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  • Mindfulness Robert Broughton The Northern Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion 2010, Robert Broughton, YorkMBSR
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  • Eating Sleep Pain Depression Stress Anger Relationships
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  • The awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience, moment to moment Jon Kabat-Zinn 2003
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  • Longer term effects Sense of calm and wellbeing that extends beyond time spent meditating Increased capacity to handle difficult situations and emotions Increased empathy and compassion Better memory and attentional capacity
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  • React Respond Non mindful reaction Avoidance, suppression Endless Distractions Negative thinking and rumination Mindful Response Openness to whatever arises Non-judging Acceptance Build self a safe platform open, observe, calm, connected
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  • Experiential not theoretical A temporary intentional state that over time becomes a trait that is more conducive towards health and wellbeing
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  • Its not difficult to be mindful. Its difficult to remember to be mindful
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  • Robert Broughton www.YorkMBSR.co.uk [email protected] 07730 059 634