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<ul><li><p>BEER &amp; CIDER </p><p>LISTINGS </p><p>INSIDE</p></li><li><p>03The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2015</p><p>Welcome</p><p>Welcome to the </p><p>Bore da - or if you were here last night aswell - prynhawn da!</p><p>We offer you a warm welcome to the 2015Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival, organ-ised by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, in our new venue The Depot, Cardiffs hottestnew street food and events venue. For the2015 festival we have sourced a terrific rangeof Welsh beers and ciders together with aothers from further afield to sample and arange of great food stalls. </p><p>It's been a great year for the Welsh brewingindustry with Newports own Tiny Rebel win-ning CAMRAS Champion Beer of Britain withCwtch and a Bronze Medal for Dirty Stop Outin the Japanese International Beer Awards.Cardiffs own award winning BullmastiffBrewery was sold to Andy and his wifeRamphai after Bob and Paul retired and thebrewery is again producing fantastic beers forthe local area. Hopcraft / Pixie SpringBrewery Ltd also opened an enterprising newale bar called the Hopbunker opposite CardiffCastle.</p><p>CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale is an independent, voluntary organisation cam-paigning for real ale, community pubs andconsumer rights. We currently have over170,000 members across the world and havebeen described as one of the most successful</p><p>consumer campaigns in Europe. If you areinterested in joining, please talk to our volunteer staff on the membership stand.</p><p>The GWBCF is entirely run by CAMRA volunteers who band together to form anorganising committee each year to make theGWBCF a reality. The festival will only continueif we can get more people to volunteer atour event and join the organising committee. We offer deputy roles to all our committeepositions and full training on areas such asbar management, with our bar manager KeithJenkins being an accredited CAMRA bar managertrainer. If you able to assist us in continuing theGWBCF into the future please do try andattend the inaugural meeting for the 2016GWBCF committee and express your support.</p><p>A massive thank you to everyone on theorganising committee, and all those whohave volunteered to help at the festival, without your dedication and hard work thefestival would not exist.</p><p>Finally, this years charity is the Civil AidVoluntary Rescue Association, please be generous with any unused beer tokens anddonate them to this worthy cause.</p><p>Iechyd da,Alex Simmens</p><p>GWBCF 2015 Festival Organiser</p><p>2015 Great Welsh Beer &amp; Cider Festival</p></li><li><p>StartersPork &amp; Chorizo terrine</p><p>Spiced pumpkin soup (v)Beetroot and broccoli tart (v)</p><p>MainsTurkey wrapped in parma ham, sage</p><p>and cranberry stung, roasties,parsnip croquette, proper gravy</p><p>&amp; seasonal vegetables</p><p>Blue cheese and cranberry nut roast,roasties, parsnip croquette, proper</p><p>gravy &amp; seasonal vegetables (v)</p><p>Slow cooked shin of Welsh Beef,horseradish mash, red wine roasted</p><p>mushroom, Yorkshire pudding, &amp; redwine gravy</p><p>Slow roast pork belly with orange &amp;star anise, steamed rice and oriental</p><p>greens</p><p>Seafood lasagne</p><p>Christmas salad</p><p>DessertSalted caramel cheesecake</p><p>Warm Christmas pudding and brandysauce</p><p>Baileys and Chocolate roulade</p><p>Passion fruit pavlova (with Christmas spcied meringue)</p><p>Welsh Cheeseboard, Christmas chutney &amp; crackers</p><p>Freshly based mince pies</p><p>Christmas Menu2 courses 16.95 3 courses 19.95</p><p>Opening Hours:Christmas Eve: Normal hours</p><p>(11:00-23:00) Food during daytime only</p><p>Christmas Day: ClosedBoxing Day: Open evening only</p><p>17:00- 23:00 (No food)New Years Eve: Open til late!</p><p>Special NYE menuNew Years Day: Closed</p><p>New Years Eve 2015</p><p>Gavs special new years evemenu- pre booked only 7-9pm</p><p>Selected bar menu til lateDJ Open til late</p></li><li><p>Festival VenueThe festival is held at The Depot, 22 DumballsRd, Cardiff CF10 5FE. DEPOT is an adaptable,versatile and imaginative space and the natural home of Cardiffs most creative pop-upevents; food, drink, music and more.