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This issue explores several photo shoots with our senior photographer, Ben Hansen. We also worked with international designers including MINIMALE-ANIMALE and Triple L Society. Tara Wolf was featured in our cover and main shoot. We had the pleasure of working with new band Little Bastard also. Check it out and Enjoy


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    ISSUE #2 E d i t o r s Letter:Welcome back to second issue of MINC magazine!

    What a ride it has been since releasing the first issue and kicking off the New Year! We are so excited to bring you this issue with loads of national and international talent and an array of magical photo shoots.

    You will notice some of the names from the first issue such as our insanely talented Senior Photographer Ben Hansen, our creator of our Behind the Scenes video & brilliant Photogra-pher Si Kirk, our creative writer Hannah Wakefield and beauty genius Ann-Marie Nolan of Lipstick Shavings.

    You will also find some new peeps, such as journalistic mastermind Georgia Alexandra and Photographer extraordinaire Xenia Rollinson who bring you a real taste of New York. You will also be introduced to Kit Murphy who is our beautiful cover girl and our creative and brilliant hair stylist Henriko Melki. You will met our exceptional makeup artist Joanna Lhrs, the mod-el with insane swag Bec Solliman and the irresistable Luke Kneller.

    This issue we bring you both a national and international feel as we feature MINIMALE-ANIMALE from LA and Lawrence Nurse from Triple L Society from New York City. It was an absolute privilege to feature these creative minds and we hope that you enjoy the beautiful images we bring you this month.

    From the East Coast shores of Australia we bring you a band that is taking the music industry by storm, Little Bastard. This month we are so excited to take you into the world of 7 incred-ible musicians who are making a massive statement with their immense talent and effortless swag.

    We sat down and reflected on the past 2 months since launching MINC and we are completely blown away. We are so grateful for the endless support, the beautiful comments and also the amazing collaborations we have had the pleasure of experiencing throughout this process. So to everyone that has supported us, motivated us and helped MINC become a reality, we want to say thank you! We are so motivated to deliver the best publication and hope that you enjoy Issue #2 of MINC magazine.


    Bree & Morgan

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    M I N C .www.mincmagazine.com.au

    Bree Fergusoneditor in chief

    [email protected]

    Morgan Fergusoncreative editor

    [email protected]


    Ben Hansen // Senior PhotographerSimon Kirk // Senior PhotographerAnn-Marie Nolan // Beauty Editor

    Hannah Wakefield Rebecca Soliman

    Ryan MitchellHenriko MelkiCaitlin ShortLuke KnellerKit Murphie

    Georgia AlexandraXenia RollinsonJoanna Luhrs

    Annie Timmins

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    No Last


    Photography: Ben HansenModel: Luke Kneller

    Creative Director: Morgan FergusonCreative Assistant: Annie Timmins

    Assistant: Sam HansenLocation: Sydney


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    Photography: Jason Lee ParryModel: Jennifer @ IMG

    Style // Art Direction: Cassandra Kellogg // Meagan Judkins

    Creative Production: Meagan Judkins Editing // Layout: David Schwartz


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    Top: Urban OutfittersShorts: Top Shop



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    Cassandra Kellogg// Minimale Animale

    Located in Venice, CA is a designer that will rock the Australian shores. The designs that are being produced by this designer are in-comparable to any other and showcase her individual style and lifestyle. The designer in question is the extremely talented Cassan-dra Kellogg of MINIMALE-ANIMALE. This blonde beauty who grew up in Oregon and spent her days dreamin of the beach and always obsessed with fashion, no matter how little it mattered to others. Cassandra made the move to LA after completing a design de-gree and quickly became a stylist. Realizing that she had achieved the goals she originally set, Cassandra came to realize that swimwear design was a passion, and so began creating a brand that encompassed everything she believes. MINIMALE-ANIMALE was born.

