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  • 1. LinkedIn Marketing SolutionsEverything you need to achieve your marketing goals. Marketing Solutions

2. InCrowds Small &Business Financial Sales MarketingStartupCorporateITBusiness Medium DecisionServiceProfessionals Professionals Professionals Executives Professionals TravelersBusiness MakersProfessionalsProfessionals6.4M14.9M6.1M4M3.8M5.8M 2.8M8M 3.3M Source: comScore April 2011, USMarketing Solutions 3. The best place on the web to reach professionals Over 31M unique users in the US35,00030,00025,00020,000LinkedInWSJ15,000ForbesBusinessWeek10,000 5,0000Source: comScore April 2011, US Marketing Solutions 4. LinkedIn Audience TargetingThe most accurate way to target professionals on the web. Profession Seniority Industry Company Size Geography Education Marketing Solutions 5. LinkedIn Display AdvertisingEasy to place. Hard to miss. Prominent placement Little competition IAB standard units Not a part of any ad network Marketing Solutions 6. LinkedIn Audience Network AdsExtend your reach off LinkedIn. Popular SitesContinue your message to LinkedIns professional audience using our targeting data toreach professionals when they are visiting sites off of Linkedin. Marketing Solutions 6 7. LinkedIn Partner MessagesYour message, hand-delivered to your specific prospects.This campaign not only drove hundreds ofdirect registrations into the BizSpark program,which was the core goal, but also added to anincreased positive brand and company perception.Because of the interconnectedness of theplatform, I was able to personally reach out toperfectly-targeted individuals who I would have notknown. I will definitely work with the LinkedIn teamagain.Jacob MullinsPartner Development ManagerMicrosoft BizSpark Program Marketing Solutions 8. LinkedIn Events Promotional MediaGenerate interest around your event Personalized messaging calls out members name and/or profile photo Gain high visibility on homepage Drive members to the Event pageMarketing Solutions 9. LinkedIn Sponsor Your EmployeesYour employees are your best ambassadors. Key highlights Own the ad space on your employees LinkedIn profile pages Display relevant content, videos, white papers, events, standard banners Your Brand Here Drive traffic to your website or LinkedIn Company Page Marketing Solutions 10. LinkedIn GroupsAbility to target users who are part of specific groups.Marketing Solutions10 11. 100+ million potential customers today. And 4 million more every month. Marketing Solutions