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FF Mason Red Watch, Broughton. Electrical Equipment. Aim of Lecture. To identify the electrical equipment carried on a rescue appliance. To detail how to operate, test and maintain equipment. To Identify when equipment can found. Equipment carried on Appliance. Honda EB3000X Generator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • FF MasonRed Watch, BroughtonElectrical Equipment

  • Aim of LectureTo identify the electrical equipment carried on a rescue appliance.To detail how to operate, test and maintain equipment.To Identify when equipment can found.

  • Equipment carried on ApplianceHonda EB3000X GeneratorMakita 9609BK Disc CutterSpot Lights & Cable Reels

  • Honda EB3000X Generator

  • The Honda EB 3000X is a 110v Generator and should give a minimum of 5 hours running time on a full tank of fuel.The output Rating is 3kva/2400watts and as a rule the following rules apply when using the generator,Operations requiring full power must not exceed 30 minutes.When continuous operation is required the the generator should be limited to 2.7kva or 2100watts.Consideration should be given to the total wattage of equipment before being connected to the generatorThe generator must never be connected to a household or industrial circuit. This could cause serious damage to the generator or electrical appliances within the building.

  • Maintenance,The generator should be checked and inspected in accordance with PIT Note 19 with the following frequency, on acceptance, after use, after repair and weekly.Electrical equipment is subject to a function test after each period of use, quarterly and at its annual inspection.Electrical equipment including portable tools, lamps, cables, plugs, accessories etc, shall undergo a visual inspection on acceptance, after repair and after each period of use.Electrical generators fuel and oil levels must be checked and topped up as required.Portable tools, lamps, junction boxes and accessories shall undergo a quarterly visual inspection.All electrical equipment including generators shall undergo an annual thorough visual inspection and function test to ensure they are performing satisfactorily, are free from faults, and that the appropriate devices are functioning correctly.The engineering manager will hold all records of testing and any relevant test certificates. i.e. for new or repaired electrical equipment ensuring that the FB 8.6 is returned to station with the appliance.

  • Using the Generator,Before starting the generator ensure the ac circuit breaker is in the off position.Turn the fuel valve to the on position, and pull the choke rod to the close position.Then turn the engine switch to the on position, and then pull the starter grip lightly until resistance is felt and then pull briskly.Then finally push the choke rod to the open position as the engine warms up.After completing the basic starting procedures the ac operation can be brought into use as follows, switch ac circuit breaker switch on and plug the piece of equipment being used into the correct socket. (Yellow indicates 110v outlets)To stop the generator, turn ac circuit breaker switch off, turn the engine switch to off and the turn the fuel valve off.

  • Safety,Refuelling should only be undertaken after closing down the generator.If being run on the sliding carriage this must only be in the fully extended position. If in use off the carriage, the siting should be in a well ventilated area. The generator has an in-built oil alert system. Before the oil level in the crankcase falls below a safe limit, the oil alert system will automatically shut down the engine. If this happens the oil alert will flash if restart is tried and the engine will not run Location,The Generator, and all electrical equipment is stored in the near side rear locker.

  • Makita 9609BK Disc Cutter

  • There is 1 Makita disc cutter allocated to all rescue appliancesThe heavy duty cutter is powered by a 110v electrical supply and is double insulated. The front section is an aluminium casting, with the rear casing being made of strong durable plastic incorporating an on/off switch. (A former lock on button has been removed) Incorporated in the front casting is a left or right mounted grab handle, adjustable pressed steel guard and bevel drive gears connected to a disk drive flange.The tool is to be used for cutting operations only on the following materials. Ferrous metal (Steel-Angle-Flat-Plate-Rod) up to 25 mm & Fibre Glass structures. The tool is not to be used for the cutting of heavy steel structures as this will cause damage to the cutting disc

  • Maintenance,Always be sure that the tool is switched OFF and unplugged before maintenance work is carried out.Electrical or Mechanical defects must be reported to the E.R.E.D. The disc cutter must be returned to the E.R.E.D. together with Form FB 4.7 Vehicle/Equipment defects. The disc cutter will then be sent for specialist repair To remove the worn disc, insert the wrench supplied across the spindle shoulder on the gearbox side of the disc and hold firmly, place the lock nut wrench with the lugs of the wrench inserted into the holes of the lock nut and unscrew anti-clockwise.Once removed place all parts in order of strip on a clean dry surface. To replace a disc, re-assemble in the reverse order and turning the lock nut in a clockwise direction until firmly tight.The unit is stored with no discs fitted. Spare discs are to be stored in a dry condition in the cases provided.To comply with the Abrasive Wheel Regulations, only personnel trained in the use of the cutter are to replace the cutting disc

  • Using the Disc Cutter,Ensure the trigger switch is released before plugging the tool into the power supply .To start pull the trigger, to stop release the trigger.Hold the tool firmly, turn on and apply the cutting disc to the workpiece. In general, keep the edge of the tool disc at an angle of 90o to the workpiece surface. Hold facing away from any personnel. The operator must keep the cutter away from their body. Never force the tool, the weight of the tool alone applies adequate pressure. Forcing and the use of excessive pressure will cause disc breakage. Only apply the disc to work when the tool has attained full speed, likewise, remove the tool from the work before switching off. Ensure the disc has fully stopped rotating before placing the tool down.

  • Specifications, (details of capacities and sizes)Disc Size:230mm (9 inches)Voltage:110vInput wattage:2000w Overall Length:450mmWeight:6.3kgNote: When using the disc cutter no other piece of equipment can be powered by the generator powering it.

  • Safety,Before operating the Disc Cutter full fire kit must be worn together with eye protection, dust mask, ear defenders and dry working gloves.Always approach anyone using a disc cutter from the rear, and to get their attention tap them on the shoulder.Keep the work area clean and avoid exposing the tool to rain or being sprayed by working jets.Secure the work to be cut. Clamp, hold or tie down the material where applicable. Obtain assistance, where required, and always use both hands to operate tool.Ensure any casualty has the required head protection, dust mask, and ear protection.

  • Single/Twin Spotlights & Cable Reels100v Twin headed spotlights can be used with the Honda generator, they require 1000watts to power them.100v Single headed spotlights can be used with the Honda generator, they require 500 watts to power them.

    Cable ReelsEach Appliance carries 2 x 20meter 110v cable reels.They must be full unwound when in use.All equipment must use a cable reel when being used, and not be connected straight to the generator.

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