    There are several differentiating aspects of this brand that really sets it apart from other

    luxury swimwear brands in the market. Firstly the philosophy behind this brand is like no other, a beach style mixed with a confidence that screams success. The risqu designs that encompass MINIMALE-ANIMALE resemble the James Bond era of sex appeal, style and temptation. With cut out sides and reveal-ing edges, this swimwear brand is bringing something new to fashion. When asked, Cassandra said that her designs are really just what I would love to wear. I love the idea of being sexy in a different way than just showing lots of skin. I feel some of my sexiest pieces are the ones with the most fabric. I really feel confident that I have something unique and that isnt already out there. The typical MINIMALE-ANIMALE girl is what you would expect, confident and prepared to make a statement with herself and what she wears.

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    From the moment her feet landed in LA, Cassandra has been surrounded by success. One of her closest friends and motivations is Kimberly Gor-don who is half of WILDFOX. This friendship is a strong aspect that had encouraged Cassandra to start her own line and has continued to moti-vate her to this day. When asked, some of her other inspirations and mo-tivations are different collections of things from everywhere she has been and also things from her past.

    Since starting this label, Cassandra has experienced many different highs. When asked about what was the most standout moment thus far Cassan-dra said that Making it in Sports Illustrated before I even launched my collection in 2011. That was my most exciting moment, and where I re-ally knew things were going to take off!. When Cassandra isnt designing her amazing swimwear line or working to build her company she enjoys hanging with her dogs, beach hangin or hiking in Malibu. What is nice to see is the direct link between Cassandras lifestyle and her designs, show-ing that she lives and breathes the brand she has created.

    So looking forward with this current collection, what are the favorite pieces that Cassandra will be rocking this coming US summer? Im in love with our GOLDEN TRIANGLE one-piece suit. Its all mesh with Palm patches in just the right place on top. Youre completely covered in fabric, but showing practically everything. Its really really sexy but in a different way than were used to seeing. This current collection is the re-sult of quality and uniqueness that has stemmed from Cassandra doing what she loves, creating. When asked what advice she would give to any new designers in the market, she says stick with it, stay true to yourself which is one thing that is strongly reflected in her brand and designs.

    Over the next 12 months, MINIMALE-ANIMALE will be available in a wider range of countries keepin the ladies sexy all across the globe. Keep an eye out for the new collection and we cant wait to see what this beauty brings in 2013!

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    Photography: Ben HansenModel: Rebecca Soliman Makeup: Joanna Luhrs

    Creative Production: Morgan FergusonLocation: Sydney

    No OneOn The Corner

    Has Swagger Like Us

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    A Concrete


    Photography: Xania RollinsonWords: Georgia Alexandra

    Creative Production: Morgan FergusonLocation: New York

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    Its somewhere below the crowded skyline of iconic buildings but above the weathered pave-ment, marked with millions of footsteps. It exists amongst the streets and avenues but beyond the clutches of tourists ideals and ambitions.

    Its the city within a city, an urban playground of opportunities and extremes. A contradictory mix of perception and reality that attracts scores of dreamers and hopefuls each year.

    While its name represents a physical place as one of five boroughs that make up New York City Manhattan can also feel like a notion, a city of promise, a mecca of endless inspiration. The kind of place you could build an empire from a penny and a dream.

    Yet, for all its blinding light and deafening sound, there is a certain silence in the chaos to also be found. Below the surface of material allure, famous hallmarks and endless stream of human traffic lies a very different reality. Its the one you wont find on your two-week vacation, unless you are fully dialed in to what makes the city tick.

    One person who ventures away from the clean-cut, generic ideals of New York is city-based photographer, Xenia Rollinson. With camera in hand, she abandons the obvious, traditional settings in favour of local hidden gems. Its the kind of journey that can take her from the un-derground to the rooftops, on any given day.

    Sitting down with MINC magazine before her first New York exhibition, she shared her thoughts on the urban soul of the city and what she sees from behind the lens.

    New York is the heartbeat of America, no other city in the US even comes close. Its a melting pot of the rich, the poor, the famous, those trying to be famous and people from probably every country in the worlddreams are turned into reality here, she shared.

    Dont get her wrong; shes no modern day Pollyanna. Like most New Yorkers, Xenia is well versed in the hard fought battles that can go hand in hand with living out those dreams in a relentless and heightened reality like NYC.

    Everyone here is so driven and motivated to succeed, which makes everything much harder. Even finding an apartment or a job in a restaurant is tougher than most people would expect. But at the same time you have the most amazing encounters with people that can really change your life.

