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This issue explores the world of Jacki Anderson, Sydney's newest handbag designer. We also dive head first into the crazy land of The Delta Riggs. MBFW2013 was all the rage and we have insider information from the lovely designers over at Skye & Staghorn! We introduce MINC's newest member, Keira Rae aka Lala Meow! See all our regulars including Lipstick Shavings here!


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    E d i t o r s Letter:ISSUE #3

    Hanging out at MINC Headquarters collaborating with the likes of handbag sensation Jacki Anderson; the entertaining babe herself Keira Rae aka lala meow from LASTDAZEblog; and liaising with the likes of Lara Bingle at the IS./WET event. Lets just put it out there, it has been a great couple of months.

    We ventured to Indonesia for a little business and caught up with the lovely Dakota Gilbert and Jessica Baxter from SKYE&staghorn. They gave us the low down on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and their newest collection which you can read all about.

    What will you find this month? We want you to get high and dry with James Adams who takes us on a personal backstage adventure while on tour with The Delta Riggs. We also supply you with the ins and outs of whats good in London town!

    The journey gets better and better every day here at MINC. Thanks a million to all of our contributors for your hard work, we couldn't do it without you! We have absolutely loved working with you on this issue and have embraced every experience that has presented itself over the past 2 months.

    The future is definitely looking bright!

    See y'all in issue #4.

    Love Always, Morgan, Bree & the MINC team. xx

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    M I N C .www.mincmagazine.com.au

    Bree Fergusoneditor in chief

    [email protected]

    Morgan Fergusoncreative editor

    [email protected]


    Simon Kirk // Senior PhotographerAnn-Marie Nolan // Beauty Editor

    Hannah WakefieldCaitlin ShortJames Adams

    Bonnie Bessen Connie G

    Thaia McMurrayCassandra Wait-Hughes

    Sophie BlighKeira Rae // Lala Meow

    Faisa OReilly

    MINC magazine is a registered business. Phone +614 057 388 94 Email: [email protected] [email protected]

    MINC magazine ABN 14 467 728 199 All rights reserved

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    Photography: Simon KirkModel: Hannah Wakefield

    Creative Director // Stylist: Morgan Ferguson Hair // Make up: Thalia McMurray

    Creative Assistant: Sophie Bligh


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    Photography: Many Thanks to The H Collective.

    Words: Cassandra Wait-Hughes

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    Friday March 22 marked the official opening of IS./Wet, a vi-brant collaboration between artistic couple Vicky-Lee and Ted ODonnell. Held at Sun Studios and pulling a crowd as colour-

    ful as its content, the opening was markedly an anticipated event. Lara Bingle, Candice Lake and Gracie Otto, as well as

    Geoff and Sara Huegill were amongst the many notable faces. While the couple worked the room, their series of high defini-tion photographs took care of themselves. Lee and ODonnell arrived at the series of sixteen through a meticulous process of pouring neon paint over the varying textures of flowers

    and allowing the paint to maneuver its way through the pet-als. Timing a crucial element, Lee handled the paint while

    ODonnell worked behind the lens. Though it may sound like a simple concept, the amalgamation of ODonnells technical mastery and Vickis love of colour and movement eloquently

    carried their audience into a blissful state of sensory overload, the sensuality of the images so vivacious they appeared almost


    For those who favour the flux, the stop motion film directed and edited by Patrick de Teliga was also worth a watch. Featured on the Is./Wet tumblr the short film launched the series into a sort of hyper dimension, where the paint crackles and

    pops and the roses pant and sigh under a sticky shower of the stuff.

