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Timeline Journal A Journey Towards Mastery For Deitrya Anderson

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Timeline JournalA Journey Towards Mastery For Deitrya Anderson

Mastery: Personal Development and LeadershipGoal: To learn to recognize and follow my personal road to my dream career.Strategies:

Continue reference to and review the book Mastery by Robert Greene (2012)

Complete the Instructional Design and Technology Masters program

Continue to focus and narrow my interest to find my dream career

References: Greene, R. (2012), Mastery

Full Sail University

Strategies for Learner Engagement

Goal: To learn to create more engaging lessons that will keep my students engagedStrategies:

Increase my knowledge of learning styles and theories to increase student motivation

Develop a curriculum with strong rigor that can engage all learners

Infuse learning acquired throughout my Instructional Design masters courses

Reference: Rogowsky, B. A., Calhoun, B. M., & Tallal, P. (2015). Matching Learning Style to Instructional Method: Effects on Comprehension. Journal Of Educational Psychology, 107(1), 64-78. doi:10.1037/a0037478

Visual and Verbal Communication in Instructional DesignGoal: Gain literacy in using different presentation styles to increase the engagement of my target audience.Resources:

Strategy:Learn to use various writing styles and techniques in order to increase my instructional communication potential. Utilizing the professional development courses offered through Tulsa Community college and The Eighth Floor

Corporate Training and Motivational Development

Goal: Learn to create and assess, and evolve my curriculum and personal teaching styleStrategies:Develop a curriculum with increased rigor according to the state standardsLearn to create, evaluate and change my assessments and teaching style as neededContinue to build and develop my knowledge of teaching and learning

Instructional Design and EvaluationGoal: Learn to create effective learning objectives and strategies for my classroom

Strategies:Build effective strategies in instructional designAssess and evaluate the use of project based learningDesign and implement a year long lesson plan infusing project based learning strategiesReferences:Wurdinger, S., & Qureshi, M. (2015). Enhancing College Students' Life Skills through Project Based Learning. Innovative Higher Education, 40(3), 279-286. doi:10.1007/s10755-014-9314-3

Digital Media and Learning ApplicationsGoal: To learn to infuse digital media in my lesson plans and curriculumStrategies:Increase my literacy of media design principlesLearn to use digital media software programsEffectively infuse media learning into my classroom learning and lessonsReferences:

Music and Audio for Instructional DesignGoal: Learn to incorporate music and voice over presentations into my lesson plans to engage more learnersStrategies:To learn how music infusion can improve learningBuild and increase my knowledge of professional audio usage in academics settingsCreate a culture that caters to auditory and Kinesthetic learns

Filmmaking Principles for Instructional DesignGoal: Increase my knowledge of how to infuse visual literacy as a learning style into my classroom and curriculum

Strategies:To build and develop a working knowledge of basic filmmakingTo use the above skills to build visually engaging lessonsDevelop an online base of curriculum and assessmentsReferences:huts://

Game Strategies and MotivationGoal: To gain strategies in gaming and game design techniques that can be build into my lessons to engage learners. Also, to possibly use as a formative assessment technique.

Strategies:Gain a working knowledge of gaming technique and strategiesLearn gaming designs and structureBuild formative assessments using gaming technologiesReferences:

Leaning Management Systems and Organization

Goal: To gain a working knowledge of LMS systems in order to increase my delivery method optionsStrategies:To offer alternative learning options and differentiate teaching and learningOffer formative assessments alternatives, varying delivery methods

Media Asset CreationGoal: To continue build on the skills I began developing in the Digital Media and Filmmaking courses. To create be able to create for and instruct for fellow teachers.

Strategies:Continue building strategies using digital media, video/audio and filmmaking conceptsContinue learning and building literacy of software packagesLearn to infuse media strategies with online learning strategies

Instructional Design and Technology Final Project

Goal: To create a final project that incorporates all aspects of the skills I have gained throughout the course of the masters program. To show improvement and proficiency in my learning and have taken my teaching to the next level. Strategies:To create a project assessment that (hopefully) incorporates gaming strategiesTo create a final project that reflects effective and engaging integration of all I have learned throughout the programGain effective feedback from my instructors and peers to develop and assess my workReferences:

Industry LeadersMike Feinberg, Founder KIPP Schools Canada, Founder Harlem Childrens Zone

35 East 125th St.New York, NY 10035P: 212-360-3255F: 212-289-0661

Joy Hofmeister

Contact: 918-640-0444or [email protected]

Industry LeadersDr. Qiuying Wang, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, Oklahoma State University, Literacy Education,

256 Willard Hall, Stillwater, OK [email protected]

Michelle Rhee, Education Advocate: Http:// Twitter: @MichelleRheeDeborah Gist, Superintendent, Tulsa Public Schools, 3027 South New Haven, Tulsa, Ok 74114 email: [email protected]

Campus InvolvementI would like to become involved (as much as possible being an online student) in technology and education groups in order to enhance my professional status and goals.

Personal Learning NetworkI plan to expand my personal learning network by connecting with fellow program participants via LinkedIn and Tumblr.

By interacting with others I will allow myself to learn from my peers and open the door for networking opportunies and peer assessment and evaluation to assist me with growth toward my mastery goals.

Mentor CharacteristicsThe characteristics of a mentor to me are:Willing and able to embrace industry changesAble to train and prepare teachers as the industry evolvesAble to effectively model learning strategies and techniquesAble to dissect, assess and evaluate data and disseminate as neededAble to identify areas of deficiency and determine effective strategies to evaluate and correct as required

In SummationI believe that the journey through this masters program will allow me to find a laser like focus on my path to mastery and my dream career. Through the skills and techniques I will gain in building my technical skills I will become a better educator and classroom facilitator. Where Mastery will allow me to find my true path the technical courses will help me develop a more rigorous and engaging curriculum and build better formative assessments.MasteryFilmmakingMedia Asset CreationLMSGame StrategyMusic & AudioLearner EngagementVisual & Verbal Corporate TrainingInstructional Design & EvalDigital MediaFinal Project