    ... Of Diamonds and Dust

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    Call it what you will; synchronicity, good karma, the work of the divine but if one thing is certain about New York, its that keeping your eyes wide open can make all the difference.

    You never know who the person you are talking to might turn out to be, so I tell everyone I meet for the first time about what I do and have made many con-nections that way. As competitive as everyone is here, they still help each other out and want to see their peers succeed.

    Capturing silhouettes in the subway, rooftops bleed-ing with graffiti, the blur of faceless crowds or the contrast between privilege and poverty makes her work both addictive and telling of the daily grind. Crashing through photographic clichs and finding what lies beneath has led her from the local, under-ground scenes, to main street and beyond. After last November, it also found her documenting aspects of the destruction brought by Hurricane Sandy, in and around the New York City area.

    Its little wonder then that shes learnt a thing or two about how the city operates and the divide between perception and reality, from its tribes to its traits.

    A lot of people that have never been here or dont know much about New York, other than what they see in the media, probably dont realize how eclectic the city actually is.

    Every neighbourhood has such a distinct vibe and character to it: Soho and Tribeca by the beautiful cobblestone streets and floor-though lofts, the West Village has amazing tree lined streets with beautiful brownstone townhouses, its so quiet on some streets you dont even feel like youre in the most populated

    city in America. East Village and the Lower East Side are grungy and have the heart of old New York.

    While these enclaves may be part of a larger collec-tive, Xenia notes a common thread throughout the real, community feeling that soon puts an end to the days of anonymity and welcomes you into the fold.

    As a self-professed lover of downtown Manhattan, she considers its architecture, mix of people and style as being amongst the best in the city. But whatever zipcode you hail from, its a place that she believes nurtures individual freedom and style.

    New York is a city that lets you get away with wear-ing anything you wantin the space of half an hour you can go from seeing high heels and fur on the Up-per East to vintage clothes, mismatched patterns and tattoo covered bodies on the Lower East Side or wa-fer thin models in black leather pants in Soho.

    You can get away with wearing almost anything and not be judged for it. Often, the crazier your style, the more you will be appreciated for it. New York screams for you to be different and to not be able to spot your identical twin on the other side of the road. There are so many unique stores everywhere that the more you get to know the city, the more you are shaped as a person.

    And whether youre the man she sees with the cat on his head, the person in the wig and dress who rides a bicycle throughout the city or the hipster who uses their nose ring as a hook for their house keys, its a place thats sure to keep you awake and feeling alive.

    Ask her about the best things in New York and shell tell you its the rooftops in summertime, the $1 piz-za, people watching, not knowing what youll find

  • 39 / MINC / MARCH

    around the corner, cheap cab fares, and charting the city culture by bike. Then there are the hidden pleasures like speakeasy bars; charming streets nestled between the avenues and a won-derland of activity by the Hudson River.

    Having put in the miles on foot and on film, what inspires her the most?

    How motivated everyone is in their own way, to succeed at whatever they are pursuing. Im also inspired and, at times, blown away by how much is going on in the city at one time. If you cant find something to do here and the words Im bored come out of your mouth I think there is something wrong with you!

    No two days are the same for this budding photographer, who makes it her mission to depict the daily realities of New York living in unique and unexpected ways. As for what she conquers next, you can be sure it will be anything but boring. Watch this space.

    39 / MINC / MARCH

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    Model: Kit MurphiePhotography: Ben Hansen

    Hair: Henriko MelkiMake-up: Anne-Marie Nolan

    Stylist / Creative Director: Morgan FergusonVideographer: Simon Kirk

    All Jewellrey: Tara Wolf

    Ring Belle Noel

  • 47 / MINC / MARCHSam


    a Will

    s nec


    e, br



    se O

    f Har






    f bra


    ts Be

    lle N

    oel r


    47 / MINC / MARCH

  • 49 / MINC / MARCHRing-Samantha Wills, Bracelets-Tara Wolf Belle Noel Ring Samantha Wills Ring, Tara Wolf Chakra bracelet 49 / MINC / MARCH

  • 51 / MINC / MARCHTara Wolf Cows head necklace 51 / MINC / MARCH

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    Triple L


    NursePhotography: Jashim Jahal //

    Lawrence Nurse // Keith SelbyStylist: Cristina Roman

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    He is a travelling man. He is a night own and a go getter who loves to stand out with simplicity. The young professional who works on his craft during the day, attends business dinners in the afternoon, parties with his clientele at night and does it all over again the day after. He is Lawrence Nurse, the owner and designer of New York based label, Triple L Society.

