Social Media for Realtors (2017)

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SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodWITHSOCIAL MEDIA FOR REALTORSSTAND OUTTO GET THE ATTENTION KEEP TESTINGTO GROW YOUR AUDIENCE CREATE COMMUNITYTO WIN BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodLOCAL REALTOR > LOCAL EXPERTSTAND OUTSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodCreate content on local subject matters that people might like to know about: Schools, Restaurants, Shopping, etc.OPEN HOUSE > OPEN PARTYSTAND OUTSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodLiability might be a concern, but think how you can make Open Houses more fun and entertaining.ANNOUNCEMENTS > CELEBRATIONSSTAND OUTSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodMake a big deal out of your closings, celebrate with your clients in a big way for social media to see.STAND OUT PHOTOS > VIDEOSSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodUse video to create more interesting content.STAND OUT INSTAGRAMSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodFigure out how youre going to stand out on various #hashtagsKEEP TESTING FACEBOOK ADSSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodIncreases overall view-throughs by 87% And subscriptions by 56%.Sustained CTASequencing for CTACONVERSIONCONSIDERATIONAWARENESSVS.(BETTER)KEEP TESTING FACEBOOK ADSSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodWhich advertisement image performed best for TRY A FREE CLASS?KEEP TESTING FACEBOOK ADSSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodANSWER: TOP RIGHT - the audience sees something thats more believable for them to doCREATE COMMUNITYSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodGive value to your audience so they might be involvedCREATE COMMUNITYSOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodTap into a community or create your own.SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST@matt_ashwoodWITHSOCIAL MEDIA FOR REALTORS