    For those unlucky enough to miss it the exhibition is no longer showing, but while there were red dots for days on the night, some prints do remain for sale through

    enquiry at [email protected]

    Words: Cassandra Wait-Hughes

    Lara Bingle

    Candice Lake, James Schultz, Gracie Otto

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    Geoff Huegill, Julian Tobias, Sara Huegill

    Ted O'Donnell, Vicki Lee, Lara Bingle

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    Chaos Theory

    Photography: Shalan & PaulModel:

    Jewelry: Esency

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    Model: Cassandra Wait-Hughes Hair: Kayla Ansell

    Make-up: Connie G Stylist / Creative Director: Morgan Ferguson


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    Photography: Faisa OReilly Words: Faisa OReilly

    Location: London

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    Ascending from Old Street Station youd think there was nothing to see but an undistinguished industrial roundabout. Delve in and you will reach Shoreditch, the Fashion and Art district of London. People are dressed in their own unique style, picking up influenc-es to create a particular look that oozes urban and eclectic. They don't follow trends, which may stem from the many hidden gems of retro and vintage finds in the proximity. Shoreditch has bundles and bundles of character, previously predominately working class, the area has had a flurry of creative industries moving in, convert-ing industrial buildings to offices, art galleries and event space. Buildings are plastered with graffiti, some people call it art, and some call it vandalism. Tower Hamlets council are constantly cleaning it up, only to provide a fresh canvas for someone else.Almost every corner you will find some sort of creative piece, which makes you, smile, point and snap a take. The street art has been spreading and although it is frowned upon, it gives Shoreditch its attributes.

    There is an array of things to do to tickle the taste buds. BoxPark opened in 2011 as the first pop up Mall in the world. Made of re-fitted shipping containers, the previously vacant space has been transformed into fashion boutiques, shops, cafes, and restaurants sitting next to Shoreditch High street station. There is something here for everyone from Vans, Farah Vintage, to Nike. The shops are smaller than your usual size, but don't let that put you off, as their best collections are more likely to be on show. Visit Brick Lane market on a Sunday, although the shops and res-taurants are open every day. The atmosphere is carnival like, street performers providing live music, and the bustling of souls looking for bargains or entertainment.

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    Stall holders selling bric and brac, vintage clothing, and furni-ture. Two Sundays here are never the same. Find unique items from junk to jewels. You also wont go hungry with the vast smell of international foods including what Brick Lane is famous for, the curry houses. Your eyes will be bigger than your stomach, including delicious fresh bagels from the Beigel Bake, open 24 hours offering original and a variety of different fillings. From the market spills other side streets, for a spot of vintage glamour, try THE VINTAGE EMPORIUM located at 14 Bacon Street, off Brick Lane. It holds a Victorian style tearoom, offering delicacies and a range of teas. In the basement, you will find the boutique holding items from the Victorian era to the 1950's. Advance to Shoreditch high Street for something a little more modern. RELIGION is a perfect representation of the east end, influences are from the area and international street culture, RE-LIGION is situated at number 128. Pick up jeans, dresses, and oversized knits combining luxury with distressed. They cater for Men and Women and have recently branched out to accessories. Redchurch Street is the oxford street of the East, rivalling the west end, with its high end designer stores. 11 Boundary, APC, and Sunspel to name a few. Aubin and Wills are also located on this street, accompanying a cinema, which offers an experience to remember, comfy sofas complimented with cushions. You even get a blanket to keep your feet warm. Order champagne, hot drinks and nibbles for a more luxurious experience. For a spot of nightlife, Shoreditch is highly recommended, popu-lar for its edgy and underground music scene. You will be spoilt for choice, with its vast variety of bars, clubs, and pubs. Fridays and Saturday nights are bustling with people, vacating from one venue to the next to suit their mood.

    Whatever takes your fancy, if you visit London and want to steer away from the predictable west end. Shoreditch will be an exhilarating and refreshing change.

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    Dakota Gilbert&

    Jessica BaxterOf

    Photography: Jashim Jahal / Tim Da-Rin

    All images shot at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week And Bali

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    In our very first issue of MINC Maga-zine, we strongly advised that you dive headfirst into Skye & Staghorn. If you for some reason choked and belly-flopped dont sweat it, theyre sticking around in a big way. Dakota Gilbert and Jessica Baxter, the dynamic duo behind the Perth-born label are hard to catch these days.

