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  • Social Media for Realtors

    with Karen Kefauver

    November 2016

    with Karen Kefauver

  • Agenda

    Social Media: The Big Picture

    2017 Trends

    Facebook Video, Ads

  • Introduct

    4:15-4:30 Questions and Answers, Evaluations

    A word about my background...

    Karen Kefauver Social Media Consultant Sports/Travel Writer

  • Social Media: The Big Picture

    Most Popular Networks in the U.S. 2016








  • Social Media: Google + for Business

  • Benefits

    Build personal relationships

    Improved SEO for you and your website

    Keep up with the competition

    80% of all home buyers are searching online

  • All about MOBILE!

    Almost three-quarters of U.S. internet users in the United States accessed Facebook.

    Facebook passes 1.65 billion monthly active users

    54% access the service only on mobile

  • Top Social Platforms for Realtors

    About 75% are active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    About 33% use Google+ and YouTube.

    Fewer use Twitter.

    Source: DIY Real Estate Marketing Blog/The Best Social Networks for Real Estate Professionals/Jason Fox


  • Realtors Need to Know

    Know your audience demographics

    Determine which platforms your customers use

    Keep up to date on current social media and new platforms

    Do Not Spread Yourself too Thin!

    What networks to use?

  • Social Media: The Big Picture

    Best Networks by Income

    Facebook - 72 percent of Facebook users have incomes of over $75,000

    LinkedIn - 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn.

    YouTube - 46 percent of YouTube users have incomes of over $75,000


  • Snap Chat - What is it? In 2016, Snapchats user base is doubling pulling ahead of Twitter and Pinterest in the US for the first time, according to eMarketers latest forecast on mobile messaging apps.

  • Snap Chat Users

  • Social Media: The Big Picture LinkedIn Demographics by Age in the U.S.

  • Social Media: The Big Picture Twitter Demographics by Age in the U.S.

  • Social Media: The Big Picture Instagram Demographics by Age in the U.S.

  • Top Trends for 2017

    * Video Content, Livestreaming

    * Social media advertising

    * Mobile Marketing and Messaging

    * Virtual Reality

    * Drones - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • VIDEO: What to shoot in your video

    Showcase available properties with listing videos.

    Create a video bio to introduce yourself

    Create videos showcasing the selling points of your neighborhood.

    Show off your expertise with videos featuring tips for homeowners, buyers, and sellers.

    Video client testimonials

  • Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Ads

    Use Facebook Ads

  • Time saving tips, results and ads

    Video ads and carousel ads are the two big new ad types

    Video is muted; 10 second rule

    Carousel ads: 5 images each with its own URL

    Entertain/educate/call to action

  • Facebook Insights

  • Messaging Apps

    1. Download Facebook Messenger, Whats App, Facebook Pages and other social media apps to become familiar with mobile interface.

    2. Check how your website looks on both Android and Apple phones.

    3. Practice using Facebook live from your personal FB account.

    4. Set up your Google Business account:

  • What to Post

    Photos: of where you live, local events, groups you support, office parties

    Videos: Employee spotlight, customer spotlight

    Employers asking employees for social advocacy

  • Posts: How Often & Automation

    Facebook Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts and currently sits at 1.55 billion monthly active users.

    Biz page ideal: 2x a day

    Automation: Hootsuite

    Facebook Scheduler feature

  • Social Media Promo


    Mobile Website

    Newsletter (monthly, quarterly)

    Blog (daily, weekly)

    Email marketing

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and You Tube

    Traditional Media - Newspaper, Radio, TV

  • Now What?1. Make sure you are using the right networks and they are set up correctly

    2. Advertise on Facebook

    3. Shoot video and upload

    4. Get help if you need it! Call me for FREE 20 min. phone consult: Karen, 831-588-3232

  • What I do:

    Social Media Coaching


    Group Training


    Keynotes, Panels


    Social Media Class Series

  • Thank You!Email me or call to set up your FREE 20-min. phone consult! / 831-588-3232