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1. MASTERY JOURNEYTIMELINERobert Matthew Perry Jr. 2. FIELD OF STUDY OVERALL GOALMy overall goal of my degree in Instructional Design &Technology is to develop the various skills needed to createeffective instructional games within my twelve months ofstudy. 3. MASTERY: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTAND LEADERSHIPInsight, Skill or Outcome The outcome I would like from this course is to successfullybegin my mastery journey by learning the necessary stepsinvolved on my path.Goals1. Create a personal learning network that can successfully leadme on my way to mastery. Find industry leaders to connect with via LinkedIn Join various clubs involving instructional design and seriousgames Read Master Your Craft Top 10 Ways by Thomas Leonard 4. MASTERY: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTAND LEADERSHIP (CONT. )2. Gain a greater understanding of how to master a field of study. Review Discoveries in Gaming and Computer-mediated Simulations fromEBSCO Host Play various instructional games to gain an understanding of industrystandards3. Learn the process of creating graduate-level academic research and itsdelivery. Extensively read Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide for properdelivery Research various scholar papers to gain better insight of how to deliverinformation effectively 5. STRATEGIES FOR LEARNERENGAGEMENTInsight, Skill or Outcome The insight I would like from this course is research how to create engagingcurriculum and various learner engagement strategies to apply to gamesdeveloped.Goals1. Develop a strong concept that can be used as my final research projectwithin the month. Research instructional games to find unique ideas that have not beenimplemented into serious games Research learner engagement strategies to strengthen an idea into astrong concept 6. STRATEGIES FOR LEARNERENGAGEMENT (CONT. )2. Gain an understanding of various motivational theories that can be appliesto instructional games. Review the information in Becoming a Legendary Teacher: To Instruct andInspire from EBSCO Host Review Frederick Herzbergs motivational theory from businessballs.com3. Gain a better understanding of how to successfully create a learningenvironment within video games created. Reach out to industry professionals for techniques they are willing to share Review professional portfolios in my field of study to gain a better insight ofhow to deliver a learning environment within games 7. EMERGENT TECHNOLOGIES IN ACOLLABORATIVE CULTUREInsight, Skill or Outcome The outcome I will work to gain in this course is to better understandwhat technologies and medias are used my masters in my field of study.Goals1. Gain a better understanding of how to use a video game to manageand deliver information to the user. Review Interactive Media Use and Youth: Learning, KnowledgeExchange and Behavior from EBSCO Host Review The Theory of Learning in Games by Drew Fudenberg 8. EMERGENT TECHNOLOGIES IN ACOLLABORATIVE CULTURE (CONT. )2. Discover various technologies that are used in instructional games that arecurrently unknown. Research various programs that can work in conglomerate with serious games Review programs that are used when teaching with other technologies to apply togames3. Discover effective ways to use social technologies to continue developing mycurrent skills. Connect with masters on platforms such as LinkedIn to discover which programsare effective in serious games and ways to properly use the technology Reach out to other students at Full Sail that are taking Instructional Design &Technology to other purposes and found out what programs they find important 9. CORPORATE TRAINING ANDMOTIVATIONAL DEVELOPMENTInsight, Skill or Outcome The outcome I would like to gain from this course is to evaluate designtechniques used corporate games and find at least two ways to innovate andimprove the current standard.Goals1. Research the history of corporate training and identify which practices will best fitwith various technologies. Review Corporate Video Production: Beyond the Board Room (and Out of theBored Room) from EBSCO Host Review the article Why Corporate Training Programs Often Fail from The WallStreet Journal 10. CORPORATE TRAINING ANDMOTIVATIONAL DEVELOPMENT(CONT. )2. Research which types of corporate jobs have training involving games to identify whichjobs not listed could benefit the most. Review profiles of serious game developers to find out what types of jobs have seriousgames Conduct an extensive web search of corporate training games and how successfulthese games were3. Gain a better understanding of the importance of assessments and surveys involvingtraining using technology. Contact masters in serious games that I have connected with to ask for their opinion onhow assessments and surveys dictate their design process in future projects Review the surveys of entertainment games I created during my Bachelors programand understand how this input effective my decision-making 11. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN ANDEVALUATIONInsight, Skill or Outcome The outcome I would like to gain for this course is to understand various designstrategies to improve the potential of future games, as well as my final project.Goals1. Gain a better understanding of the multiple learning theory and how to implementthe theory into game design Review E-learning in the 21st Century: A Framework for Research and Practicefrom EBSCO Host Review Multiple Intelligences Theory by Howard Gardner 12. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN ANDEVALUATION (CONT. )2. Research the emotional learning theories to create more immersive experiences for theintended audience. Review The Need for Social and Emotional Learning from the Association for Supervisionand Curriculum Development Connect emotional learning theories with the skills I posses to dictate emotion from myexperience in entertainment based games3. Identify various processes used for a project plan and make at least two improvements tostandards that are usually practiced. Research project plans for instructional games that are publically available Research project plans for teaching with other technologies to improve instructional gamedesign techniques 13. DIGITAL MEDIA AND LEARNINGAPPLICATIONSInsight, Skill or Outcome The insight I would like to gain from this course is to better understand how toengage my intended audience using various types of digital media.Goals1. Identify visual learning techniques and how to implement the techniques intoinstructional games. Review Visual Learning and Outlining in the Classroom from Inspiration Software Contact instructional game designers to gain their insight on how they implementthese techniques into games 14. DIGITAL MEDIA AND LEARNINGAPPLICATIONS (CONT. )2. Gain practice with various instructional technology products to strengthen my finalproject and future ventures as well. Review Fifty of the Best Ed-tech Products for Schools from E-School News Get hands on experience with at least two of the products mentioned from E-SchoolNews3. Research the learning principles involved in digital media design to extend myinstructional experience further than video games. Review Social Impacts of Digital Media from EBSCO Host Connect with instructional designers outside of serious games for their insight onhow these learning principles are implemented 15. MUSIC AND AUDIO FORINSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNInsight, Skill or Outcome The outcome I would like to gain from this course is to gain a betterunderstanding of how to teach with proper auditory stimulation for instructionalgames.Goals1. Research what types of music are generally used in instructional games and whatadvantages are gained. Review The Game Audio Tutorial: A Practical Guide to Creating andImplementing Sound and Music for Interactive Games from EBSCO Host Contact industry leaders for their insight on what types of music best fit intoinstructional games 16. MUSIC AND AUDIO FORINSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN (CONT. )2. Identify music that helps trigger memory to implement these music types intoinstructional games. Review Music-Memory Connection Found in Brain from LiveScience Review Music and Memory from BrainFacts.org3. Discover music that helps instructors reach aural and kinesthetic learning stylesto improve potential games. Review Study Advice for Kinesthetic Learners from The Study Gurus Review Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner from How to Study 17. FILMMAKING PRINCIPALS FORINSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNInsight, Skill or Outcome One outcome I would like to gain from this course is to use video creation skillsfor a more immersive experience in projects created.Goals1. Discover how to implement video creation techniques to improve a createdcinematic for instructional games. Review The Digital Filmmaking Handbook from EBSCO Host Watch the VFX Techniques series from 18. FILMMAKING PRINCIPALS FORINSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN (CONT. )2. Research master filmmakers and how their techniques can apply to games. Review various directors on how they structured their design Review various game cinematic producers for a better understanding of how theyimplemented filmmaking into games3. Develop better storyboarding techniques to improve the overall visual experiencefor my intended audience. Contact instructional game designers on their techniques for creating storyboardsfor serious games Review The 8 Steps to Creating A Great Storyboard from 19. GAME STRATEGIES ANDMOTIVATIONInsight, Skill or Outcome One outcome I would like to gain is to compare my current instructional gameskills with the skills and methods used by industry masters.Goals1. Research various game design strategies to improve my skill in instructionalgames. Review Designing Games for Ethics: Models, Techniques and Frameworks fromEBSCO Host Reread Basics of Game Design from Michael Moore to refresh any concepts thatmight not have been practiced in my experience 20. GAME STRATEGIES ANDMOTIVATION (CONT. )2. Gain a better understanding of the multiple learning theories and how it applies togame creation strategies. Review Gees Learning Principles for Good Games from Practice implementing multiple learning theories into a single game concept3. Discover various game learning techniques to implement into future designs. Review Game-Based Learning: What it is, Why it Works and Where its Goingfrom New Media Institute Contact industry leaders to discover their most used techniques for seriousgames 21. LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSAND ORGANIZATIONInsight, Skill or Outcome The outcome I would like to gain from this course is to improve my understandingof the delivery of educational content in a virtual setting.Goals1. Gain a better understanding of the Learning Content Management Systems andhow to apply this to instructional games. Review Moving Media Storage Technologies: Applications & Workflows for Videoand Media Server Platforms from EBSCO Host Review Whats Important in a Learning Content Management System fromeLearn Magazine 22. LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSAND ORGANIZATION (CONT. )2. Research how various virtual learning environments engage the learner and howto apply this to games. Contact industry leaders for insight on how they set up learning environmentswithin serious games Review the courses from my Bachelors and Masters program here at Full Sailand discover what was successful about the virtual learning environment3. Research how a variety of content delivery methodologies can improve my finalproject. Review Methods of Content Delivery from Howard University Review Mapping with Content Delivery Methodologies from CacheFly 23. MEDIA ASSET CREATIONInsight, Skill or Outcome The outcome I would like for this course is to improve my current skills with digitalconcepts to improve my final project.Goals1. Research digital video concepts and discover various ways to implement thelearned techniques into instructional games. Review Multidimensional Signal, Image and Video Processing and Coding fromEBSCO Host Review Video Encryption Technology and Application from EBSCO Host 24. MEDIA ASSET CREATION (CONT. )2. Gain a better understanding of software limitations to create more effectiveconcepts before beginning projects. Review the limitations of the Unity 3d engine and how it applies to serious games Review the limitations of the Unreal Engine 4 and how it applies to seriousgames3. Discover how to integrate media assets into computer software. Review Game Design Media Assets from SlideShare Review Computer Games Development Media Assets from ForresterComputing 25. FINAL INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN ANDTECHNOLOGY PROJECTInsight, Skill or Outcome The outcome I would like to gain from the course is to apply the various conceptsgather in my study to create a project that professionally displays my various skills.Goals1. Use the peer review of my project to understand where my skills stand comparedto my peers. Gain an understanding of their point of view to improve my design Review the work my peers have completed to examine difference between theirwork and mine 26. FINAL INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN ANDTECHNOLOGY PROJECT (CONT. )2. Implement instructional technologies into developing a training game for my finalproject. Review the coursework in the last twelve months of study to determine whatinformation could be successfully displayed within the project Apply at least one concept from each course into the final project to display mymastery in instructional design3. Use the feedback given on my final project to continue sharpening my skills forindustry use. Review Design Thinking: Understand Improve Apply from EBSCO Host Review Game Design Process: Applying Feedback from Boards and Barley 27. CONTACT INFORMATION FOR SIXINDUSTRY LEADERSBrenden Sewell Game Designer at E-Line Media Linkedin: Blair Educational Game Designer Linkedin: Twitter: @LittleBirdGamesDavid Mullich Game Consultant for Electric Sheep Linkedin: Twitter: @David_Mullich 28. CONTACT INFORMATION FOR SIXINDUSTRY LEADERS (CONT. )Brooke Davis - Instructional Systems Designer B[email protected] Flango - Instructional Systems Designer [email protected] Ray - Instructional Designer [email protected] 29. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONSThere are various clubs and organizations that I can join that will help meconnect with people in instructional games, as well as teach me newcrafts for my field. These clubs include examples such as Serious GamesGroup, Serious Game Development, Serious Game Research, AmericanEducational Research Association, Educational Computer Games andeMind. I have already taken the necessary steps to joining some of thementioned clubs and will continue joining other various organizations tostrengthen my ties within the industry. 30. HOW TO EXPAND UPON MYPERSONAL LEARNING NETWORKI have already begun to strengthen my personal learning network byconnecting with many people and organizations within my field of study.There are still other companies that I am hoping to connect with muchmore personally to gain a better understanding of the industry. One ofthese companies in particular is OpenFire Systems. I am currently in talkswith the president and vice-president of this innovative startup and I amhopeful for the opportunity to gain employment as an entry-leveldesigner/developer to continue polishing the skills I have and gain newones along the way. 31. FULL SAIL COMMUNITIESThere are also organizations and groups at Full Sail that can assist me onmy mastery journey. Two of these clubs that stood out was the Table TopGame Club and the Game Production Club. By connecting with currentstudents and alumni in these clubs, I can gain valuable insight intoinstructional games from industry professionals as well as see what otherstudents at my current level are researching to strengthen my necessaryskills as an instructional game designer. 32. CHARACTERISTICS OF A MENTORThe characteristics of a mentor in my field of study can be fairly widespread. There are many people who can be a mentor who strictly work ininstructional technology, while others can guide me in the creation ofinstructional games. For my benefit, the characteristics I would be lookingfor in a mentor are strong conceptual creation, previous serious gameexperience, strong scripting background, experience with a variety ofsystems and a strong background creating user experience. It is alsoimportant for a mentor in my field to have previous experience mentoringyoung instructional designer to show that they have the time and patiencenecessary to be a successful mentor.