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This tool is available to all registered Illinois workNet jobseekers.


<ul><li> 1. Building Your Optimal Impression Illinois workNet and Optimal Resume working together for you </li></ul><p> 2. How will you make a great first impression? Illinois workNet and Optimal Resume can help. February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 3. Whatwe willcover Access your Account Document Center Skills Assessment Resume Letters Portfolios Video Resumes Websites Interviews February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 4. Why Optimal Resume Its easy to create an account! February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 5. February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 1. Access ATIM account 2. Log-in using your Illinois workNet account 6. In your account, access Optimal Resume by clicking here February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 7. February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 1. Enter your Career Preferences 2. Hold CTRL for Multiple Selections 3. Save 4. You can change Industry at any time 8. Document Center February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 9. DocumentCenter The Document Center offers storage for files you create or upload Access it from the Resume home page Access it from the toolbar. February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 10. Skills Assessment February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 11. SkillsAssessment 1. Select Assessments 2. Pick the type of assessment 3. Name your assessment February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 1. 2. 3. 12. Skills listed (35) based upon your industry choice Experiences by type Add specific anecdotes by skill &amp; experience February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume SkillsAssessment 13. SkillsAssessment Hover over a skill to find out the definition Skills may be added or deleted Experience categories can be added, deleted or reordered February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 14. SkillsAssessment Select the skill and category Click Add Enter your anecdote in the box Enhance it with document formatting features like bold or italic February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 15. SkillsAssessment Next phase is Abilities Same process as Skills Abilities listed (52) based upon your industry choice Add or delete abilities Add, delete or reorder experience Select Add to include your anecdotes February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 16. SkillsAssessment Create multiple assessments by industry or Job Family Select an occupation from an associated ONET listing Review the ONET job details to include appropriate descriptions in your assessment February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 17. Complete the assessment process by adding your Proficiencies Select Add in Proficiency column Indicate level of Experience Rate your Experience February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume SkillsAssessment 18. Add comments in the next column Add or delete proficiencies February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume SkillsAssessment 19. SkillsAssessment After entering your comments, you can return to edit or add at any time February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 20. SkillsAssessment Manage your assessments from the Document Center Select any assessment you created to make edits Delete ones you no longer need February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 21. Resume Builder February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 22. ResumeBuilder From the Document Center Select Resume Builder Select Create New Resume to get started Select one of your existing resumes to edit or delete February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 23. ResumeBuilder Create a new resume Upload an existing resume You cannot edit a resume that you upload February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 24. ResumeBuilder Three options are available to create a new resume February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 25. ResumeBuilder Start from Scratch is for experienced resume writers you have a blank slate. February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 26. ResumeBuilder Browse Samples provides templates from which you can select a resume to use 145 total samples are available February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 27. ResumeBuilder Pick from industry category and experience level Samples appear at the bottom of the screen February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 28. ResumeBuilder Review the sample thumbnail views February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 29. ResumeBuilder Review a full-size sample When you find one you wish to use, Select Use this Sample February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 30. ResumeBuilder After making your selection, the builder automatically enters your contact information You can edit the different areas with YOUR information February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 31. ResumeBuilder The edit tools help you: Style your resume Format Spellcheck Edit, reorder or delete sections Offer tips and instructions February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 32. ResumeBuilder Browse Section Sets allows you to set up your resume with only the sections. Enter YOUR information February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 33. ResumeBuilder Select from Categories Select Resume type Standard sections are recommende d February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 34. ResumeBuilder Items change based upon category selected February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 35. ResumeBuilder After making your selection, the blank template opens in the edit screen To edit an area, hover over sections, select the colored area to edit February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 36. ResumeBuilder The edit box opens upon selecting a section in all of the editable areas of the document Section name can be edited Text formatting is editable with standard features February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 37. ResumeBuilder Examples Action Verbs Infobytes Help you with suggestions to make your resume stronger February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 38. ResumeBuilder February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 39. ResumeBuilder February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 40. ResumeBuilder February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 41. ResumeBuilder Experience allows you to add: Employer Name Employer Location Employer website Date range of employment Job Title Job Description Use WYSIWYG tools February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 42. ResumeBuilder Tools help you make your resume unique. Formatting Spell Check History Sections Resources February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 43. ResumeBuilder Reorder the sections Reorder bullets within a section February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 44. ResumeBuilder The Skills Section helps you by allowing you to include key terms and phrases from your industry Pull terms from your My Skills Make use of the ONET tool to help you add the proper keywords February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 45. ResumeBuilder Using the My Skills section links you to the items from your Skill Inventory February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 46. ResumeBuilder While in the resume builder you have additional tools Rename, Clone, GPS, Download, Share, Print Preview, To Do, or Switch Resumes February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 47. ResumeBuilder GPS - Opt-in to share with employers (covered later) Download your finished version Share by email or other system February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 48. ResumeBuilder Preview the print version Make a list of things To Do for your resume Switch between resumes in case you need to make multiple changes February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 