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Mastery Journal Timeline DANIELLE RIVERA

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Mastery Journal Timeline

Mastery Journal TimelineDanielle Rivera

Goals for the Next 12 Months!

Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership

GOALSBegin Networking with People In the IndustryBe more aware of the goals and intentions of those around meFind a mentor

STRATEGYRead Mastery by Robert Greene Use to find industry leadersWatch Find the Right Mentor tutorial on

Internet Marketing Fundamentals GOALSLearn how to promote traffic to a web siteLearn how to analyze web patternsLearn how to stay up-to-date with internet marketing tactics

STRATEGYWatch Internet Marketing Basics Tutorial by Ian Lurie on Lynda.comWatch Analyzing your Website to Improve SEO on Lynda.comFollow Internet Marketing blogs to keep up with the new strategies

Digital Storytelling and Branding

GOALSLearn clients needs and wantsLearn how to build a relationship with a clientLearn to project the right message to the public

STRATEGYWatch Content Marketing Fundamentals on Lynda.com Client Relationships on

Internet Consumer Behavior and Analysis GOALSLearn how to analyze consumer buying patternsLearn how to analyze the behavior of consumersLearn how to explain my findings to the client

STRATEGYWatch Understanding Consumer Behavior tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Analyzing the Nuying Process tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Presenting Data Using Storylines tutorial on

Web Design and Usability

GOALSLearn how to create a websiteLearn how to make the website easy to navigateLearn how to design a website that is appealing to consumers

STRATEGYWatch Building a Website tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Foundations of UX: Usability Testing tutorial on Lynda.comWatch WordPress and Genesis DIY: Community Website tutorial on

New Media Marketing GOALSLearn how to determine best method of selling clients productLearn about Location-Based MarketingLearn about content marketing

STRATEGYWatch Content Marketing: Staying Relevant on lynda.comRead Geo-Conquesting: Competitive Locational Targeting of Mobile Promotions

Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

GOALSLearn about e-mail marketingLearn SEO BasicsLearn PPC marketing

StrategyWatch Email Marketing Basics tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Search Engine Optimization tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Pay Per Click Fundamentals tutorial on

Advanced Search Engine Optimization GOALSLearn how to make a website more relevant in search enginesLearn about sponsored sitesLearn how to remove barriers so website can be seen more

STRATEGYWatch SEO: Keyword Strategy in Depth tutorial on Lynda.comWatch SEO: Link Building in Depth tutorial on

Strategic Internet Public Relations

GOALSLearn how to handle the publicLearn how to have a good relationship with the consumerLearn how to remedy an unhappy consumer

STRATEGYWatch Working with Upset Customers Tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Building Business Relationships tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Public Relations Fundamentals on

Web Analytics and Optimization GOALSLearn how to analyze a companys success and failureLearn how to put data into a reportLearn how to explain the findings to the client

STRATEGYWatch Analyzing Sales and Marketing Tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Writing Business Reports Tutorial on

Internet and the Law

GOALSLearn copy write lawsLearn potential trademark issuesLearn the different legal actions that can be taken if these laws are broken

STRATEGYWatch What is Copywriting? tutorial on Lynda.comWatch Introduction to copywrite laws tutorial on

Internet Marketing Campaign Development GOALSLearn about the psychology of the consumerLearn how to appeal to the massesLearn how to strategize a campaign

STRATEGYWatch Implementing an Online Marketing Campaign on Lynda.comWatch How Consumers See Themselves and Their World on

Industry Connections1. Belle Beth [email protected] Rafi Kaufman Rand [email protected]

Industry Connections4. Wil Reynoldstel:(215)967-44615. Neil Patel Brian Clark

Industry Involvement1. Join Internet Marketing Associationhttp://imanetwork.org2. Join Entertainment Networking SocietyFull Sail University3. Join Entrepreneur NetworkFull Sail University

The Perfect Mentor

Ideally will be aligned with my Lifes Task (Greene, 2012, p. 108)Will be able to supply tough love (Greene, 2012, p. 109)Will be able to work with me and not against meWill want me to surpass them (Greene, 2012, p. 110)Will be patient


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