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    Roman Empire andHan Dynasty

    A Short ComparisonAP World History

    Roman Empire

    Han Dynasty Characteristics

    Han ChinaWell organizedbureaucracy basedupon Confucianideas andeducation

    Roman EmpireWell organizedbureaucracyfounded on Romanlaw andclassicallearning


    Han ChinaEmphasis on Familyancestors:patriarchicalReliance on landedgentryEngineeringaccomplishments:roads, canals, theGreat Wall

    Roman EmpireEmphasis on family:pater familiasReliance on patriciansEngineeringaccomplishments:roads, aqueducts,amphitheatres,domes, sewagesystems, centralheating


    Grand Canal Roman Roads

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    Great Wall Roman Aqueduct


    Han ChinaReligion:Confucianism,Daoism, nativegods, intro toBuddhism

    Roman EmpireReligion: Emperoras god, paganism,intro toChristianity

    Decline of Han Dynasty

    Infighting among ruling elitesInequitable distribution of land - taxburden fell on peasants rather thanon large landownersSeries of peasant rebellionsGenerals usurp political power -become warlords

    Decline of Han Dynasty

    220 CE generals divide empire intothree kingdoms.Emigration of nomadic peoples intoN. China kept country disunited

    Decline of Roman Empire

    Internal opposition - barrackemperorsDifficulties in administering vastempire creates rivalries and divisionsof authorityEastern and Western Empire -capital moved to Constantinople

    Decline of Roman Empire

    Germanic invasions by Vandals,Ostrogoths, and Visigoths476 Odacer deposes final WesternRoman EmperorEastern Roman Empire becomesByzantine Empire - lasts another1000 years

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    Shared Characteristics

    Decline in Morals and ValuesDecline in those values that haveupheld this particular society together

    Public Health and Urban DecayPolitical CorruptionUnemployment and InflationInferior technologyMilitary Spending