    Having recently dipped their toes into MBFW 2013, Dakota and Jess swapped the sand for the runway and wooed audiences with their summer SS13/14 Calypso collection. True to the labels sports luxe style, the on trend swim-wear was all about clean lines, pops of nautical, khaki greens, camos and soft hues of orange, and on a recent busi-ness trip to Indonesia MINC was fortu-nate enough to catch the duo fresh off a campaign shoot for the collection.

    Whats this about an OS headquarters, you ask? Enter the newly acquired villa that Dakota now calls home, along with her boyfriend and their mischievous puppy Illy (thats Boom Boom to Mum). Its difficult to understand how life in such a tropical paradise could encourage any sort of professional be-haviour, but witness the girls in action here and it is unmistakably the exact environment their inspiration comes from.

    While Jessica has stuck to home turf, it is also on the salt and sand of the WA shores from which she chooses to work.

    After the success of their first show at MBFW, both are hanging on with a tight grip while S&S hurdles rapidly into the swimwear stratosphere. True to their roots, the girls are all for working hard and playing hard too; a pair of multitasking mavericks who break a sweat in the workplace and maintain their social and physical wellbeing all the while. Albeit both having travelled internationally, com-pleting internships in New York and London at the forefront of the industry, they ad-mit that as first time business owners there is never a dull moment. From designing to organising collaborations, shoots and overseas sales, they are learning something new every day.

    We were certain the MBFW first timers would have a tail of backstage turmoil or two, but they assured us that a great team and good organisation made for a smooth run. In the moments before the show the girls were preoccupied with final touches; hemlines, straps and jewellery, but both admit to having had a serious case of the butterflies. Un-able to watch the show itself, they were banking on the applaud they received and the knowledge that their close friends and family were there to sup-port them.

    It was a surreal experience they deem everything they expected and more, but the real gratification came as they stepped out to wave to the crowd and realised that all their hard work had paid off. And they were hungry for more. The pair dove straight off the runway and back to business, currently working part time for alternative com-panies in separate countries. Skype, email and text satiates any withdraw-als from one another, both as business partners and best friends, each taking their turn at commuting between Bali and Perth every few months.

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    Minc wants to know what kind of person it takes to develop and realize such a vision. Tell us about your personalities.

    Jess - Dakota comes from a creative family so that is something thats built within her. Shes crazy organized but at the same time light hearted and care free. Everything happens for a reason is said daily. She truly does go with the flow.

    Dakota - Jess also comes from a creative and business-minded family. From a young age she found her feet, starting new projects and businesss with hopes to be her own boss one-day. True to her Leo star sign she is pretty outgoing and competitive, sporty and seeks a challenge. Stubborn and loving. Loyal and dedicated.

    Why do you think you work so well together?D- We are the dream team! Jess isnt scared to take risks and I try to keep things levelled and well organized. Above all, we make each

    other laugh. One minute we can be having a serious business conversation and the next talking about something completely off topic and silly. We know how to keep things in perspective.

    What have you learnt from each other throughout this process?

    D- That we are extremely lucky to work so well together and before anything we are friends! We started this journey out of pas-sion, love and fun so we want that to shine through every collection. We have learnt our strengths and weaknesses and everyday theres a new hurdle to overcome so that keeps the buzz alive.

    What have been the highs and lows of this whole ride so far?

    Highs fashion week, shoots, working with great teamsLows we have made a few silly decisions but who hasnt!

    A strong commitment to teamwork and a desire to see their business grow has also driven them to introduce interns, an addition to S&S that the girls are likewise excited about.

    For Dakota, the necessity of a new manufacturer for S&S and a need for change were both ele-ments in her decision to make the move to Bali. Having travelled there regularly and particu-larly in the past five years for work and leisure, Dakota and her boyfriend agreed that it was perfect timing to jump ship. Only a short 3 hours in the air away, Jess remains in Perth and travels between Melbourne, Sydney and Bali with her focus on developing the label into a successful lifestyle brand. Before we left them to their resources in Bali, we decided to get cosy.

