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LinkedIn for PR ProfessionalsUsing the Network to Connect, Build & Grow Your BrandBrittany Berger, content coordinator, eZangaLisa Denten, social media managerGina Joseph, digital engagement managerPatrick Niersbach, digital marketing & analytics manager

##How to participate todayDuring todays web seminar, attendees will be in listen-only modeIf you are experiencing audio issues, please contact:GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of todays sessionEveryone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of todays session

##Your Panelists

Gina JosephDigital Engagement Manager, Cision@gmg912 @cisionnavigatorBrittany BergerContent Coordinator, eZanga@bberg1010 @eZangaInc

Lisa DentenSocial Media Manager, Cision@lisaml15 @cision

Patrick NiersbachDigital Marketing & Analytics Manager Cision##Why Does LinkedIn Matter?Section DividerThe BasicsConnecting & Building RelationshipsGrowing Your Personal BrandBuilding Your Companys Social Presence259 million users in more than 200 countries

#cision@cisionTweetable Tip!An average of 45 million profiles are viewed each day on LinkedIn

##Just like other social networks, you will get out of it what you put in. Dont expect to make connections or receive recommendations without seeking them or offering the same to others.

Dos:Add a personal note each time you send a connection request.Your picture should be a clear headshot and/or your company page image should be consistent with your brand.Fill out your profile in its entirety.

Donts:Avoid soliciting relationships that are not already formed. Overshare. No drinking pictures with your buddies here!5LinkedIn User Stats:

#cision@cision##Personal PagesSection DividerGetting the Most Out of Your Profile Customize URL (Edit Profile -> Edit next to URL -> Customize Your Public Profile URL)Move Sections Around Add Articles, Videos, PresentationsTurn Off Activity Broadcasts (Privacy & Settings -> Profile -> Turn on/off Your Activity Broadcasts)

#cision@cision##Most Overused Buzzwords in Profiles

*Research by LinkedIn#cision@cision##

Keep OrganizedUse Network tab to manage connections(Network->Contacts)- Tag Connections - only you will see- See news on contacts- Import Contacts from Email(Network -> Add Connections)

Relationship Tab

#cision@cision##Site actively suggests connectionsPeople Also Viewed & People You May Know sections offer suggestions for connectionsSearch for specific people Look at staff linked to specific company pagesJoin groups & their discussionsRecommendations & Endorsements (1 billion endorsements given on LinkedIn!)Post status updatesGet added: Service Provider Directory Request a Recommendation

10Enhancing PR OutreachSection DividerMake ConnectionsAdvanced Search: Search Company -> Filter by Relationship (1st Connections, 2nd Connections, etc)Research journalists & influencers you want to pitch (Privacy & Settings->Profile->Select what others see when youve viewed their profile)Look at How Youre Connected

#cision@cisionTweetable Tip!Optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords, including the summary & specialty sections

##Enhance Your PR EffortsShow your expertise & build relationships in groupsPublish on LinkedIn: Rule of Thirds when Sharing Content@ Contacts with Information they May Find Useful

#cision@cision##Unless a contact specifically says they want to be reached via the site, it is not a good way to send news or releases.What you should do on LinkedIn to improve PR efforts:Research journalists & influencers you want to pitchLook at How Youre Connected feature to ask for introductions to someone you want to work with, and/or search your connections connections!Show your expertise & build more relationships in Groups.As soon as you get someones business card, add them to LinkedIn

13LinkedIn GroupsSection Divider

Leveraging LinkedIn GroupsLess is more focus on building a strong presence in a small number of groupsTarget different niches youll get a stronger response from targeted contentInteract participate in popular discussions, respond to peopleTake relationships further take your interactions beyond these groupsBeing part of a group gives you access to invite other members to join your LinkedIn network without a Premium account.Look at Group Stats before joining (Under Group Name ->More-> Group Stats)New destination for Group Management (Interests -> Groups)#cision@cision##

Leveraging LinkedIn GroupsTake relationships further take your interactions beyond these groupsBeing part of a group gives you access to invite other members to join your LinkedIn network without a Premium account.Look at Group Stats before joining (Under Group Name ->More-> Group Stats)New destination for Group Management (Interests -> Groups)#cision@cision##Company PagesSection DividerStats, According to LinkedIn

Members are 50% more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn

80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies#cision@cisionTweetable Tip!80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies


Brand Your PageSEO-friendly: Google previews 156 characters of your description page textMembers can search by keywordUpdates in the morning typically earn highest engagementUpdates with links have 45% higher engagement than those withoutTarget your Status UpdatesProducts & Services Tab will be discontinued April 14 (instead Edit->Create Showcase Page)

#cision@cision##Look at who is following your brand See who is talking about your brand or product. If youre B2B, see if anyone is endorsed in your services.Send special deals or information to members through LinkedIn Announcements, which will email members.Create polls to share with your network.Be strategic with the language you use in Products & ServicesAdd LinkedIn Share to site, blogAdd the Follow button to your site & other web propertiesTarget Your Audience25% of members visit on mobile

19Sponsored PostsSection Divider

It Costs to SucceedPublish relevant content straight to the LinkedIn feed of any member on the site, not just your Company Page followers. You only pay when someone who isnt already following you clicks on your post. You can target your audience in numerous ways, job title/function, skills, company size, and groups they belong to. Try different messaging for different audiences.#cision@cision##When you post a job on LinkedIn, a basic Careers tab appears on your Company Page for free.Upgrading to a Silver or Gold Career Pagegives you access to a full suite of features for promoting careers at your company, including a clickable banner, customizable modules, analytics on who is viewing the page, direct links to recruiters, video content, and more.

By upgrading profile, you can do things like inmail, see who has viewed your profile, premium search, profile organizer, and depends on if its personal for recruiter or sales professional.

Several editions & options to Upgrade your LinkedIn account.For Users:- Contact anyone via InMail- See more profiles & use premium search filters- See whos viewed your profile- Lead Builder

For brands:LinkedIn AdsHigher visibility in careers sectionSoon? Promoted Posts

21Growing Your Audience Through Paid Media

Make sure you are specific enough with your descriptions so people know what they are clicking on. Cost per clicks will vary based on your targeting method and may seem high at times, but one way to justify the cost/click is to look at your cost/lead or download and make sure that is in your target zone.If you are trying to generate leads/downloads pay close attention to your conversion rate and cost per lead metrics since those are the people actually taking your desired action. If you are trying to generate brand awareness, monitor the number of impressions served, your cost/thousand impressions (CPM) and the number of social actions.