cultural relics step i dictation 1, students read the new words aloud. 2, dictate the new words

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  • Cultural relics

  • Step I Dictation

    1, Students read the new words aloud.2, Dictate the new words.

  • Do you know what it is called? Do you want to know more about the Amber Room? Step II Lead-in

  • Step III Fast-reading1, Who is Frederick William I? He is the king of Prussia.2, Actually, was the room made to be a gift, and what was it designed for? No; It was designed for the palace of Frederick I.3, When did the Nazi army steal the Amber Room? In September 1941.

  • Para.1 How long did it take the artist to make the room? A About ten years B About two years

  • Para.2 What did Peter the Great give in return? A troop