roman empire lesson 2: legacy of the roman empire

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Legacy of the Roman Empire


  • 1. 1.What does the word legacy mean? 2.People who are famous or powerful are often called legends. List a person who you consider to be a legend and explain why.

2. 7.1 Analyze the legacy of the Roman Empire. I can analyze the legacy of the Roman Empire. 3. MAIN IDEA: Rome passed on many achievements in government, law, language and the arts to future generations. 4. THE LEGACY OF ROMAN WORDS Do you know where the words doctor, animal, circus and family come from the Latin language, which was spoken by the Romans. 5. THE LEGACY OF ROME Much of the worlds knowledge about construction comes from the Romans. Early Romans borrowed architectural ideas from the Greeks, but they also developed their own style. 6. ROMAN ARCHITECTURE Roman designs often included vaults, columns, domes and arches. New architectural ideas meant that buildings could be constructed in brand new ways. 7. ROMAN ARCHITECTURE Because of concrete and a new design, Roman theaters did not have to be built on natural slopes to have tied seatingearly Greek theaters are only found on slopes. GREEK THEATER ROMAN THEATER 8. ROMAN ARCHITECTURE Columns, domes and arches still appear in many modern buildings. Banks, homes and government buildings often use a Roman style. Can you think of a building with columns? 9. ROMAN IDEAS & GOVERNMENT Roman ideas about law, as first written in the Twelve Tables, are with us today. We, like the Romans, believe that all people are equal under the law and should be treated fairly. 10. ROMAN IDEAS & GOVERNMENT Roman ideas about government and citizenship are also important today in the United States. Like early Romans, Americans believe that a republic made up of equal citizens is the best government. 11. ROMAN INFLUENCE ON LANGUAGE Today the alphabet of the Latin language, which expanded from 22 to 26 letters, and is used throughout the Western World. Latin shaped the languages of Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Romania. 12. ROMAN INFLUENCE ON CULTURE When you visit Washington D.C., or the capital city of any state, you will likely see buildings with domes and arches that are directly inspired by Roman architecture. 13. ROMANS & CHRISTIANITY As you probably know, Christianity is one of the major religions in the world today. Christianity really began in the Roman Empire. 14. ROMANS & CHRISTIANITY When Rome's government adopted Christianity in the 300s C.E. it helped the new religion to grow and spread. After Romes fall, many Roman ideas blended with those of Christianity. 15. THE LEGACY OF ROME Listening Check: Which aspects of the Roman Empire are Reflected in present day cultures? Discuss with your group. 16. THE LEGACY OF ROME Writing Prompt: Write a thank you card to the Romans thanking them for 4 contributions to the world. Also, explain how 2 of the contributions benefit your life. 17. SWAP PARAGRAPHS 1. Swap paragraphs with another member in your group 2. Read about the contributions they listed. 18. Download more FREE World History & Geography lessons on