unit 1 cultural relics period 4 vocabulary 北京市第八十中学 闫文娟

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Unit 1 Cultural Relics Period 4 Vocabulary 北北北北北北北北 北北北

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  • Unit 1 Cultural RelicsPeriod 4 Vocabulary

  • Target Words and Phrases1. to manage to live or continue in difficulties (warming up)2. trying to find sth; looking carefully for sth. (reading)3. add sth. pretty to make sth. more beautiful (reading--- para.1)4. to be the property () of (reading--- para.2)5. having a certain value; deserve () (comprehending) survivein search ofdecoratebelong toworth

  • Word and Phrase Study

  • How can you __________ in this situation?survive

  • Only one baby ___________ the terrible car crash.Few houses in this area have _________ after the storm.The baby is the only ________ in the terrible car crash.The mountain climbers survival hasnt been found out.survivedsurvivedsurvivor(vi.)


    arrive v. n. _________________arrival(vt.)

    (n.) the fact of having survived

  • In the movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays a man named Chuck Noland. One day Chuck is on a flight across the Pacific Ocean when suddenly his plane crashes. Chuck ________ the crash and lands on a deserted island. Since he is the only _________, he has to learn to __________ all alone. After four years hard life, Chuck came back home at last. His __________ is really amazing. survives survivor survivesurvival

  • search

    We searched everywhere, but couldnt find the book. The policeman searched the woods for escaped prisoners.The policeman searched the man for drugs.The secretary searched for the missing papers, but didnt find them.They are in search of the missing girl.I looked everywhere in search of my glasses.

  • The rescue team members

  • Why do so many farmers come to Beijing? Many farmers come to Beijing in search of good jobs and higher pay.in search of

  • decorate It was also a treasure decorated with gold and jewels.

    How do I decorate the wall of my living room?It was also a treasure which was decorated with gold and jewels.It was also a treasure. The treasure was decorated with gold and jewels.

  • When WhoHow What

  • belong toA. Do you belong to the UN peace-keeping force?B. Which computer does this mouse belong to?C. This strange vegetable belongs to the potato family.D. I dont doubt that the gold ring belongs to her.

    1. to be the property of

    2. to be a part of; be connected with

    3. to be a member of

  • Choose the best answers to complete the following sentences.1. The dictionary __________ me.A. belongs to B. is belonged to C. belong to D. is belonging to2. What party do you __________?A. belonged to B. belong to C. belong D. being belong to3. The priceless Chinese vase __________ the old man.A. doesnt belong to B. isnt belonging toC. not belong to D. isnt belonged to

  • worth

    The book is worth reading = It is worth reading the book.He felt that his life was no longer worth living.This plan is worth a try.Its not worth the effort/ the trouble.

  • The film is worth seeing.It is worth climbing to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy the beautifulview.The question is not worth discussing again and again.

  • Mogao Caves

  • 1. What is Mogao Caves? (one of the most important art treasures of China)2. What are on the walls of the caves? (decorate; paintings)3. How long has it survived from the time when it was discovered? (over 100 years)4. What happened to the artworks in it before it was known to the whole world? (be stolen)5. What do some people do now? (search; the missing artworks)6. Why do they do that? (belong to; it is worth)

  • Homework Write down the passage on your homework book.