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2. Title: First impression on appearances Group members: Tsang Hao Ren Moy Chin Hoong Tan Chuu Yee Yap Kar Juen Yap Yong Xing 3. Introduction Conduct a simple social psychology research assignment. The relationship based on first impression on appearances This project divided to two partWhich are; 4. Part One: Conduct the research by creating a hypothesis, research method, execute, collect and analysis data. Write a research report from all the data. Part Two: Group presentation about our research and data collected. 5. Theme First impression Tittle of this research; First impression that you give based on female and male - Men and women are able to judge each other - They didnt care about whether their potential mate is a sinner man or hopelessly depend on their feelings 6. Social Social measured impressions based on variety of traits Attractiveness Aggressiveness Like ability Trustworthiness 7. Picture is worth a thousand words Different type of picture will affect people make a wrong judgement First impression is considerably inaccurate But some of them believe first impression is correct Take action to do a survey proving that first impressions is inaccurate 8. Hypothesis First impression on the appearance is fairly inaccurate Affect; One person first meet another person from a photo It cannot exactly represent of the person, depending on their first impression 9. Finding the accuracy of first impression is categorised as a quantitative research It uses statistical, mathematical or numerical data to find the results The traits inference that predicted the election outcomes was ability. 10. METHOD & APPARATUS 11. PARTICIPANTS WHO ARE THEY ??? MODELS OutsidersPARTICIPANTS 60 males VS 60 females Taylors students 12. MATERIAL & APPARATUS MATERIALS Photos of 8 models 120 sets of questionnaire APPARATUS Printer Calculator 13. PROJECT PROCEDURES 1. Finding a topic 2. Planning the experiment 3. Analyze the data and conclude4. Record and write a report 14. OUR EXPERIMENTSurvey forms Models 15. Procedures Conforming & planning the experiment Conduct several meetings Researches Form hypothesis Finding models 4 males & 4 females Outsiders permissions 16. Setting & distributing the questionnaires Guess the models age, personality & background Distribute around the campus Analyzing the data Calculate, interpret & analyze the data gathered Keep the data private & confidential 17. Personal Information: 1. What is your gender? MaleFemale2. What is your age? 15-1819-2223-2627-303. Do you think first impression is accurate? YesNoSurvey Questions: 1. How old do you think Model A is? 15-18 19-22 23-2627-302. What do you think about Model A? (Can more than one option) Hard-working Boring Lazy Playful Friendly Joker Anti-social from rich family Sporty from average family Nerdy from poor family Others: (Please specify):_________________________MODEL A 18. Discussing the results 19. RESULTS 20. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS A total number of 120 participants are divided into 4 groups27 Males who thinks that first impression is accurate 33 Males who thinks that first impression is inaccurate 29 Females who thinks that first impression is accurate 31 Females who thinks that first impression is inaccurate 21. ACCURACY OF FIRST IMPRESSION (%) 45 40 3527 Males (thinks that first impression is accurate)30 2533 Males (thinks that first impression is inaccurate)20Male Females (thinks that first 29 Female impression is accurate)1531 Females (thinks that first impression is inaccurate)10 5 0 38.36% | 42.17% Thinks that 1st impression is accurate38.41% | 36.76% Thinks that 1st impression is inaccurate 22. AVERAGE PERCENTAGE OBTAINED BY ALL THE PARTICIPANTS FOR ALL MODELS 6050 MODEL A 40MODEL B MODEL C30MODEL D MODEL E20MODEL F MODEL G10MODEL H0 MODEL AMODEL BMODEL CMODEL DMODEL EMODEL FMODEL GMODEL H 23. DISCUSSION 24. HYPOTHESIS? The first impression on females & males appearances is INACCURATERESULT OBTAINED MATCH with hypothesis 25. ETHICAL ISSUES VOLUNTARY participation Must be informed about this survey & the procedures Have the right to withdraw at ANYTIME without ANY PENALTY 26. PROTECTION for participants Being protected from physical & mental discomfort E.g.embarrassed offended frightened 27. PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT leak out any data 28. FIRST IMPRESSION Create a practical implication in real life Judging people without knowing them in depth Lead to PREJUDICE 29. BEST EXAMPLE Job employing Relationship between the applicant & employer is usually STRANGER Employers will always look at the appearances of applicants 30. Conclusion 31. -Definition of first impression first thought mental image opinion memory -that someone makes on first sight. It can either be good or bad and its judgment based only on appearances and behavior . Occurs everyday -We all know that first impressions are important, but what about those reoccurring first impression moments that are built into our days.-Do you ever stop to think about how those re-occurring first impressions impact the feel and flow of your relationships with those closest to you 32. Most of the participants got