  • 53 / MINC / MAY

    Reflecting on the past 12 months, what goals have you both set for yourselves individually and also for Skye & Staghorn moving forward?

    S&S to hit the US & Asian market and keep growing organically.

    D My goals are pretty simple: continue developing S&S, spending time with my friends and family and maybe learning how to surf a little better, I live 200m from the beach so I really should be!

    J- My goal is to keep putting in strong pillars of strength for S&S to grow, I am also focused on working on my personal strength and areas of my life which will make me a better business woman I am still constantly seeking and looking for better ways to do business and become the best I can be. Other than that, I want to become fitter, stronger and as healthy as I can by eating well and exercising regularly. Returning to New York one day and owing my own apartment is the ultimate.

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    Photography: Sara Helou Makeup: Pauly Blanch

    Words: Keira Rae / Lala MEOWModel: Keira Rae

    Location: Melbourne

    Theres No Place

    Like Home.Lala Meow

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    Melbourne and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. The strong soy latte which is permanently attached to my hand, well, I like to think of it as our friendship bracelet. A never fail accessory, it goes with ev-ery outfit, and reminds me of my love for this city whenever we are apart. A City of Oz in its own right, the yellow brick road here looks more like a Banksy painting, and I can guarantee you that if you spend enough time with this pal, youll find exactly what youre searching for.

    Im not a 9-5 kind of girl and neither is Melbourne, which suits me just fine. The peer pressure from an entire city is one that you easily succumb to. Mel-bourne is that mate that beckons you out, when you really arent in the mood. But honestly how could you refuse? Regardless of time, mood, or wardrobe options available, the second your arse hits the cab seat, youre automatically in adventure mode. Its the only place I know where you can get completely

    lost but somehow still know where youre going. One minute youre under-ground in a 90s club drinking rave juice with glow in the dark artwork all over your face, the next, youre in China Town devouring fresh dumplings at 3 in the morning, on your way to sing Bust A Move at a nearby karaoke bar. And you know that this all started with the intention of just one drink.

    Melbourne doesnt let you have just one drink

    For all the amazing nights together weve had, naturally comes the flipside, and Melbourne dishes up the most epic of hangovers. But to be honest I couldnt think of anywhere else that would be as supportive as Melbourne is during these recovery sessions. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and boy does Melbourne know how to put on a feast at anytime. Not to mention, hair of the dog to ease the pain.

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    Any restaurant, anytime, any meal. And younever have to worry about being judged for inhaling a burger for breakfast and washing it down with a glass of champagne. Melbourne doesnt even bat an eyelid, although I cant say that the 24 hours gyms you walk by will be as forgiving.

    Melbourne is the friend that lets you be whoever the hell you want. If u wake up the next day and want to be someone else, Melbourne wont turn its back on you. In fact it would probably create a new alley-way, put up a giant ferris wheel that doesnt work, and make a new drink in honour of your latest phase. No two days are ever the same, stores pop up, walls get facelifts, and bars float effortlessly down the middle of the Yarra. Melbourne doesnt do mundane. Melbourne does rad, and does it with style. If Syd-ney is Australias fashion capital, then Melbourne is definitely the cooler older sister that you actually wanted to dress like. I mean, isnt Gaga a fashion icon? Dont get me wrong, I love a lethal shoulder pad as much as the next person, but if I was wearing a meat dress, I can guarantee that dress wouldnt last 3 metres before I threw myself on a BBQ and a street party just happened to begin.

    Hashtag search Melbourne and youll get endless photos of graffiti flooding your feed, Melbourne is def-initely the friend that made you write your name in permanent marker on your school desk. A cheeky pal, its safe to say no brick goes untouched by aerosol adornments, and if theres a freshly painted wall you can guarantee by morning that like clockwork, Melbourne would have made its own alterations.

