WTF is a Data Strategy? - WTF Programmatic UK, 11/11/14

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Alex Loveless' presentation from WTF Programamtic UK on November 11, 2014.


<ul><li> 1. WT F I S A DATA STRATEGY ?1 1 T H N O V 2 0 1 4Alex LovelessHead of Data Consulting@alexmloveless</li></ul> <p> 2. Why the f**k a data strategy? 3. Data = Strategy 4. What are your businesss short,medium and long term goals? 5. Its all about the customerCustomers dont experience channelsPPCDISPLAYORGANICAFFILIATESEMAILMOBILEWEBcustomer lifecycleJUST GIVE MEWHAT I WANT! 6. DataInsightBrand PlanningOmni-channel PlanningOptimised Brand Experience 7. createsinformsPPCSEOEmailSocialWebMobilebehavioursocial3rd partypurchasesCRMappanalysisvaluepredictionsegmentationbehaviourUXdatamediacustomercreativesocial 8. Time HorizonCustomer VolumeShort Medium Long1 customer ALL my customersWeb/mobile analyticsData Lake/Single customer viewAttribution ModelingCross Channel AnalysisDMP/PersonalisationAd Targeting/programaticPropensity ModelingBehavioural SegmentationSocial ListeningSocial segmentationCustomerclusteringPropensity modeling 9. Its cool man! Just usestuff youve, like, seenin the past to predictwhat might happen inthe future, mkay?Rev. Thomas BayesBayes Theorem 10. Customer data Purchase history Social dataFind dataLook for clusters(segments) inthe dataLook forfeatures in thesegmentsObserve historyof segmentsCreate Bayesiantraining setUse to predictfuture states Car lovers Mums Optimists Gender Demographics Frequent purchases Behaviours Purchases Loyalty Likely next product Likelihood to purchase in X days Probable next destination Pregnancy status Likelihood to complain 11. CONTEXTWho are they?Where are they?What are theydoing?Who are theytalking to?What devicesare they using?How can we tailor theirexperience?What do theyHow are theyfeeling?want?Timing is everything!AthomeAtworkIn acafOn themoveEatingWatchingtvSocialwebFriendsFamilyColleaguesLaptopTabletPhoneIrritablePositiveStressedExcitedTo buysomethingTobrowseTocomparepricesPersonalized emailTargetedcontentDealsMale/Female@somebody 18 - 25OptimisedExperience 12. SeesDisplayadLogsonto in-storenetworkSearches forTVUsesappfromcafWhatsapp link tofriendReturnsunwanted itemUsesbrowserBouncesSocialshareArrivesfromsearchSelectsUses app shoe sizeMultiplevisit nopurchaseOpensemailComplainsUsesairportkioskIn storesaleSocialcampaign 13. With more dataresolution increases Behaviour 3rd party data Browse habits Singe device Customer data Email address/social profile Geographic Product affinities App usage Cross device 14. media CRMpurchase SocialDATA2ndPartyanalyticsOfflineCallCentreHow do wedo this inreal time? 15. Data ManagementPlatform (DMP)Clickstream/Conv.3rd Party DataData ExchangeCRM/CustomerPPCCall CentreTargeted Email/CommsDisplay TargetingDeals/IncentivesMailings/InsertsOnline to OfflineOffline/POSWeb/MobilePersonalisationSocialEventsCall centreprequalificationLoyalty programmesegmentationPredictiveanalysisData InputsOutputs/Actions 16. OMNI-PPCCHANNEL PERSONALISEDDISPLAYORGANICAFFILIATESEMAILMOBILEWEBcustomer lifecycleEXPERIENCE 17. Call CentreTargetingCampaign andtrigger emails arepersonalisedbased oncustomerbehaviourDMPAnalyticsSocial LoginWeb/MobileemailTag ManagementMVTBehavioural data is collected via a tagmanagement system and fed into aprofiling DB for segmentation.Personalised content is delivered tothe customer using an MVT toolDisplay AdsSocial MediaProfiling DB stiches sessionstogether across device andchannel and createssegmentsCustomer profiles areenriched with social datawhich is linked via socialloginsCall centre agents useprofiling data to enrich theirconversations withcustomersUser experience is tailored tothe campaign seen prior toarrivalCustomer experience is alignedacross channel and platform basedon information gathered aboutthem from any channel in real timeor near real time.DATA LAYER{user: johnsmith,id :123456,agegroup : 18-25,prevsearch: NewYorkcampaigns: [123,456,334]}The applicationembeds customerprofile info in adata layer on thepage 18. DMP CRM AnalysisData LakeCustomerSocialOffline/POS2nd PartyLogsLegacyData BrokerCallCentre3 Other rd PartyData comes in from anywhereData of allshapes andsizes live inthe datalakeData databrokermakessense ofdata on theflyDo lots of cool stuff with the data1234 19. ANALYTICSDATA WAREHOUSESINGLE CUSTOMER VIEWMASTER DATA MANAGEMENTBIG DATABRAND EXPERIENCE OPTIMISATION 20. 1. Business strategy is key what areyour big questions?2. Its all about customer insight,more is better but any is great3. Start big - go small </p>