</p><p>Opening TimesThursday 5th November 12noon - 11pmFriday 6th November 11am - 11pmSaturday 7th November 11am - 11pm</p><p>PriceEntry price 5, includes FREEsouvenir glass and beer list. CAMRA membersget a free half pint.</p><p>Directions by BusFrom the city centre, Cardiff Bus Service 1leaves Stop JF in Canal Street on Thursday andFriday at 20 and 50 minutes past each houruntil 1450 then at 1525, 1555, 1625, 1650,1725, 1800 and 1900. On Saturday it leaveshourly until 1720 then at 1800 and 1900. Italso picks up behind Central Station at StopLC in Penarth Road a minute or so later.</p><p>Service 2 returns to the city centre onThursday and Friday at 05 and 35 minutespast each hour until 1505 then 1538, 1614,</p><p>1649, 1719. 1742. 1809, 1842, 1900, 2002and 2040. On Saturday it runs hourly until1810 then at 1902, 1940 and 2040.</p><p>Services 1 and 2 are circular routes with 1 running clockwise and 2 running anti-clock-wise around many parts of Cardiff and there-fore may be used to travel for example fromCanton to and from the festival without passing through the city centre. Contact CardiffBus for further details, for information aboutfares and to check for possible changes. Notethat Cardiff Bus has an "exact fare only" policy.</p><p>Walking from Central StationLeave Cardiff Central Station through thesouthern exit (Platform 7 side). Walk acrossthe carpark to the road junction south of it.Cross over the road and continue South downTresillian Terrace (to the right of it is the LloydsBank offices.). Keep walking down TresillianTerrace, you will see an office block calledfusion point on the left and a plumbing supplywarehouse on the right after which the roadwill turn to the left. After you pass two moreside streets on the left you will come to theDepot.</p><p>The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2015</p><p>FESTIVAL INFORMATION</p><p>05</p></li><li><p>06 The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2015</p><p>ABBEY BathBellringer ?%Pale, hoppy with a citrus finish, refreshing</p><p>BAYS PaigntonGold 4.3%Golden, hoppy with a citrus/lemon finish</p><p>BIG BOG GwyneddQuagmire 6.0%Rich body, good balance and butterness, deep cop-per colour.</p><p>BIG HAND WrexhamSeren 3.9%Rich gold, malt, fruit and hops flavour.</p><p>Domino 4.4%A black stout with rich malt ,coffee and roastflavours.</p><p>Havok 5.0%American Pale Ale style, grapefruit, hoppy and richwith a bitter finish.</p><p>BLUESTONE PembrokeshirBedrock Blonde 4.5%Straw colour, German and Czech hops, creamy andeasy drinking.</p><p>BOROUGH ARMS NeathIron Runner 4.3%Pale brown, malt and hop finish.</p><p>BOSS SwanseaBrave 5.5%Tasty American Pale Ale style with a Welsh twist</p><p>BRAINS CardiffRev Jame Rye 4.5%Classic best bitter style, smooth, rounded, a hint ofrye and spice</p><p>Seasonal 4.0%</p><p>Dark 3.5%Award winning classic dark mild, dark malts,caramel and liqourice. </p><p>BRECON BreconWelsh Beacons 3.7%Traditional pale Welsh bitter, malts with a refreshinghop finish.</p><p>Gold Beacons 4.2%Deep gold, a satisfying blend of malt and hops.</p><p>Red Beacons 5.0%Award winning complex, tasty IPA with a red hue.</p><p>BRISTOL BEER FACTORY BristolIndependence 4.6%Hoppy aroma, malt and fruit flavours lead to a bit-ter hoppy finish</p><p>BRYNCELYN YstalyferaBuddy Marvelous 4.0%Dark, complex blend of malt, hop, fruit with balanc-ing bitterness.</p><p>BULLMASTIFF CardiffSon of a Bitch 6.0%Well known, rich and complex strong beer.</p><p>BUTCOMBE SomersetRare Breed 3.9%Clean tasting pale ale, rounded mix of flavours bar-ley from Adam's farm.</p><p>BUZZARD DenbighPale of Clwyd 3.8%Golden, hoppy with a citrus/lemon finish</p><p>CADER DolgellauCader Gold 4.2%Light golden hoppy ale, hops with a touch of lemonand citrus</p><p>CAFFLE NarbethQuay Ale 3.8%Distinctive Ale, copper colour and pleasing balance.