    MINC magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Lawrence about his career so far and learning how he is enjoying the ride of epic success. This young but dedicated designer is a true New Yorker who is constantly inspired by the city itself. It is no secret that this magical city provides a constant array of different people from different walks of life, but as Lawrence says The cool thing about New York is we live different lives at home, but when were out in the city we do some of the same things. From time to time we eat at the restaurants, party at the same clubs and even work out at the same gyms while forgetting the diversity around us.

  • 59 / MINC / MARCH

    From a young age, this stylish designer was always into building things. He admired the concept of taking things apart and putting them back together, while adding his individual take on the construction and el-ements. Lawrence was also inspired by the idea of flight and the way things moved. Combining these two motivators made way for a strong and structured fashion designer that the industry had never seen before. Developing a fashion label in NYC is a hard gig, but the fortitude and resilience inspired Lawrence to build a brand that is a clear reflection of himself. The brand is taking off at a rapid rate and the hard work is definitely paying off for Lawrence. Recently Triple L Society was asked to design pieces for music artist Jay Sean while working with stylist Ja-son Rembert on their recent projects throughout the US. Triple L Soci-ety was also recently involved with designing the clothing for Enrique

    59 / MINC / MARCH

  • 61 / MINC / MARCH

    Iglesias latest tour and the New Years Eve appearance for Bravo. It is clear that this brand is hitting new heights with every step Law-rence takes, however the when asked about the most stand out moment thus far, Lawrence said very modestly, Its the moment when I see someone I dont know wearing one of my pieces because at that point you know someone out there really appreciates your craft. Moving forward and into 2013, we are looking forward to seeing richer materials and more struc-tured engineering of garments with high detail whilst maintain-ing simplicity. Lawrence com-mented that his favourite piece from the most recent collection is the Grey Rider Sweat Pant be-cause of its versatility and com-fort while keeping the insane cuts and engineering of the pant. This has been an epic ride for Lawrence, and its gaining more and more momentum. With in-ternational exposure and new experiences keeping him busy,

    Lawrence still remains com-pletely grounded. He recently mentioned that the best parts of his life are Family, partying, meeting new people, enjoying great food and experiencing new things. Lawrence also believes that accepting and living the brand you wear is important as We are all put here for a reason and I want my brand to repre-sent the things I believe in. This is a concept that many design-ers attempt to achieve, however Lawrence lives and breathes this philosophy which really sets him apart from the other players in the game. For those young designers hoping for a little advice from Lawrence, well here it is: PDC Persistence, dedication and consistency. If you believe in your craft, you will become suc-cessful no matter how long it takes you to get to the top. Be sure to head over to check out the newest line from Triple L Society at www.triplelsociety.com

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    Lipstick ShavingsAnn-Marie


    Summer Skin Revival

    After record high temperatures this summer in Australia, I dont blame anyone for being outside at the beach or pool spending hours in the water to cool their bodies off. But with all this sun exposure, how does it affect our skin and beauty regime? Your skin is more than likely screaming for some love and your makeup is prob-ably struggling to stay on, so I will be sharing with you all my must haves for your summer skin sur-vival kit!

    I hope you have all been slip, slop slappin this summer to protect the most important organ: your skin. You may have noticed that SPF50 has started to be advertised in the local pharmacy or on TV as TGA Laws have recently changed in Australia, now allowing SPF50 to be sold in the Austral-ian market. What does this mean for us? It means instead of 96.7% protection we have from SPF30 we now have SPF50, which is 98% protection. Used as an Anti- Aging product, SPF30 or above should be applied to the face everyday to prevent premature aging. From February, Dermalogica will be launching Solar Defense Booster SPF50, specifically for the face. Solar defense can be mixed into your daily face moisturizer, added into your makeup or used by itself and is free from synthetic fragrance and colour. For the body, the already-well-known Banana Boat Sunscreen Range was one of the first Australian Brands to make SPF50 available. Ba-nana Boat Sensitive SPF50 would be my choice as it is also Fragrance free and non-irritating.

