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DESCRIPTION In order to be notice and taken seriously in business or your personal life, You must have a GREAT first impression.


Maximizing Your First Impression

Maximize Your First Impression

Connecting with other people is and will always be the worlds number one pursuit.

How do we Connect?

Connecting is a physical meeting where two or more people come together.

How do we Communicate?

Communicating is what we do from the moment we are aware of someones presence.

As long as you are thinking and breathing, you are communicating.

Maximize Your First Impression EarlySmileEye contactOpen postureHello (My name is ?)Handshake (firm)Comment / Compliment

What is the goal?

Keep digging until you find common ground.

What is the difference between delightful or frightful when it comes to maximizing your first impression?

Delightful or Frightful?

Do you come across as delightful or frightful when someone meets you for the first time?

Delightful or Frightful?People who present themselves well in social situations do four things with their body language and facial expressions that make people relax and in a trusting frame of mind.

They adapt their attitude, make eye contact, smile and maintain an open body language.

Communicating to others?

When you are communicating, how much : body language, voice tone and words are you using?

When you are communicating?

55% of your communication comes from your body language

When you are communicating?

38%of your communication comes from your voice tone.

When you are communicating?

7% of your communication comes from the words you speak.

What is the single most important thing you can do to maximize your first impressions?

You must:

Adjust your attitude!

Attitudes that Attract Others?Enthusiasm




Attitudes that Distract?Anger




The secret to maximizing your first impression?

Think before you speak!

Two easy steps:ConversationAndCommunicating

Two easy steps?

Conversation is used to build relationships and exchanging information.

Two easy steps?

Communication is goal oriented and mostly about getting the results you want.

IN THE ENDWe make a living by what we get,We make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill

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