</p><p>THE BEER LIST</p><p>The following is a list of the beers which wehope to have on sale during the festival. Sincegoing to press there may be a few changes tothe beer list due to flooding, anthropomorphicglobal warming, war, famine and/or religiousholidays. Changes to the list will be published</p><p>on the bars, on the membership stands andon the Festival website. Not all the beers willbe on at once, some may not be ready toserve, others may have run out. Our knowl-edgeable bar staff should be able to help youout if your first choice is not available.</p></li><li><p>07The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2015</p><p>THE BEER LIST</p><p>CASTLES CaldicotKings Reserve 4.0%Amber, bitter sweet with a moreish finish</p><p>White Knight 4.3%Golden IPA, resinous hops, fruit and a touch ofspice.</p><p>CELT CaerphillyIron Age 4.1%Award winning bitter, pale</p><p>La Tene 3.5%Pale bitter, packed with hops, spice and fruitflavours.</p><p>Silures 3.3%Rich Munich malt, strong hop and tropical fruitflavours, award winning.</p><p>CERDDIN MaestegCopper Hopped 4.6%Pale, easy drinking rounded blend of malt andhops.</p><p>Solar 4.1%With a red hue, Bramling Cross hops give a fruity,blackberry finish.</p><p>CHEDDAR CheddarPotholer 4.0%Golden, zesty hops, hoppy finish.</p><p>CONWY ConwyClogwyn Gold 4.3%Golden, thirst quenching, tropical fruit and gentlebitterness.</p><p>CWM RHONDDA RhonddaTommy Box 3.6%Amber with malt and fruit and a balancing bitterfinish.</p><p>CWRW IAL EryrysLimestone Cowboy 4.1%Copper colour, a blend of hops and malt with ahoppy finish.</p><p>Pothole Porter 4.5%Traditional Porter, rich dark malts and hops.</p><p>Kia Kaha 5.1%Pale hoppy beer, tropical fruits and complex hopflavours</p><p>CWRW LLEU PenygroesLleu 4.3%Amber, traditional bitter with whole hops.</p><p>CWRW LLYN NefynY Brawd Houdini 4.0%Golden, hoppy, refreshing summer beer.</p><p>DAWKINS BristolBristol Best 4.0%All British malt and hops, malty with a biscuity bitterfinish.</p><p>Bristol Gold 3.8%Golden, refreshing beer with citrus hops.</p><p>DENBIGH DenbighCock Pit 4.5%Traditional malty, copper best bitter beer.</p><p>DORSET DorsetJurassic 4.2%Best bitter, good body and balanced citrus bitter-ness.</p><p>FACERS FlintClwyd Gold 3.5%Ruby colour, biscuity malt and balancing bitterness.</p><p>Mountain Mild 3.3%Dark beer, pleasing dark malt flavours, touch ofchocolate.</p><p>North Star Porter 4.0%Black porter with malt, liqourice, toffee, roast andbitterness</p><p>GLAMORGAN LlantrisantWelsh Pale Ale 4.1%Pale, malt and hop balance, bitterness in the finish.</p><p>Bull Ring Porter 4.7%Black porter with malt, toffee, caramel and bitter-ness.</p><p>GLASTONBURY SomertonMystery Tor 3.8%Golden, refreshing citrus hops in aroma and taste.</p><p>GOWER GowerGower Best Bitter 4.5%Amber, malt, fruit and hop bitterness.</p><p>GREAT ORME LlandudnoWelsh Gold 3.6%Golden quaffing beer with a good hop flavour.</p></li><li><p>The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2015</p><p>GREAT ORME LlandudnoWelsh Black 4.2%Black, complex malts and chocolate notes, silkybody. Award winning.</p><p>Snowdon Lager 4.2%Golden, malt and hops give a clean slightly citrusfinish.</p><p>GREY TREES AberdareDiggers Gold 4.0%Award winning golden ale, good malt and hop bal-ance, lasting hop finish.</p><p>Black Road 4.1%Black beer, delicate roast, dark malt and liqourice,bittersweet finish.</p><p>JPR 4.7%Traditional Pale Ale with a good balance of maltand a hoppy finish.</p><p>HAFOD MoldHopper 4.3%Pale ale, fruity and hoppy.</p><p>Moel Fenlli 4.0%A golden ale with local welsh honey.</p><p>HAND MADE Capel DewiSir Gar 4.0%Amber, biscuit malt and hints of fruit and spice.</p><p>HANLONS DevonPort Stout 4.8%Dark, rich award winning stout with added port.</p><p>HEART OF WALES Llanwrtyd WellsHigh as a Kite 10.0%Dark, rich, complex and strong beer, award winning.</p><p>Welsh Black 4.2%Award winning dry stout with liqourice and dark malt.</p><p>HEAVY INDUSTRY HenllanNelsons Eye 4.5%Golden, hoppy with citrus and tropical fruit flavour.</p><p>Collaborator 5.0%Dark red, complex of malt flavours with hoppy bit-terness.</p><p>77 4.6%Amber IPA, strong hop flavours and bitterness.</p><p>HOPCRAFT seasonal ?