wtf is programmatic premium? - wtf programmatic uk, 11/11/14

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Henry Rowe's presentation from WTF Programmatic UK on November 11, 2014.


  • 1. 'WTF is premium programmatic on the sell-side'?

2. Why should FaR know the answer? 3. PREMIUM?WHATS IN A NAME? 4. As an industry we aren't really helping ourselvesRemnant Programmatic Premium? 5. PREMIUM PROGRMMATIC ?I THINK I CAN TELL YOU WHAT IT ISNT 6. IT ISNT A FORMAT 7. IT ISNT DATA 8. IT ISNT A SECTOR 9. IT ISNT A HIGH PRICE TAG 10. AND IT CERTAINLY IS NOT TECHNOLOGY 11. PREMIUM PROGRAMMATIC ?IF ITS NOT A STATIC THING , THEN WHAT IS IT? 12. Premium is based around using knowledge to drive trustKnowledge Trust 13. #1 Knowledge of who your users are 14. #2 Knowledge of what your brand is worth. What price to put on context 15. #3 More direct relationships And pricing models to match. 16. #4 Knowledge of what price the advertiser is paying 17. #5 Knowledge of how to measure brand metricsIt doesnt matter how accurately you measure something if youremeasuring the wrong thing 18. #6 Increasingly, premium to a media owner is lower costs 19. Finally, this all comes together under the banner of TRUSTUsers Context Control Price Cost MetricsThe sellers job is to have the KNOWLEDGE to understand all the elements thatmake up PREMIUM and to help the buy-side TRUST the product 20. Thank you