Social Media 101 for Realtors

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Post on 27-Jul-2015




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1. Social Media 101 @BearandBeagl 2. Social Media 101 @BearandBeagl The Goal of Social Media Of us as business leaders To get more customers Of our audience To build a community of like-minded people with similar interests and priorities Our audience doesnt want to be sold on something 3. Social Media 101 @BearandBeagl How to sell without selling? You need to create a persona that is Useful Relevant Insightful 4. Social Media 101 @BearandBeagl Creating a Persona Distill what your customers want from the perfect realtor into just a few points Then be that thing 5. Social Media 101 @BearandBeagl What not to do Dont promote yourself and your listings 24/7 Dont be aggressive or take a controversial stance on an issue that has nothing to do with your job or goals Dont ignore messages or let too much time pass between questions and answers 6. Social Media 101 @BearandBeagl What to do Share useful information from others in your community Reach out to others in community with questions, real input, and positive messages Make a routine and schedule messages in advance 7. Social Media 101 @BearandBeagl Questions?