    Too hot and greasy to moisturize you say? I think not. Yes our sebum (oil) glands maybe over stimulated in summer but that doesnt necessarily mean your skin is hydrated. Air-conditioning, an increase in UVB-UVA rays are all contrib-uting factors as to why our skin becomes dehydrated during the summer season. I would recommend moisturizing your body as soon as you get out of the shower to put all those lost nutrients back into the skin. Aesop Petitgrain Hydrating Body Gel will certainly lead your skin back into hydration

  • 65 / MINC / MARCH

    with ingredients such as Panthenol to soften and Aloe Vera to hydrate (and also great for after sun.) For the face, try Ultraceuticals Ultra Hydration Lotion which is fast absorbing and leaves a matte finish or for something a little richer in texture, Lush Cosmetics Skin Drink.

    You may have noticed that as we age we start to see dif-ferent coloured spots showing on various areas of our body that never had been there before. Even though there are many different contributors to the cause of pigmentation, the sun would have to be one of the main causes. Hyperpigmentation is caused when your bodys natural defense system against UV is damaged, caus-ing uneven melanin distribution. So how can we help keep our skin bright and even looking? Get yourself onto a brightening Serum - AKA Pigment Inhibitor! If you havent tried Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix, you need to go and purchase this product right now. It is jam-packed with 10 different plant-based brightening

    ingredients that will not bleach the skin using harsh chemicals. Just as effective with Kojic Acid and Chro-mabright is Synergie Minerals Vanish Serum to help fight that pigmenta-tion.

    So, in conclusion; lather yourself in that Sunscreen (remember the higher the SPF the better!), give your skin a drink and brighten that complexion by incorporating one, two or all of the aforementioned products to keep your skin protected, hydrated and even-toned for the oncoming winter season.

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    Little BAstard

    Photography: Simon Kirk Stylist / Creative Director: Morgan Ferguson

    Creative Assistant: Hannah WakefieldBand Members: Matt Mason // Liam Hoskins

    Ross Tipper // Johnny Took // Ed RoweDaniel Darcy // Trevor Davies

  • 69 / MINC / MARCH


    One of the newest bands making a splash in Australias music scene is a 7-piece band, named after James Deans most famous car, Little Bastard. These boys are leading in one of the newest genres of punk string tunes. The boys have been together for only a short time, and come from all walks of life; however none of this has stopped them from climbing the ladder to play incredible shows and pull some crazy sized crowds. This band includes some exceptional musicians who only grow stronger the more they progress, so dont feel left out if this is your first introduction as they have much more to come. Lets just say though, youve missed a wild ride already but as their bio reads We shall be in your town soon to get you disheveled and disorderly.

    Little Bastard is made up of a collection of talented musicians all stemming from the depths of Syd-neys Inner West. The members include Johnny Took, Matt Mason, Daniel Darcy, Trevor Davies, Edd Rowe, Ross Tipper and Liam Law who are a collective of interesting guys that hold a presence when together on stage as wild as the crowds they rock. All members are involved in numerous other bands including Underlights, Panama, Achoo! Bless You, Dirty Mars, Particles, Night Owl, The Retreat, 200K and many more. This bunch is affiliated with some cool projects floating about which involves them playing numerous instruments. It is impressive to see these guys transform as they play in their other bands but are seen as their own musicians when playing as a whole.

    Little Bastards music fits into a newer genre of called a punk string band. With acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle and an old school style of percussion; it sets them aside from other bands alike in Sydney. Their sound is a mix of punk with many strings that does party country extremely well and is layered with harmonies that bring sweetness to their sound. The sound they produce separates them from other bands not just around Sydney but Melbourne and Australia; as they lead in their performance and genre. With the fame they hold to their Sydney locals, Sydney is proud to call them their own. Recently in their live Triple R performance in Sydneys rival Melbourne, they commented Youre the most Melbourne sounding band that doesnt actually come from Mel-bourne, now thats a good thing. We wont hold it against you that youre from Sydney. Everyone obviously wanting a piece of Little Bastard as they share themselves around with the rest of Aus-tralia, but secretly us Sydney siders will hold onto this one.

