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Mastery Journal Timeline Sunday, December 20, 15

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  • Mastery Journal Timeline

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Personal Development and Leadership


    Goal:Become the best leader I can become in my field. Take action and allow everyone to

    play a vital role.

    1. Study all Robert Greens Books

    2.Doing a self-reflection of myself daily

    3. Read the article about mentorship

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Internet Marketing Fundamentals

    Goals-Understand the whys behind basic marketing practices. Discover creative ways to apply marketing principles to be successful todays business environment


    1.Study concepts from to learn more about

    fundamental2.Be proactive by reading books

    that pertain to internet marketing fundamentals

    3.Be detail oriented and use the resources given me

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Digital StoryTelling and Branding

    Goals-Be efficient in promoting a brand rather than a product. Use Digital storytelling and branding to promote a refreshing brand. Be great enough to convince a company that that digital storytelling and branding is the future of marketing.


    1.Effectively study successful companies that implement

    digital storytelling and branding. the book The power of

    visual storytelling3. Watch the video the power

    of digital storytelling and branding.

    1OhCu7oSunday, December 20, 15

  • Internet Consumer and Behavior and Analysis

    Goals-Be efficient in figuring out behavior using internet marketing.


    1. Individually find out how they picked these four groups to be distinct. http://

    2.Producing chart analysis daily for practice to understand behavior analysis

    3.Study in depth behavior and Social Issues.

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Web Design and Usability

    Goals-Become a master at web design and usability. Build a team that understands the importance of Web Design and Usability.


    1.Read about and study web design basics.http://

    2.Learn about the specifics of space and layout

    3.Read article layout

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • New Media Marketing

    Goals: Know the history of new media marketing and why its effective. Know the reasons why new media marketing is more effective compared to different types of marketing.


    1.Read the role of social media marketing http://

    2.Read Committing to content

    3.Study different methods for new media marketing

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

    Goals-Master the art of advanced marketing strategies.

    Strategies1.Read article about advanced internet marketing strategies.

    2.Study specialize areas of marketing

    3.Study the best internet marketers and know how they are successful.

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Advance Search Engine Optimization

    Goals: Learn to use advance search engine optimization to expand a new brand.

    Strategies 1.Read article on advanced search engine optimization http://

    2.Continually practice with search engine optimization

    3.Learn which words are more effective than others.

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Strategic Internet Public Relations

    Goals:By the end of this course I want to offer public relation services.

    Strategies1.Read the Public Relations Journal 2.Study the public relation principles

    1NGmWe53.Study the best publicists in the business.

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Web Analytics and Optimization

    Goals: learn how to Use metrics to track the success of my website.

    Strategies1.Track success of my website by using metrics.

    2.Learn from mentors in the industry. using analytics to improve visibility.

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Internet and the law

    Goals; Be able recognize the difference between internet and the law. Use the methods learn to build my own brand.

    Strategies 1.Read the article internet and law mastery

    2.Continually use the methods to increase visibility.3.Read Internet rules and laws

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Industry Leaders

    Dr. David Rockland Partner and Managing Director at Ketchum

    Linked in;

    Dr.Donald Wright, APR, Fellow PRSA, Professor of Public Relations

    kirk StewartExecutive Vice President, Corporate Communications Practice Leader

    Linked in;

    Mary Lee SachsDirector, Worldwide Marketing Communications Practice and Chairman, Hill & Knowlton USA

    Linked In;

    Mary Beth Navarro APR, Senior Vice President of Wachovia

    Linked In;

    Michael KemperPresident and Ceo at MWW Group

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Organizations I would like to join

    Sunday, December 20, 15

  • Companies To Follow

    Sunday, December 20, 15

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    Sunday, December 20, 15