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Combine your business inbound numbers with live answering service and create a better first impression on your customers. For more details about live answering services, visit or call on 1800883532


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2. A Live Answering Service allows a staff member to stay in touch with customers and to provide a professional appearance at all hours of the day. 3. A huge number of callers simply hang up if their call goes through to voicemail instead of being answered by a real person. That's a high percentage of potential business to be turning away, and one that many people don't realize they're losing. 4. By having live answering service combined with your business inbound numbers, you can maintain a professional image even if you trader of your business. 5. vTelecom Pty Ltd 24 / 4a Bachell Ave, Lidcombe NSW 2141 1800 883 532


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