    Dont get me wrong, like any longstanding friendship we have our fights, usually when Im standing at Flinders Street station at 4am in the morning waiting for a cab. And sure, there are some question-able qualities that Melbourne possesses, The fact that someone copied the Eiffel tower and threw some fairy lights on it. Or that deadsmack in the centre of the CBD, it looks like a wall has fallen from the Death Star. Funnily enough the Death Star sits across the road from Flinders Street Station, which to me has always looked like a scene out of Thomas the Tank engine. Sometimes I wonder if Melbourne got dressed in the dark. But if anyone can pull off a French storm trooper train driver look with ease, its definitely Melbourne.

    With its ever changing face, relentless forgiveness and knowledge of how to have a good time, its safe to say that Melbourne and I arent going to be going our separate ways anytime soon. Sure, I love noth-ing more than travelling abroad and discovering new places and far away lands, and dont get me wrong they definitely try and compete with our friendship. But whenever I get homesick all I need to do is find myself a soy latte and click my kicks together three times, afterall theres no place like home.

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    Lipstick Shavings


    It is the one week of the year where the creative-minded come together to produce the most amazing pieces of art. Whether youre a Stylist, Fashion Designer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Photographer or Model, everyone has an important part of the overall finished product. Focusing on the beauty side of things, Makeup for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was a complete contradiction to previous seasons, which makes us look for-ward to change. The focus being back onto Eye Makeup rather than Lips,

  • 69 / MINC / MAY

    flawless Matte skin in compari-son to the luminous and pops of colour instead of neutrals are all back in trend. Below, I have re-viewed the Top 3. Makeup and Hair Designs voted by MINC Magazine.

    1. Romance was BornColoured wigs, neon eyes, and faces full of glitter certainly dif-fered from other Designers fea-turing in the years Fashion Week, however you wouldnt expect anything less from the designer duo Luke Sales and Anna Plun-kett.

    The Hair direction for Romance was Born was created by GHDs Alan White, who nick named the design of the wigs as Candy Land Shrooms, due to representation of the haircuts looking like Mush-rooms. Inspired by the 60s and 70s each individual wig was spe-cifically cut to a different length and height and hand died using a rainbow of colours. The wigs were also dressed with different acces-sories with a variation of head-band Antennas to smaller flowers and what looked like to be mush-rooms on either side of the head.

    Makeup changed dramatically throughout the show from pop-neon dolly eyes, glowing skin with over-exaggerated acces-sorized lips. Only the extremely talented British MAC Makeup Artist Val Garland could crea-tively direct these looks. Like the Hair Styling, every models Make-up was applied differently, giving an individualized dramatic flair. My personal favourite, the neon dolly eyes, as I like to call it, had one flush of neon colour washed over the entire eyelid, Eddie Sedgwick styled eyeliner applied to the bottom and top lash line and small black felt balls applied to the face.

    2. Blessed are the MeekInspired by the Northern Terri-torys landscape, both Hair and Makeup displayed structure, strength and femininity all rolled into one. It was described as be-ing Straight from the Wilderness.

    The feature of the Makeup was a Smoke and Feathers Brow by MAC Makeup Artist James Mol-loy. MAC Mineralized Founda-tion was used as a base, lips were left untouched and

  • 71 / MINC / MAY

    to what it seemed no Mascara. MAC Black and White Chromacake was used on the brow to create a strong dramatic shape with the brow be-ing longer in length to elongate the face.

    Hair was a low ponytail with a front triangle part, representing structure and shapes from the Northern Territory. Directed by Alter Egos Craig Smith, Hair was firstly ironed and created via three sections to ensure the triangle part was seen by the runway audience.

    3. Alice McCallWalking onto the catwalk looking like beautiful mermaids, GHD Hair Stylists and MAC Makeup Artists have created a beautiful water based feel to the show. The collection featured different shades of blue and neu-tral tones contrasting with me-tallic.

