cultural relics 1 st period words preview cultural relic adj. 文化的 n. 遗物 ; 遗迹 ; 纪...

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Cultural relics

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  • Cultural relics 1st Period

  • Words previewculturalrelic

    adj. n. ;;

  • Words previewrare


    adj. adj. vi.

  • Cooperative learning1. Do you know these famous places? If you know, what do you know about them?2. Which place do you like to visit? Why?Warming up

  • 3. What makes a city great and famous?

    (a long history; cultural relics; many great people; important events taking place there)

  • 4. Do you know what a cultural relic is?It is a part of something old that has remained when the rest of it has been destroyed. It tells people about the past.It has survived for a long time.

  • The Great Wall

  • The Pyramids in Egypt

  • The Sydney Opera (in Australia)

  • The Great Barrier Reef (In Australia)

  • The Big Ben (In England)

  • Are cultural relics only objects like vases or can they be buildings too?Ming Dynasty vase

  • Taj Mahal (In India)Whether they are cultural relics or not?

  • ivory dragon boat

  • Mogao Caves

  • Give the changing forms of the following: cultural----(n.) survive----(n.)culture survivor / survivalsurvivor (n.) survival (n.) Fortunately he survived the traffic accident.Camels can survive for many days with no water.

  • The mans ________ is surprising, as we all thought he has died.They built shelters for the _________ after the quake.survivalsurvivorsThe helicopter picked up all the ________.They prayed for the _______ of the sailors.survivorssurvival

  • Prepare for the next period.Homework