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Liverpool CAMRA Beer Festival 2013


  • BeerFestival

    2013 Liverpool &Districts CAMRA

    ProgrammeMetropolitan Cathedral Crypt21st - 23rd February 2013

    Sponsored by

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  • The French have a proverb plus achange, plus cest la mme chose which translates as the more thingschange the more they stay the sameWell the background to this years eventis once again austerity and economicgloom, not to mention pub closures andunwelcome planning applications butthe effects of these unkind bedfellowswill be offset, if only temporarily by thefabulous range of beers and cidersavailable and the unchangingly superbsurroundings of the MetropolitanCathedral Crypt. Something else that isplus cest mme chose is LiverpoolOrganic Brewery and the irrepressibleMark Hensby. Mark and his team havescoured the country bringing in a rangeof ales that is by turns unusual andinteresting. Waterloo regulars will beaware of their knack for findingsomething different and we hope thisweeks selection will be equally exciting.Not content with sponsoring this eventand organizing two festivals in aWaterloo church, Marks now turning hishand to arranging arguably the biggestfestival Liverpool has ever seen in theiconic surroundings of St Georges Hall.Exciting times indeed! Something else

    that isnt changing is Lesley and herteam from Blackburne House who willbe supplying our hot food. There willalso be a fine selection of local pies andcheeses from Peninsula and theLiverpool Cheese Company respectively.Finally dont forget all of our volunteers,plus the staff from the MetropolitanCathedral without whom this eventcouldnt take place. Please allow them todo their job effectively on both sides ofthe bar. Theyre here to serve you butwe hope too that youll respect the hardwork they put in to keep the festivalrunning smoothly

    Enjoy the event and have a safe journeyhome.

    Same again in 2014?



    Geoff EdwardsBranch ChairLiverpool andDistrictsCAMRA

    Welcome to the

    2013 Liverpool &Districts CAMRABeer Festival

  • 4Beer FestivalSponsors

    Liverpool Organic BreweryLimited was established inSeptember 2008. Ourobjective was a simple one;

    we wanted to produce great tasting beers using thebest ingredients. This philosophy gave birth to ourmaxim "Quality over Compromise"

    After a year of intensive research and development,we started trading in September 2009. Since then a substantial local customer base has beenestablished. During 2011 and 2012 our growth hascontinued and we now regularly supply customersin London, Brighton, Leeds, York & Manchester toname just a few.

    Our growth and success is based on our passion tobrew great beer. Over the years our product rangehas continued to expand thanks to our dedicatedbrew team and some excellent brew recipes. Werevery proud of our cask and bottle range and wehope to be brewing many more!

    Within our product range are the Liverpool Heroes.The Heroes of Liverpool Ales are inspired byhistorical figures from Liverpool. We wanted toproduce a range of beers that celebrates Liverpoolsimportant and historic past. The range began withWilliam Roscoe, a best bitter, and now includes Josephine Butler Elderflower Ale, Joseph Williamson Tunnale, Kitty Wilkinson, a Chocolateand Vanilla Stout and Empire Ale to honour Captain Noel Chavasse.




    Visit for further details

    Mark HensbyManaging Director

  • 5Your GlassThis year we are pleased to have the Liverpool OrganicBrewery and Festival Glass

    sponsoring souvenir glasses.One is provided free foreveryone attending the festivaland should you so wish it isyours to keep. If you want totake it home, please put it inyour pocket or in a bag, openlycarrying glasses in Liverpoolcity centre is illegal.

    Beer VouchersThese come in sheets with avalue of 10, towards closingtime smaller amounts will beavailable. All vouchers are onlyvalid for the session of issue,however, any unused vouchersare fully refundable at the cashdesk up to 30min after thesession closing time. Pleasenote we use marker pens toinvalidate your vouchers afteruse. Please don't try and tear offindividual vouchers.

    Beer PricingWe are continuing with ours impl i f ied beer pr ic ingscheme with the lowerstrength beers at 1.00 per halfand the higher strength onesat 1.50 per half. Regretablywith the increases in beerprices we have been forced tochange the cut off pointbetween the two bands.Following the introduction ofthe High Strength Beer Dutyfor which there is no smallbrewery relief we have tocharge 2 per half for beersover 7.5%.

    Membership DeskHere you will find informationon the activities of Camra bothlocally and nationally. If youjoin here today not only will you receive the usualmemberships offers such asthe 20 of Wetherspoonsvouchers but also themembers festival discount of3 of beer vouchers, plus thefirst 3 to join in any session will receive a free 2012 Good

    Beer Guide.