    Hair appeared to be wet look-ing, in a low side pony with a un-definded side part. The hair was designed to look as though the models had just emerged from the ocean with irregular structure and texture.

    Makeup was simple and effec-tive. Coinciding with the un-derwater theme, skin was beau-tifully luminous without being overdone. Skin, Brows and Lips were left to their natural colour and the eyelashes made the statement. The False Lashes were a matte pastel blue and were individually hand painted with a MAC Pigment.

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    The DeltaRiggs.

    Photography: James AdamsWords: James Adams

    Band Memebers: Michael TramonteElliott Hammond

    Alex MarkwellSimon McConnell

    Tristan James

  • 75 / MINC / MAY

    Drifting worlds away from where the interview should have been, Alex Rudy Markwell, is reciting stories about Russian President, Vladimir Putin, from a Gold Coast community radio station. While on air, one of the radio hosts has a seizure based black out and spends a good 30 seconds pulling it back together before Rudy continues his story about how Putins way of helping a flock of endangered birds flying off course was to be totally dressed as a bird, take to the sky in a hang glider and navigate them back to their natural migrational path. Having the previous night come to a close only a few hours prior is a plausible excuse as to Rudys odd topic of conversation, however, had he had a full nights sleep the conversation may have been exactly the same or equally as left field. This was no surprise to me. Id learnt to expect nothing and be prepared for anything since i met Rudy and the rest of the band. It was January 4th 2012 and i jumped at the opportunity to see English piano rock outfit, The Jim Jones Review. Im not sure if ive listened to them since as a majority of my musical world has since been consumed by their support band for the evening, The Delta Riggs.

    The confidence they exuded, their sound, visual aesthetic and the bands personal fuel, vibe, stoned the thick crowd of initially standoffish punters and their main act for the evening was rendered irrelevant as their attention, and mine, had been won.

    15 months later and the band that infected my ears that back sweating night has taken control of my personal and professional life. Through shy or closed minds their 5 way orgy of musical maturity often comes across as a mix of confidence, cockiness and obnoxiousness but their on stage presence is no different to their offstage personalities. Aware of their talent and potential The Riggs comfortably straddle the fence between being a Triple J band and the other side, whichs limit is only capped by the bands potential. In this case, it is infinite.

    This confidence and potential i speak of is not unfounded. It is not the common bigheadedness brought about by having a track or two thrashed on the radio.

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  • 79 / MINC / MAY

  • 81 / MINC / MAY

    It is warranted confidence, earnt from not only years of jamming, experimenting and musically and socially living in each others pockets, but it is also earnt from years of dedicated study into their own crafts. Frontman, Elliott Hammond, was awarded a musical scholarship at his high school the continued on to earn a Bachelor of Popular Music.

    Aforementioned guitarist, Alex Markwell, reached a Grade 6 in violin before moving on to gain an honours degree in Digital Media and is now a qualified Audio technician. (He engineered and mixed their entire new album).

    An example of this confidence and musical wisdom was displayed while recording the new album, Hex. Lover. Killer. Over a four hour period, all of the keyboards were recorded, while everyone involved were under the influence of fungal based emotional, sensory and visual enhancement treats. This album has been on the cards for the band for 5 years and without a record label financially backing them, the band have invested enormously in the album. To throw caution to the wind and trust their enhanced instincts was a bold move, calculated or not, that paid off due to their

    collective experience and musical intuition.