    69 / MINC / MARCH

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  • 73 / MINC / MARCH

    The songs from LB are strong and catchy; youll find Sydney fans humming their tunes for days after their shows. LB songwriters include Matt Mason, Daniel Darcy, Ross Tipper and Johnny Took, all who have different styles that flow and are cohesive in the sound Little Bastards music projects. As quoted by Johnny Took, with their music being fast and wild it allows the band to all write with the one same platform but all have a say in what works with their own instru-ments. As they now know each other better, they have become more critical and cut throat about the arrangements, lyrics and melodies. Its hard for bands to maintain these criticisms and still function as a band, but as it was said of the guys this is what they have come to love. You get more done and seven minds are better then one, especially when it comes to these dudes. What theyre doing is working and it is a rarity in the music industry.

    Little Bastard stemmed from, like any band, a vision by a few to start something different. The recognition of this vision began with being fed up about finding appropriate venues and crowds that wouldnt talk through the whole set. If you see a Little Bastard show, youll know theyve taken this to a whole new level. They started out playing parties and keeping it raucous, fast and inappropriate and began to grab peoples attention. Interesting enough, throughout their first gig, the boys played a whole set without realizing they had never all met. They had been shown the songs on separate occasions and shown the same structure on how to play them. To this day they still havent had a rehearsal all together, which is hard to believe with what they produce and to how close they all are now. Since this original idea started to develop they have grown into a strong seven-piece string band that they are today, all this whilst setting new goals for beyond what they ever thought could come from playing side by side.

    In the last year and half of being a band they have played a variety of different venues and and gigs. Back when they had their first gig that I was lucky enough to see at Stucko, a uni lodge in Sydneys Inner West, I stood in the middle of a large crowd by myself to watch a band that would take off and have a place in the locals hearts for the years to come. My first thoughts were instantly I love this band and while knowing only one member, I was in awe with the set up, the sound and the overall vibe they brought to the open air quad. Thinking back to this time, it was a raw and unpolished version and only a memory that recently surfaced. Now knowing them all personally and also as a whole its amazing to watch the progression of such characters that somehow now all fit into one mould.

  • 75 / MINC / MARCH75 / MINC / MARCH

  • 77 / MINC / MARCH

    Since then time has passed and they have gone on to play tram jams, have sold out Annandale shows, head lined stages on New Years Eve at Peats Ridge, played intimate sit down small cafs in Tamworth, packed rooms and crowd surfing at OAF. They have also played to backyard festivals, attended Mel-bourne residencys, garden parties and busking on the street. As you can see, Little Bastard have a HUGE resume with many more exciting things on the cards. Johnny Took, LB front man, gives us the run down on whats next for LB Well be finishing up in March with the Boogie Festival on the 7th with acts like The Preatures, Kitty Daisy, Lewis Don Walker (Cold Chisel), and our mate Henry Wagons. We will also be playing Brisbane (The Zoo) and Melbourne (Northcoat Social Club) for the Snowdroppers album launch in early April. Then well end that month playing Gum Ball Festival in Maitland on the 26th. As you can see Little Bastard have a massive line up still to come after just fin-ishing their Melbourne residency in February. If you havent already seen this rocking band, Id suggest you check them out quickly before they take off too high and you miss the awesome early originals.

    You can buy the Little Bastard EP in the flesh at their shows or online. You can also purchase their famous Little Bastard shirts that fans and other musi-cians around both Australia and the world are rocking out in. I suggest you get along to one of their banging shows and see what the hype is all about for your self. Id like to thank Little Bastard for their time and wish them all the best for their big future ahead. We cant wait to see what whats to come. And as they say We shall be in you town soon to get you disheveled and disorderly.

    77 / MINC / MARCH

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  • Thats All Folks80 / MINC / MARCH