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Matt O'Neill's presentation from WTF Programmatic UK on November 11, 2014.


  • 1. RTB ad spend is growing fast. RTB will account for over $18.2billion of U.S. digital ad sales in 2018, up from just $3.1 billion in2013, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 42%.Business Insider. September 30, 2014.

2. RTB spend grew 69% in Q2 2014, compared to Q1 2014. Thisquarter also saw a 456% increase in mobile RTB spending overthe same quarter last year.Business Wire. August 26, 2014. 3. Digital media buying is being revolutionized by programmaticbuying technologies. Over the 35 countries analyzed by MAGNAGLOBAL, media inventory transacted through programmaticmethods will reach $21 billion globally this year (+52% comparedto 2013), of which $9.3bn will be transacted through Real-TimeBidding (RTB) methods.Magna Global September 29, 2014 4. Growth across all sectors$0.50MM$1.10MM$2.00MM$3.10MM$3.90MM$0.10MM$0.50MM$1.40MM$2.90MM$4.90MM$6.80MM$2.90MM$3.80MM$4.90MM$6.50MM$7.10MM$7.50MM$20MM$15MM$10MM$5MM$0MM2013 2014(E) 2015(E) 2016(E) 2017(E) 2018(E)USD MillionsVideo Mobile Desktop 5. WTF is RTBNovember 11, 2014Matt ONeill 6. its 2007 7. 375300225150750Ad Networksthinkequity partners research, 20082000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 8. Youve got your hands fullPublisher 9. this is a good thing 10. but there can be too much of a good thing 11. a word on yield management 12. How to maximise yield?an airline example 13. How to maximise yield?an airline example 14. How to maximise yield?an airline example 15. How to maximise yield?an airline example 16. RTB: An Animated Historyfrom the IAB 17. 1s or1000 msHow fast is RTB? 18. 500 msHow fast is RTB? 19. 200msHow fast is RTB?End to end, and RTB call is fulfilled in about 200ms 20. 200msLets see that again 21. What happens in 200 msthe lifecycle of an RTB impression 22. 35msAnd its getting fasterHeading to 35ms 23. WOAH 24. RTB Today Open RTB Wide-scale adoption Understanding its not just unsold Buy side excitement Unlocking mobile 25. into the future 26. Some trends & forecasts Full Stack RTB Full Automation Predictive Yield Consolidation DisintermediationVolume tradedPremiumness 27. Some trends & forecasts Full Automation Predictive Yield Consolidation Disintermediation 28. Some trends & forecasts Predictive Yield Consolidation Disintermediationdata reporting analytics decisionwhathappenedwhy did ithappenwhat is likelyin the futuretime 29. Some trends & forecasts Consolidation Disintermediation 30. Some trends & forecasts Disintermediation 31. takeaways 32. Born of a desire to bring automationand yield optimisation to digital media 33. RTB was a fundamental shift in the way mediawas traded. It represents the single biggest shifttoward the original promise of online. 34. In under 200 ms an impressionbased sale is transacted against aspecific target 35. All RTB is programmatic. Not allprogrammatic is RTB. 36. Learn new languages 37. thank you 38. Image credits Raiders of the Lost Ark Dir. Steven Spielberg Lucasfilm / Paramount Pictures1981 Packing Crates Klen International, 2013 Rhianna, Umbrella, 2007, Def Jam Superbad, 2007, Columbia Pictures BlackRock, Getty Images Various tetris screen grabs Sorcers Apprentice, The Disney Company


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