    Midway through the keyboard session a realisation dawned on me that two of the original party, Tristan (guitars) and Jordan (aficionado), were M.I.A. After unsuccessfully scouring the lodge for the free minded duo i ventured outside to the property that was bound by grassy platforms, dams, trees, shrubbery, animals and sheds.After a short and clumsy search i began to hear distant giggles followed by laughter. Upon closer inspection in the transitionary period between the two forms of gleeful expression i could hear swoops of wind being broken followed by crisp tings. I slouchily crept to a closer vantage, point a mere few metres away, before firing my flash off in their general direct, right into their eyes. After a moment of panicked confusion they realised it was me and welcomed me to their own personal driving range. From a grassy platform in front of the lodge, out into the wilderness, golf balls were setting sail.As it turns out they had wondered into an old shed and fumbled around in the dark for a good 15 minutes before finding a set of golf clubs, balls and finally, the light switch. Although theyd found what they came for they tested the lights and to their surprise they worked.

  • 83 / MINC / MAY77 / MINC / MARCH

  • 85 / MINC / MAY

    To their horror, the lights revealed the frightening truth that the shed had been commandeered by spiders and revamped into their own personal breeding ground. They consumed every surface. They had spent 15 minutes, sometimes on their hands and knees, in the dark, in a shed, full of spiders on mushrooms.

    The topic of drug use is open. Open to conversation, open to photographs, open to however you wish to interpret it. And they are open to using drugs. That being said, with the bands current set more technical than ever. The five of them can not afford to stumble on stage ten beers, two joints and a pill deep and ramble through ten songs sloppily.Each musician understands how they individually prepare to reach their peak level of awareness and go about attaining that level every night they are on stage. Once the set is over, the, luscious, hair is let down. Some nights this might mean a few beers then home as most of the band, somehow, maintain full time jobs.

    But more often than not this means having a slew of beers with the crowd, sharing a few university cigarettes and leaving one person sober to drive the van full of intoxicated and energised

    loudmouths to a bar, a party or their accommodation to carry on noisily until the energy tanks run dry.

    While in Byron Bay on the second stop of their current national tour the band finished their set at a busy Beach Hotel and retired to the bunker under the stage to let the sweat dry. They were soon joined by Wolfmother band mates (Elliott play in Wolfmother) Vin Steele and Hamish Rosser who were quick to pass on congratulation of a great set and join in the post show conversational chit chat. A few celebratory joints were lit and circled the small room numerous times, creating a nice thick blanket of sweetly scented smoke, before an outrageously comical voice rung out from the top of the stairs It smells like theyre smoking drugs down there. We all had a laugh, presuming it was Monte (bassist) putting on a amusing voice, as he had been upstairs socialising with his legendary parents. Not a moment later and the doors atop of the small flight of stairs swung open and the moronic voice rung out again, Hey, they are smoking drugs down there! Upon the realisation it was actually the head of security, that just so happened to have a voice that is impossible not to laugh at, we put out our smoke makers and apologised for upsetting him.

  • 87 / MINC / MAY

  • 89 / MINC / MAY

    However, this would not do.

    He had his full security team huddle around the door as they demanded that we pack up, load out and leave town immediately. We were reasonably happy to oblige as our night was winding down but they continued to act personally offended by what we had done.

    It was the band room, the door was shut, the patrons had left and it was Byron Bay for fucks sake. Simon McConnel (drummer), is not a man to take abuse lying down. Wed agreed to pack up and leave and the horde of neckless neanderthals could not let it go. After a few more threats and rants Simon presented them with his thoughts. A short debate ensued with not a whole lot of comprehendible words being spoken on their behalf. Every point made by Simo was greeted with grunts, hands on hips, puzzled looks back and forth between the heavy team and gasps of disbelief or utter bewilderment. We were leaving so Simon proposed they help us load out, or pack a scrum. It appeared that they had lost their ability to converse so they retreated back to the bar area to continue their head shaking and scratching. Another night, and another tale for the band that trouble follows and trouble fuels.

    Plans and writing for the second album has begun. Exhibitions and a UK trip is on the cards. The ball is rolling and somewhat snowballing. Feel free to come join or listen in if this is your vibe. Success or not, The Delta Riggs are a band of music loving gentlemen

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    Thats All Folks80 / MINC / MARCH

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  • Thats All Folks