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<ul><li>1.LinkedIn Marketing<br />14 Ways to Use LinkedIn to<br />Promote Your Business<br /></li></ul> <p>2. What Industries Can Benefit More From LinkedIn<br />3. How to Play the Game<br />4. How to Create an Attractive Profile<br />5. How to Create an Attractive Profile<br />6. Tactic #1: Get Recommended<br />7. Tactic #2: Reach Out to People<br />My goal? 5 people per week<br />I see about100 profiles a week and find 5 people I want to know better (Its fun this way!)<br />No agenda. I have fun. If something comes from it, good. Otherwise, I had a good time meeting someone new.<br />8. Tactic #3: Be a Connector<br />9. Tactic #4: Join Groups<br />10. Tactic #5: Start a Discussion<br />11. Tactic #6: Add a Link!<br />12. Tactic #7: Start Your Own Group<br />13. Tactic #8: Grow Your Network<br />14. Tactic #9: Answer Questions<br />15. Tactic #10: Promote an Event<br />16. Tactic #11: Link Your Blog and Your LinkedIn Profile Together<br />17. Tactic #12: Meet with YourLocal Connections<br />18. Tactic #13: Promote Your Profile<br />Business cards<br />Email signature<br />Blog<br />Website<br />19. Tactic #14: Use LinkedIn Ads<br />20. Thank You!<br />Zeke Camusio<br />503-367-7561<br /><br /><br />@ZekeCamusio<br /><br /><br />21. About Me<br />CEO of<br />Search Engine Optimization Rank Your Site #1 on Google<br />Social Media Marketing Promote Your Business on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube<br />A Christmas Gift: 1 Month of FREE Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing ($1,500 value) No strings attached<br /><br />22. Download the Slides<br /><br />23. Questions<br /></p>