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Mastery Journal Timeline Michelle (Lehrich) Hathaway

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Mastery Journal TimelineMichelle (Lehrich) Hathaway

MDL510 Mastery: Personal Development and LeadershipGoalTo set a career goal and learn about possible mentors in the instructional design field on who to follow. Hard work and dedication will get me to my goals and this class has helped me to set goals to achieve them Strategies Read Mastery by Robert Greene Read The Last Lecture by Randy PauschFind a mentor in the field of instructional designWrote down and hung my goals on my wall as a daily reminder of what I want to accomplish and work towards

IDT520 Strategies for Learner EngagementGoalLearn to create engaging curriculum for different learning styles/settings. Learn how to enhance student engagement using media, collaboration, and games.StrategiesResearch Instructional Design and network with those in the field Read Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and TechnologyRead IDS Article from Journal of the American Deafness & Rehabilitation Association

EDM533 Visual and Verbal Communication in Instructional DesignGoalLearn to write course content for the medium available. Look deeper into the intended audience, subject at hand, and learn more about visual design. StrategiesSchedule regular meetings with Christine, my mentor, to pick her brain and get feedback Read Increasing Awareness: Language, CommunicationStrategies, and Universally Designed Environments.Research and join at least 2 groups on LinkedIn

IDT552 Corporate Training and Motivational DevelopmentGoalLearn how to evaluation return on investment for online classes. Examine different training techniques used in different environments.StrategiesAttend networking event in Toledo that is scheduled for professionalsRead New Model, NewStrategies:Instructionaldesignfor building online wisdom communities.Study an instructional design leader

IDT562 Instructional Design and EvaluationGoal Learn to evaluate a design strategy and what approach is best for academic training. StrategiesComplete next Quality Matters training classEvaluate my MOOC class that I wrote as part of the project for classRead road map article

IDT574 Digital Media and Learning ApplicationsGoalLearn how to use digital media to enhance learning applications and learn how to engage distance learners. StrategiesTake the available Photography class at Toledo Art Museum to grow my photography skillsRead Virtual World for Instruction ArticleRead Design Instruction Article

MUS6018 Music and Audio for Instructional DesignGoalLearn how to produce media for audio stimulation and doing quality voiceovers in a virtual learning environment. StrategiesLearn more about producing video and audio resourcesFind free class on Cousera that could help in the processRead article on design

IDT610 Filmmaking Principles for Instructional DesignGoalLearn more about video techniques and how to make resources for online classes. Learn more about visual learning. StrategiesRead article about video enhancementsPractice recording myself in front of a camera to get more comfortableRead article on cognitive based design

EME6226 Game Strategies and MotivationGoalLearn more about academic theories and psychological methods that prove gaming can help you gain knowledge and make it easier to learn. StrategiesRead game based article Online research on how video games have enhanced learningRead article on how popular games are used in instructional design

EME6629 Learning Management Systems and OrganizationGoalExplore different ways to present and deliver material. Learn the different tools available to enable learning and which curriculum is more suitable for different delivery methods. StrategiesResearch Sakai, Blackboard, and Moodle learning more about eachFind online courses about each LMS above and attendRead article on different environments

IDT680 Media Asset CreationGoalExplore developing online learning materials. This includes online presentations and picking the best media for a project. Learn to look at limitations of delivery methods for different projects and evaluating the learners technical ability. StrategiesRead snap courses article Practice photography and video skills moreRead new model article

IDT690 Instructional Design and Technology Final ProjectGoalDevelop a research component producing a complete project that is media rich.StrategiesSpend time reviewing final project with mentor and asking opinionsRead Web 2.0 article Read task centered article

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Clubs & OrganizationsEntertainment Networking Society - provides Full Sail students with the skills to cultivate personal and business relation ships in an effort to enhance their careers. Members conduct and participate in fun and high-impact workshops on a monthly basis to build their networking skills.Women of Full Sail - students will have the opportunity to network with women from other degree programs with the hopes of creating a support system. Students will be equipped to be successful women in the industry.Media Design Group - provide and share information regarding the ever expanding world of Media Design. Members, both online and campus based students and alum, can learn aboutchanges in the industry, new tools, and offerings.Creative Student Networking Group - provide a space for college students to network. We have a monthly meeting to talk about our goals and build friendships and help students find employment after graduation. To network and build quality relationships among college students. Also to meet at artistic and entertainment related activities in the Central Florida area and nearby beaches.

Companies to Follow

Characteristics of a MentorWillingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertiseDemonstrates a positive attitude and acts as a positive role modelTakes a personal interest in the mentoring relationshipExhibits enthusiasm in Instructional DesignValues ongoing learning and growth in Instructional DesignProvides guidance and constructive feedbackRespected by colleagues and employees in all levels of the organizationSets and meets ongoing personal and professional goalsValues the opinions and initiatives of othersMotivates others by setting a good example

Timeline Goals

Start Masters Program at Full SailNetwork with classmates& business professionalsAce every class!Find Internship in Instructional DesignGraduate with HonorsAchieve my Mastery Goal!

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