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Discover how to put your business on the road to success as a super user. With over 55 million members LinkedIn is the best no-nonsense social network for transforming your time into business results. 98% of professionals use LinkedIn as an online rolodex and a bit more. 2% of users realize LinkedIn is a goldmine that can help them find clients and jobs, build quantity and quality networks, establish a high profile leadership position, crowdsource for leading edge industry information, save their company money and much more. This eBook is a living document and collaborative project and will be in a state of change and growth. Please comment with your requests on what you would like to see added and amended. We also want your success tips and stories and will give you credit for it when it goes into the eBook. Together we can help inspire and instruct more people as the learn how use LinkedIn as a powerful marketing tool.



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How to Put Your Business on the Road To Success as a Super User This is a living eBook and collaborative project. Your tips, comments and questions are welcome.

Innovated and created by

Andrew Ballenthin

Version 1 February 6, 2010

Network. Discuss. Follow. Connect.


LLiinnkkeeddIInn MMaarrkkeettiinngg GGuuiiddee Program Overview With over 55 million members LinkedIn is the best no-nonsense social network for transforming your time into business results. 98% of professionals use LinkedIn as an online rolodex and a bit more. 2% of users realize LinkedIn is a goldmine that can help them find clients and jobs, build quantity and quality networks, establish a high profile leadership position, crowdsource for leading edge industry information, save their company money and much more. This session will teach you how to become a LinkedIn Power User and harness a giant that can take a business and professionals career to its next level. Learning Outcomes

Bonus: Planning Pointers Tips and 10 areas that put you on the path to monetization

1. Time Management - Devise a plan for getting results based on your time

2. Leading The Pack - 5 super user tips for standing apart from your competition

3. Growing Your Database - 3 smart ways to build a quality and quantity Contact database

4. Unlock LinkedIns Secret - 1 key point that creates potential or wastes your time

5. Reach Huge Audiences - Learn how to reach 500,000 to 1.5 million people


LLiinnkkeeddIInn MMaarrkkeettiinngg GGuuiiddee Planning For Results Good plans shape good decisions. Thats why good planning helps to make the elusive come true. Lester R. Bittle, writer Defining Your Success Plan One of the secrets to becoming a Power User is having an excellent plan and defining what you want and how you will get there. Many people waste their time because they do not have a clear picture of what they are going to do in the following areas:

Branding and alignment with your other marketing

Defining and segmenting your audience

Setting direct and indirect monetization goals

Resource planning: who and how much time a week can be applied

Defining LinkedIn features to specialize in

Understanding how to create dynamic content

Communication planning: knowing what you want to say in advance

Defining success measurements and reporting

Ecosystem planning (how Linkedin, blogs, Twitter and other social networks work together)

Integration with your sales and advertising programs and more These 10 points are a starting list of areas you should define in as much detail as possible before putting too much time into using LinkedIn. Why? If one or several of these areas are missing it can take more time to become a Super User and monetize your results. What usually prevents success is an invisible barrier that prevents you from making the progress you should. When invisible roadblocks appear its because one of the points above that has not been addressed and your results are telling you to go back and fix it. The good news is social media marketing is always about learning and improving.


LLiinnkkeeddIInn MMaarrkkeettiinngg GGuuiiddee Why Planning And Goals Matter:

A Study From Harvard Business School Goal setting is more effective when specific steps are integrated with written time frames and dates to document our thinking. Reality: written goals clarify thinking, objectify their potential, and reinforce commitment. Another secret of successful people is that they keep their written goals visible and review them daily. Harvard Business School did a study on the financial status of its students 10 years after graduation and found that:

As many as 27% of them needed financial assistance A whopping 60% of them were living paycheck to paycheck. A mere 10% of them were living comfortably. And only 3% of them were financially independent.

The study also looked at goal setting and found these interesting correlations:

The 27% that needed financial assistance had absolutely no goal setting process in their lives.