%TBC</p><p>ISCA DawlishDawlish Bitter 4.2%Classic English bitter, malt and hops.</p><p>JACOBI Cothi ValeDr Harries 4.7%Dark beer, old ale style with chocolate. </p><p>KINGSTONE TinternClassic 4.5%Traditional Best bitter, malt and hop balnce with adry bitter finish.</p><p>1503 4.8%Deep chestnut, distinctive and complex maltflavours with some chocolate.</p><p>MAD DOG CwmbranBohemian Hipster 4.9%New beer with hops, lemon grass and a touch ofspice, tasty.</p><p>MCGIVERN RuabonPale Ale 3.9%Golden beer, citrus and pale malt flavours.</p><p>MILK STREET FromeFunkey Monkey 4.0%Deep gold, citrus and lemon flavours and well bal-anced.</p><p>MONTYS Hen DomenMagnitude 7.5%Rich, powerful ale, complex flavours.</p><p>Masquerade 4.6%Golden beer, citra hops and tropical fruit, glutenfree.</p><p>Midnight 4.0%Black, silky stout, roasted malts, hints of coffee andchocolate</p><p>MOUNTAIN HARE BrynnaFar Shore IPA 3.9%</p><p>MUMBLES SwanseaMumbles Mile 4.0%Pale beer, hoppy and drinkable.</p><p>Oystermouth Stout 4.4%Rich, black stout, dark and roast malt with oystersas a subtle background.</p><p>THE BEER LIST - CONTINUED</p><p>08</p></li><li><p>09The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2015</p></li><li><p>10 The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2015</p><p>NEATH NeathWitch Hunter 4.2%Ruby, crystal malt, chocolate, tangy berry finish.</p><p>OTLEY CilfynyddMotley Brew O11 7.5%Full bodied IPA, packed full of flavour.</p><p>Croeso 4.0%Pale, hoppy, refreshing.</p><p>Oxymoron O10 5.5%A black IPA, American style, full of flavour.</p><p>Thai BO 4.6%Golden spiced summer beer.</p><p>PEMBROKE SaundersfootCariad 3.9%Copper colour, malt and a citrus aroma.</p><p>PILOT SwanseaGold 4.4%Tasty golden beer.</p><p>PIPES CardiffAmerican IPA 5.6%American IPA style, Amber, full bodied and power-fully hopped.</p><p>PIPES CardiffSmoked Lager 5.4%Copper, rounded with some toast and smoked maltflavours.</p><p>PURPLE MOOSE PorthmadogDark Side 4.6%Dark ale, rich malt and roast flavours with a fruitybitterness.</p><p>Ysgawen 4.0%Pale ale with cascade hops and elderflower. </p><p>RADNORSHIRE New RadnorFour Stones 4.0%Light amber with malt and Kent hops.</p><p>RCH SomersetPitchfork 4.3%Golden beer with a citrus hop aroma and flavourand pleasing bitterness.</p><p>RHYMNEY BlaenavonHobby Horse 3.8%Copper coloured traditional Welsh bitter</p><p>THE BEER LIST - CONTINUED</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>THE BEER LIST - CONTINUED</p><p>RHYMNEY BlaenavonDark 4.0%Award winning dark beer, dark malts, satisfying.</p><p>Export Light 4.6%New, amber best bitter.</p><p>SANDSTONE WrexhamTwisted Dragon 5.8%Tasty, premium pale ale with a complex mix of hopsin aroma and taste.</p><p>SEREN Preseli MountainsBlustone IPA 4.2%Hoppy IPA style, good hop flavour.</p><p>SKINNERS TruroGinger Tosser 3.8%Golden ale with honey and a twist of ginger.</p><p>SNOWDONIA GwyneddCarmen Sutra 4.4%Pale brown, tasty mix of malt flavours with a bitterhop finish</p><p>SOUTH HAMS DevonEddystone 4.8%Golden IPA with hoppy fruit flavours</p><p>STONEHENGE NetheravonDanish Dynamite 5.0%A light gold beer with well balanced hop and fruitflavours</p><p>SUMMERSKILLS PlymouthWestward Ho 4.1%Golden amber, fruity with a hop and fruity finish.</p><p>SURFING MONKEY CardiffOffshore Howler 4.0%A wheat beer, pale with fruit, corriander andorange. </p><p>SWANSEA GowerThree Cliffs Gold 4.7%Golden, crisp hop bitterness, citrus, grapefruit andlemon.</p><p>Deep Slade 4.0%Black beer, pleasing mix of dark malt, roast and bit-terness.</p><p>TENBY TenbyBarefoot Blonde 4.6%Pale, complex grain/malt flavours and hop flavours.</p><p>TINTAGEL TintagelArthurs Ale 4.4%Deep amber, malt with citrus hop and marmaladebackground.</p><p>TINY REBEL NewportHank 4.0%Crisp, refreshing hoppy beer, pale in colour.</p><p>Cwtch 4.6%Red hue, tasty blend of caramel malts and citrushop flavours. Champion Beer of Britain</p><p>Hardouken 7.4%Powerful IPA, rich, deep malt and big hop flavours.</p><p>Loki 4.5%Black IPA, crisp hop flavours balance the dark maltwith tropical fruit.</p><p>TOMOS A LILFORD Llantwit MajorGaucho...</p></li></ul>