m2 unit 1 cultural relics. a cultural relic is something _______ has ________for a long time, often...

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M2 Unit 1 Cultural Relics

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  • M2 Unit 1 Cultural Relics

  • A cultural relic is something_______ has ________for a long time, often a part of something old that has _________ when the rest of it has been destroyed; it tells people about the past.thatsurvivedremainedQ1:What is a cultural relic ?

  • Fortunately he _______the traffic accident. The helicopter picked up all the ________. They prayed for the _______ of the sailors. survivorssurvival survivor (n.) survival (n.)


  • remain1 Please remain ________ until the plane has come to a complete stop(2007)A.to seat B.to be seated C.seating D.seated2 Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains _______ whether they will enjoy it.A.to see B. to be seen C.seeing D.seenremain.They went but I remainedOne problem remains to be solved. In spite of the danger, she remained calmAfter many years, he remained a teacher.The true author of the book remains unkown.It was dark. He still remained in the office.

  • Should cultural relics belong to anyone else or be shared by the world?The house was belonged to an old lady.

    2) This lamp is belonging to the table.

    belongs to

  • The Amber Room

  • The Amber Room is ___________ amber , altogether 7000 tons of amber as well as gold and jewels ______________ the AmberRoom. The design for the room was of the ________ style. When the candles ________ the room, Its mirrors and pictures _______like gold. Its one of the great __________ of the world.made offancylitshonewondersmade intoQ2:What is an amber room?

  • be made into be made of () be made from () be made up of

    1)Our class________________48 students .2)The chair ______________wood .3) The wine ________________grapes .4)Wood can ____________paper .is made up ofis made ofis made frombe made into

  • be of usebe of no usebe of importancebe of great valuebe of help=be useful=be useless=be important = be valuable= be helpful

  • Unfortunately, in September,1941,When Russia and Nazi Germany were _____ ___,the Amber Room was secretly _____ by the Nazis. 100,000 pieces of the room were put inside twenty-seven wooden boxes. _____ _____ _____ _____ that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg.After that,the Amber Room _____ _____. at warstolenThere iswas missing no doubtQ3:What happened to the amber room later?

  • Do you doubt ______ she will succeed?

    I doubt ______________ the Amber Room can be found.

    3. I have no doubt ________ the Amber Room can be found.doubtwhether / ifthatTheres no doubt thatthat

  • 1.2. 3. 4. 5. 6.in search of7.at war8.deal with9.regard as10.pay attention to11.agree withthink highly of in return belong to there is no doubt that look into ,

    Are you familiar with these expression?

  • 1 The man who has it insists that it belongs to his family.2 Frederick William I, the King of Prussia, could never have imagined that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such a strange history.3 It took a team of the countrys best artists ten years to make it.

  • HeinsistedthatI_____________(come)tohisofficeatoneo'clock.HeinsistedthatI____________ (not return) themoney. Do you have anything to say for yourselves? Yes. there's one point_________ we must insist on. A. why B. where C. how D. / should comedidnt return

  • 1 My sister met him at the Grand Theater yesterday afternoon, so he your lecture( 2000) Acouldn't have attended B. needn't have attended C. mustn't have attended Dshouldn't have attended 2. I was really anxious about you You home without a word (NMET2001) A mustn't leave B shouldn't have left Ccouldn't have left D. needn't leave Can you imagine __________ (swim) across the river?swimming\

  • 1. Do you doubt ____ he will pass the examination? A. that B. which C. whether D. if2. Some of the stamps _____ me ,while the rest are his and hers.are belonged to B. belonged toC. belong to D. belong3. When _____, the museum will be open to the public next week.A. completed B. completingC. being completed D. to be completed

    Test yourself

  • 4. They came here ____ the car they had lost. A. search B. search for C. search about D. in search of5. She loved us all very much and she______. A. is thought well B. thinks well C. is well thought of D. is well thinking6. Can you imagine the astronauts ______ in the space? A.to walk B. to be walking C. walking D. to have walked

  • Hangzhou Metro

  • 2012

  • 1.Here are the students. They are doing morning exercises.

    2. This is the factory. I worked in the factory ten years ago.

    3. She was late. I dont know the reason.

    I dont know the reason why she was late.

    Here are the students who are doing morning exercises.

    GrammarThis is the factory where I worked ten years ago.

  • 1.The man, in ______ car we travelled had an accident.2. I dont care about the way ______________ they communicate with each other.3. Which is the latest machine _____ is invented by him? 4. Thats all ____ we need to consider.5.I can remember the very day _______ we worked together.6.Thats the only place _______ the accident could happen.

    whose(that/ in which)thatGrammarthatwhenwhere

  • 4.Theyll never forget July 1. Hong Kong returned to its motherland on July 1.

    5. The place is a school for disabled children. Yesterday we visited the place.

    6.The person is my uncle.You spoke to him just now.

    GrammarTheyll never forget July 1 when Hong Kong returned to its motherland.

    The place that we visited yesterday is a school for disabled children.

    The person whom you spoke to just now is my uncle.

  • Homework1. Go over this unit. Find out sth you are still not very sure.2. Finish the composition. 3.

  • I will attend their party _______________ ().

    I called on them ______________ () in London.

    if invitedwhen staying___________ (), the beautiful scenery can never be forgotten.Once seen