    Beer of the FestivalAnyone attending the festivalcan vote for Beer of the Festival.Please complete a voting form,which are available from the

    membership stand, and place itin the ballot box provided.

    Colour codingTo help you select your beersfrom the very wide range on display we use a system of colour coding on the barrel ends.

    Liverpool Beer Festival Users Guide

    Help DeskAsk at the membership stand or at less busytimes the beer voucher sales area.

    SmokingIf you wish to smoke you may do so outside thefront door. In inclement weather the areabeneath the stairs to the right of the entrance

    may provide some protection. Please ensureyou obtain a pass out when going outside soyou can get back in again.

    ToiletsLadies at foot of stairs, Gents at top of stairs,temporary urinals outside concert room backdoor. The disabled toilet is at foot of stairway.Please leave for disabled use only.

    Orange Medium beers Yellow Light Ales Red Dark beers Blue Mild, Stout or Porters Green Fruit or Flavoured

    Photos will be taken in all sessions by CAMRA Liverpool & Districts Photographer and may be used for publication

    How to vote for yourfavourite LiverpoolBranch Pub of the Year(POTY)

    CAMRA members only can voteonline for Liverpool Pub of theYear (orscan QR) Or in person at the Liverpool

    Beer Festival (Main Hall)

    Deadline for voting

    noon 25th February


  • 6Liverpool andDistricts Branch ofCAMRA considerthemselves extremelylucky to have thiswonderful venue forour ever expandingbeer festival The Cathedral staff are veryhelpful and work overtime in theirefforts to keep the crypt and toiletfacilities as clean and tidy aspossible. The security staff alsohelp and are there for yourbenefit just in case there are anyproblems with over boisterouscustomers.

    All the rest of the festival staff arevolunteers who give up their timeto make this a pleasant experiencefor you the customer.

    Please Observe our Code of Conduct

    So please try to make the festivalas safe and enjoyable as possible,use the bins provided, leavetables as tidy as possible andreport broken glasses and spillages immediately to one of our staff who will clean it upfor you.

    Don't be daunted by thepresence of our marshals andsecurity staff, they are only therefor your protection and to help

    you when necessary. Please notethat any trouble could result inthe loss of licence, both for thepersonal licence holder and thevenue. This could result in usbeing unable to use the cryptagain.

    We have the greatest respect andconfidence in you our festival'customer' so enjoy your beersand ciders and have a happy andsafe festival.

    The dignified, brick built caverns with distinguished grey granite stringcourses and archways, marble andparquet floors, arched and roundleadlight windows, spiral staircases and a Treasury together make the fourlarge spaces of the Crypt quite unique.It is a magnificent, dignified andsuitable setting for conferences,exhibitions, corporate events, banquets,concerts, award evenings and lectures.

    It has been, in the past, referred to a Liverpools greatesthidden secret. Let it be a secret no longer.

    If you would like further information about holding an event in theCrypt yourself please visit

    The Crypt is an architectural masterpiece by Edwin Lutyens, one of the 20th Centurysgreatest architects

  • 7Festival FoodAt Liverpool Beer Festival webelieve Real Ale deserves RealFood. So we bring you threeoutlets, L+L Catering , theLiverpool Cheese CompanyLtd and Peninsula Luxury Pies.

    L+L Catering @ Fly in the LoafSteeped in the culinarytradition of the much missedLiverpool legend EverymanBistro, Linda Jordan and LesleyLee of L+L Catering are thisyear picking up the batonwhere the Everyman left off.Based at The Fly in the Loaf inHardman Street their style ofquality pub food with anemphasis on fresh localproduce is fast becoming thebenchmark for what pub foodshould really be.

    L+L will be offering a variedchanging menu of hot foodand snacks, served from theCrypt kitchen servery hatchlocated at the centre of thebeer hall. You can expect tofind, among others, Hot porkrolls, award winning sausages,quality warm pies, delicioustraditionally made Scouse andquality vegetarian options.Keep an eye out for the boardby the servery with it's dailymenu.

    Peninsula Luxury PiesPeninsula Luxury Pies havebeen baking hand raised piesand pasties for over 30 yearsusing only the finestingredients. The Cornishpasties and steak pies aremade with Aberdeen Angus

    beef. All pies are baked freshevery morning for each eventto ensure a perfect product.They will be available at theliverpool beer festival servedboth hot and cold for y