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Exploration Precedent for Exploration and ExpansionAlexander the GreatRoman EmpireMing Dynasty (China)VikingsCrusadesOttoman Empire

Alexander the GreatTimelinePeriod of intense explorationFollowing exploration is colonizationPeriods is from 1400s-1700s

MotivesSpread the FaithExpand KnowledgeEconomic and TradeHistorian J.M. Roberts Answer

Early ExplorationsPortuguese and Spanish dominated international exploration in 15th and 16th centuriesPortuguese mostly explored eastward (Africa and Asia)Spain united by Isabel and Ferdinand in 1482Begin exploring westward (Americas)Christopher Columbus

Isabel and FerdinandNorth AmericaEnglish and French become major power players in the 16th and 17th centuries Main focus in 16th century South America1497 John Cabot1534 Jacques Cartier 1583 First English Colony1603 First French Colony

The Jesuits and the Asian Missions

Ignatius of LoyolaBorn in Spain in 1491Injured in battleConverted in recoverySaw his calling to be a soldier of GodFounded Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1540

Focuses of the Jesuit OrderSpiritual DiscernmentObedience to the Pope (Fourth Vow)Contemplative Action

Missionary ActivitiesMandate of Matthew 28Challenge of understanding foreign culturesChallenge of evangelizing foreign culturesDiscovery of foreign cultures raises questions about salvation

Jesuit Approach to other CulturesUphold what is virtuous in other culturesWork with previous evangelizationPrimordial Revelation

Mission in IndiaPortuguese reach India in 1498By 1510, establish coloniesPortuguese turn to Jesuits for supportSend Fr. Francis XavierXavier arrives in Goa in 1541Spends remainder of his life in AsiaDies in 1552

Catholicism in the AmericasMissionaries in South AmericaJesuits, Franciscans, DominicansSpanish formed alliances through marriage with NativesJesuits embraced enculturationConverted pre-Christian religious sites to churchesTurn sun worship into Eucharistic worshipMonstrance

Missionaries in North AmericaNorse Catholics arrive in 11th centuryFrance arrives with Catholic Presences in 15th centuryJesuits and Rcollets Jesuits enculturate while Rcollets try to Europeanize Jesuit Father, Jean de Brebeuf

Catholicism in a Protestant Empire1759, New France conquered by English1774, Quebec Act British allow Catholics to exist in their EmpireCatholics have equality to ProtestantsSome tensions in some parts of the countryIn the long run, creates greater toleranceEnglish and French have to cooperate1847, Irish immigrants come over

Westward MissionsIn 18th century, Jesuits move westwardSpread the faith in the prairiesMissions Canada

Social Impact on CanadaNo formal separation between Church and StateCollective RightsChurch built up infrastructureReligious orders also established social safety nets

The Legacy of Catholic Institutions in Canada


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