of the available talent, and more than half of the college degrees. Because we make 1/2 the purchasesWhy? and inuence the others, in every category. Because we control half of the wealth, and start most of the businesses.
  6. 6. Women are more successful and stable entrepreneurs...but VCs dont invest in us.and yetWomen foster better results as executives & directors...but too few of us are promoted through ranks.
  7. 7. Women work, earn money, create economic growth, and control household and commercial purchasing...but especially But marketers and politicians treat us as a single type: The busy mom on the go.
  8. 8. women & marketing #WTF
  9. 9. women laughing alone with salad #WTF via: thehairpin.com
  10. 10. women struggling to drink water #WTF via: thehairpin.com
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  13. 13. women & TECH #WTF
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  16. 16. #wtf
  17. 17. why???
  18. 18. "I cannot say that I think you are very generous to the ladies; for, whilstyou are proclaiming peace and good-will to men, emancipating allnations, you insist upon retaining an absolute power over wives."But you must remember that arbitrary power is like most other thingswhich are very hard, very liable to be broken; and, notwithstanding allyour wise laws and maxims, we have it in our power, not only to freeourselves, but to subdue our masters, and without violence, throw bothyour natural and legal authority at our feet."
  19. 19. listen up.
  20. 20. women are not... women are...A segment. A diverse group. An issue.Half your customers An initiative.& your talent pool.A program.In control of 80% of spending.
  21. 21. some brands get it. most of the time.
  22. 22. Look at me, study me and understand me.Then, and only then, can you make my runningshoes. Dont give me a small, pink version of amans running shoes.Im not a small, pink version of a man.
  23. 23. pink it & shrink it
  24. 24. kick ass
  25. 25. Regina DuganFormer head of DARPAwhere are the women in tech?everywhere!PhD, Mechanical Engineering CalTech Liz Salcedo Inventor & Founder of EverpurseMaja J. MataricProfessor and Chan Soon-Shiong Chair in ComputerScience, Neuroscience, and PediatricsDirector, Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems (CRES)Co-Director, Robotics Research LabVice Dean for ResearchViterbi School of EngineeringUniversity of Southern California
  26. 26. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, US Navy Sister Mary Kenneth KellerPioneer programmer of Harvard Mark I Helped develop BASICDeveloped the rst compilerFirst woman to receive a PhD in Computer ScienceDeveloped the idea of machine-independent programminglanguagesPopularized the term debuggingwe wereHedy LamarrHollywood Star and inventor of spread spectrumhere allcommunications and frequency hoppingThe grandmother of wireless communication along!
  27. 27. So whats the big idea here?Simple.Treating women with respect Its a business decision.isnt just a moral issue.Nor is it merely a legal one.
  28. 28. we might not be your target,but were definitely your customer.
  29. 29. If a board [or team] doesnt look at alllike the market being served, then something (Big) is (Badly) wrong.Tom Peters
  30. 30. its simple, really.Hire women, and see business results.Create good products for women, and see business results.Market to women, and see business results.
  31. 31. ladiez ftw
  32. 32. make statements.
  33. 33. the show doesnt go onbecause its ready;it goes on because its 11:30
  34. 34. i dont care if you f@#!ing like it
  35. 35. #changetheratio