The 60% that were living paycheck to paycheck had basic survival goals; such as managing to live paycheck to paycheck.

The 10% that were living comfortably had general goals. They thought they knew where they were going to be in the next five years.

The 3% that were financially independent had written out their goals and the steps required to reach them.

Source: Pius Ephenus, Goal Setting - The Power of Writing Down Your Goal. Full article -


LLiinnkkeeddIInn MMaarrkkeettiinngg GGuuiiddee S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Once you know what you want in your success plan its best to turn it into a goal. You may have heard of the S.M.A.R.T. methodology for effective planning. 3M was using it as early as the 1970s and since then it has not gone out of style. This system will help you apply a razor sharp focus that makes becoming a LinkedIn Power User absolutely possible. Defining what you want and what youre going to do to get there is an essential secret that transforms your time from being busy to being effective.

S specific

M measurable

A achievable

R realistic

T time bound

Examples of using S.M.A.R.T, planning and LinkedIn

Example 1 - Our engineering company will have all 12 of its employees on LinkedIn. Each person will be a member of 5 groups. Collectively we will identify 1,000 highly targeted prospects within 5-15 Groups. This will be completed in 45 days: due for day/month/year.

Example 2 - As a sole businesses owner I will spend 5 hours a week answering 5 to 10 questions related to my industry in Polls or Group Discussions. I will also invite 10-25 highly targeted customers and industry influencers to be part of my network each week. I will keep a weekly report for tracking people I start discussions with so I can nurture those relationships as potential clients and future business alliances.


LLiinnkkeeddIInn MMaarrkkeettiinngg GGuuiiddee Time Management The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Albert Einstein Now that you have goals you need to determine how much time you can put into getting your results. There are a few factors that will either make you a Super User or a super time waster. By weeding out what wastes your time versus what is a valuable use of time you can master LinkedIn and be highly productive. Exercise 1 Write TW (Time Waster) on the line beside the bullet point if it is an area you are unclear about or you feel under-experienced doing.

Write SU (Super User) if its an area you feel confident of your knowledge or your skills are equal or above average for getting results now.

___ Do you have at least 4 features of LinkedIn you can use really well

___ Are you operating from business goals rather than random activity

___ Do you have the focus to keep asking yourself, am I being busy versus effective

___ Do you know how to interact and bringing out the best in connections

___ Do you know what enables direct and indirect monetization for your business

___ You have a clear knowledge of who your audience is and how many people

___ Do you know how to convey a consistent brand image

___ The ability to give your audience original, valuable and inspiring content

___ What time will you schedule each week to ensure you become well recognized

___ Are you excellent at the art of valuable and compelling communication

___ The ability to watch for subtle changes and continually adapt


LLiinnkkeeddIInn MMaarrkkeettiinngg GGuuiiddee Exercise 2 What makes exceptional achievers different than average or poor performers is their ability to judiciously apply their skills to get the maximum results for the least amount of effort. List your Super User Strengths below (include additional points if you want to).

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Write out 1 of your goals that is aligned with your Super User strengths.

Note how much time you will apply to your goal using your strengths each week.

Exercise Summary By matching your strengths, to your goals and your weekly time budget you will be well positioned to get excellent results. The areas where you need to improve should be seen as investment time outside of your weekly budget that will pay back in the future.


LLiinnkkeeddIInn MMaarrkkeettiinngg GGuuiiddee LinkedIn Success Stories Job Searching In addition to networking with most of her real world professional connections on LinkedIn, and joining groups, she researched LinkedIn for company information and potential connections before applying for any jobs. She saw a dramatic difference in how many phone interviews or offers she got from traditional online boards (5% response rate) versus online and offline networking (31% response rate). During her search, she made a weekly goal of 3 meetings with her connections, to learn what might be happening in the job market. When she saw a job posting for what is now her current job, she looked up and connected to a former co-worker through LinkedIn