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Jenny Kirby's presentation from WTF Programmatic UK on November 11, 2014.


  • 1. WTF is attributionJenny Kirby

2. 2 3. The last click is not the whole story31 2 3 4 5conversionThe last click here is direct to site it doesnt mean the other clicks had no value 4. But it is traditionally how weve evaluated media4Organicclick0%contributionDisplay adclick0%contributionFacebookclick0%contributionPPC click100%contribution 5. Its a dangerous way to view media5PPC click100%contributionRemove these channels and the cost is volume 6. And what about when the click is not the end?6 7. So how do we credit all media?We need to answer these questions:1. What is the true value of each media channel?2. What impact does digital have on offline behaviours?7 8. Using attribution to determine the true value ofeach media channel8Full cookie level data shows whereeach channel played a role in eachconverting pathway 9. Some channels are clearly overvalued9...especially PPC search. 10. Reattribution means reinvestment10-15%Direct/SEO Paid Search Email Performance Social MediaDisplayDisplay AffiliatesRetargeting+8%-40% -27%0.1k+3%+6%-21%0.1klast Click attribution Attribution modelValue attribution by channel 11. Understanding the impact of digital beyond the click11Using econometrics, the role of digital media in driving customers tocall centres or to retail can be understood 12. Growing revenues through intelligentinvestment12But beflexible!Holdyourposition 13. 13 14. Three things to take away from today1. The last click model of measuring the value of digitalmedia is misleading2. Some of your media channels are overvalued, especiallyPPC3. Trust the data and watch revenues grow14 15. Thank you, questions?15