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Presented at the 2013 Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit in Baltimore.


  • 1. for PR & Marketing Lori Russo | @lorirusso | Managing Director | Stanton Communications, Inc. | @stantoncomm

2. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm I know I should be on LinkedIn, but Isnt it just an online Rolodex? I dont have time for another social network. I just dont get it. Whats the point? LinkedIn isnt fun. 3. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm Why? Two reasons. #1 Your competitors havent figured it out yet, either, so you can get a leg up. #2 They have figured it out and youre behind. 4. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm clients prospects competition LinkedIns Global Network media talent M&A candidates 5. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm People Organization Expertise Products & Services Youre already promoting these things but probably not on LinkedIn 6. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE People are the pathway to your organization. People are the embodiment of your brand. Start with them. 7. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE One person. 1,283 1st Degree Connections. Global Network of 13,053,165+. In an organization of 20 people, that equates to a total global network of more than 261 million people. 8. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Powerful connections Significant influence Start with the C-Suite. Forward thinking Natural networkers 9. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE A SMART profile is a SEARCHABLE profile. Use keywords in your headline instead of your job title. (no one is searching for your job title) 10. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Members who share updates at least 1x per week are 10x more likely to be approached for new opportunities. 11. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE 12. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Connect with members who are already looking at you. 13. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Find something in commonlike a group. 14. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PEOPLE Used LinkedIns advanced people search to build highly targeted lists. 15. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm ORGANIZATION If people are the pathway to your organization where does it lead? 16. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm ORGANIZATION Your people should provide a pathway to a well-developed company page. 17. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm ORGANIZATION Sometimes you are marketing to attract the best talent. Customize your Careers Tab. 18. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm ORGANIZATION Sometimes you are marketing to a specific company or dream client. Research using that companys Insights Tab. Pssssttt.journalists are using this feature to find sources and information. 19. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE Your people and your company are chock full of expertise. Heres how to promote it on LinkedIn: 20. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE ADD FILES 21. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE ADD SECTIONS 22. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE Target your company updates by: Company size, industry, function, seniority, geography. 23. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE Use sponsored company updates to get your expertise in front of a new audience. A small budget can go a long way. 24. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm EXPERTISE Contribute to group discussions. 25. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PRODUCTS & SERVICES Your expertise leads prospects to your products and services a severely underutilized feature on LinkedIn company pages. 26. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PRODUCTS & SERVICES 27. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm PRODUCTS & SERVICES Use header image to promote new product, service, special event, milestone, achievement. 28. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm 8,270 foursomes created 32% open rate for Sponsored InMails 139 likes, 79 comments on Hit the Links status updates 1,500 new followers for company page 83% lift in positive sentiment on social networks PRODUCTS & SERVICES Not just B2B! 29. @lorirusso #MAMSummit @stantoncomm YOUR TO-DO LIST Complete your personal profile Optimize your company page Do some research Share your expertise Promote your products & services Test & track 30. Lori Russo | @lorirusso Managing Director Stanton Communications, Inc. @stantoncomm Washington | Baltimore | New York