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Roman Empire and Han Dynasty. A Short Comparison World History. Roman Empire. Han Dynasty. Han China Well organized bureaucracy based upon Confucian ideas and education. Roman Empire Well organized bureaucracy founded on Roman law and classical learning. Characteristics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Roman Empire and Han DynastyA Short ComparisonWorld History

  • Roman Empire

  • Han Dynasty

  • CharacteristicsHan ChinaWell organized bureaucracy based upon Confucian ideas and educationRoman EmpireWell organized bureaucracy founded on Roman law and classical learning

  • CharacteristicsHan Imperial UniversitiesIn Xian a university of Confucian study was founded.An exam was created to evaluate anyone who felt knowledgeable enough to take it and become a bureaucrat. Unfortunately, only the wealthy had time to study enough.

    Roman EducationFounded on Greek Principles.Wanted strong, healthy, religious and responsible citizen.A free slave opened the first private school in ancient Rome.

  • CharacteristicsHan ChinaEmphasis on Family ancestors: patriarchicalReliance on landed gentryEngineering accomplishments: roads, canals, the Great WallRoman EmpireEmphasis on family: pater familiasReliance on patriciansEngineering accomplishments: roads, aqueducts, amphitheatres, domes, sewage systems, central heating

  • CharacteristicsGrand CanalRoman Roads

  • CharacteristicsGreat WallRoman Aqueduct

  • CharacteristicsHan ChinaReligion: Confucianism, Daoism, native gods, intro to BuddhismRoman EmpireReligion: Emperor as god, paganism, intro to ChristianityBoth Buddhism and Christianity are considered new superseding religions that reformed and surpassed a former religion with historical ties.

  • Decline of Han DynastyInfighting among ruling elitesInequitable distribution of land - tax burden fell on peasants rather than on large landownersSeries of peasant rebellionsYellow Turban Rebellion: Wore yellow scarves on heads, Taoists angry with landowning elite. Generals usurp political power - become warlords

  • Decline of Han Dynasty220 CE generals divide empire into three kingdoms.Emigration of nomadic peoples into N. China kept country disunited

  • Decline of Roman EmpireInternal opposition - barrack emperorsDifficulties in administering vast empire creates rivalries and divisions of authorityEastern and Western Empire - capital moved to Constantinople

  • Decline of Roman EmpireGermanic invasions by Vandals, Ostrogoths, and Visigoths476 Odacer deposes final Western Roman EmperorEastern Roman Empire becomes Byzantine Empire - lasts another 1000 years

  • Shared CharacteristicsDecline in Morals and ValuesDecline in those values that have upheld this particular society togetherPublic Health and Urban DecayPolitical CorruptionUnemployment and InflationInferior technologyMilitary Spending

  • EvaluateWhat factors allowed them to last over 400 years?Are there any lessons we can take from their rise, rule, and fall?



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