49. Letter Builder February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 50. LetterBuilder Letter Builder helps you build letters in the same way as the Resume Builder Access letters from the Document Center Select Create New Letter Choose from an existing letter February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 51. LetterBuilder After selecting Create new letter Name the letter Select Start Letter Option to upload a letter Uploaded letters cannot be edited. February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 52. LetterBuilder Options include: Samples Types Start from Scratch February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 53. LetterBuilder Browsing displays samples based upon Categories &amp; Experience Levels February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 54. LetterBuilder Browsing Letter Types provides types of letters with sample paragraphs February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 55. LetterBuilder February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume Sections are offered with sample language to use 56. LetterBuilder The editing tools included as the same across the platform: Examples Action Verbs Infobytes Style Formatting WYSIWYG Tools February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 57. LetterBuilder Starting from Scratch provides only your name and address February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 58. Portfolios February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 59. PortfolioBuilder Access from the Document Center Compile your collateral materials in one place for easy access February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 60. PortfolioBuilder Name the portfolio February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 61. PortfolioBuilder Select from a Template or Start from Scratch February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 62. PortfolioBuilder From Templates, determine what type of portfolio you want to create February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 63. PortfolioBuilder Multiple options are available February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 64. PortfolioBuilder The Portfolio starts with the basics, but you can include specific projects February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 65. February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume Upload a file or add a link to a website Add a file to the portfolio Add special notations 66. PortfolioBuilder Store files by project February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 67. Video Resume February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 68. VideoResume Video Resume gives viewers the opportunity to see how you present yourself Video Resumes are a current technology tool in which you share 2-3 minutes about your career February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 69. VideoResume Select create your resume Name your video resume February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 70. VideoResume Two options are available With Teleprompter provides a script that you create to read during your recording Without Teleprompter February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 71. VideoResume With script allows you to name your script February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 72. VideoResume Optimal offers types of scripts from which you can choose, or Start from scratch February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 73. VideoResume Browse Script types provides a synopsis of the type of video resume this would create Select a type Basic categories are opened February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 74. VideoResume Select the type of script Select the paragraph Examples are provided from which you can add to your script February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 75. VideoResume Add the paragraphs and then edit to include your name and specific company information February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 76. VideoResume Upon completing your script, adjust your camera and microphone You must approve access for Illinois workNet to access your camera and microphone February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 77. VideoResume Look at the video sample Is your background acceptable? Is the lighting favorable? Should you move the camera up or down? Make adjustments as needed Test the audio Is the microphone picking up your voice? Is the microphone picking up background sounds? February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 78. VideoResume When all items are appropriately adjusted, you can test the teleprompter Text size can be adjusted Scroll speed can be adjusted Ready Press Record 3 seconds till start February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 79. VideoResume After you record a segment using either method, you have an option to: Play Redo Save After Save, the next section can be recorded February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 80. VideoResume After all sections are recorded: Add bullet points by section Select a background video skin color February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 81. VideoResume In your bullets: Use keywords Use action verbs February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 82. VideoResume Preview your final video as it will appear on your personal website February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 83. Website Builder February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 84. WebsiteBuilder One of the best ways to be found is to have a website Use Website Builder tool to create your own branded website on Illinois workNet February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 85. WebsiteBuilder Name your website February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 86. WebsiteBuilder Select the pages that you wish to appear on your website Enable the sections from which you want to add documents February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 87. WebsiteBuilder Select a template Multiple colors Multiple layouts February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 88. WebsiteBuilder Enable a sidebar to include your social media profiles Twitter LinkedIn Blog February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 89. WebsiteBuilder Upon completing the sidebar and pages Activate Website February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume After activation view hits or make changes 90. WebsiteBuilder View your website February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume Video ResumeSkills PortfolioResume 91. February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 92. InterviewPrep Assessment done Skills done Resume done Letters done Video resume done Website done Interviews?? February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 93. InterviewPrep Optimal Resume offers you the opportunity to practice interview questions and see/hear your response Name your interview February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 94. InterviewPrep Select the type of interview you would like to practice Hover over the category to see what is included February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 95. InterviewPrep Practice options include: Video record your voice and image Audio record your voice only Text Type your answers Just Listen listen to the questions from the interviewers February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 96. InterviewPrep After selecting an interview type Questions in the Playlist are shown in parentheses February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 97. InterviewPrep Choose the audio/video and connect to your webcam Completed recordings are noted with a green flag Share your questions with a career counselor February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 98. Resume GPS February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume 99. ResumeGPS February2014IllinoisworkNet-OptimalResume Open the resume Select Resume GPS Check the box to Opt-In 100. ResumeGPS After you opt-in complete: Keyword Tags Location Photo Education Information Career Preferences C...</p>