Celtic Beer Festival Programme 2012

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Celtic Beer Festival Programme 2012


  • Welcome From James StaughtonSt Austell Brewery Managing Director

    Welcome From James Staughton

    Welcome From Roger Ryman

    A Guide To The Cellars & Bars

    The Top Bar Beers 1 to 76

    The Bottom Bar Beers 77 to 126

    The Old Rum Store Beers 127 to 166

    The Food Bar Food served from 12noon to 9.30pm

    Live Music From 12noon to 10.30pm

    Visitor Centre Shop From 11.00am to 5.00pm

    St Austell Brewery Charitable Trust

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  • Welcome to the St Austell Brewery Celtic Beer Festival 2012

    On behalf of my colleagues at the Brewery I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to our 14th Festival and my 14th year working behind the Top Bar on the 11am to 2pm shift pulling pints for thirsty customers.

    Well what a summer! The Diamond Jubilee, the European Football Championships and the Olympics all taking place during the wettest summer for 100 years. Although we had much to celebrate during the Olympics, trade was disappointing but sales of our ales led by Tribute continued to blaze a trail that is bucking the national sales trend of cask ales for yet another year. Exports to over fifteen countries around the world together with sales to supermarkets are now starting to make a significant contribution which is also encouraging.

    Following the spectacular Olympics we were proud to host eleven of the Team GB ladies rowing team including Cornish girls Helen Glover (Gold medallist) and Annie Vernon. As you can imagine that was another tough day in the office. I keep telling everyone Im lucky enough to have the best job in the world now theres no doubt!

    Meanwhile on the pub front we have successfully completed major refurbishments at The Globe, Topsham and The Three Crowns, Chagford. We also bought five pubs from Enterprise Inns including our first pub in Bristol The Albion in Clifton. The other four sites which we are delighted to welcome to our estate are The Blue Ball, Exeter; The Cornish Arms, Tavistock; The George, Plympton and The Rose and Crown, Yealmpton.

    During the last few months we have started delivering direct to customers in Bristol and Bath and this is presenting us with some very exciting opportunities. Tribute is being well received by trade customers and consumers alike but, as importantly, so are all our other permanent ales Dartmoor, Trelawny, Proper Job and HSD.

    If you believe in strength in numbers todays Festival illustrates what a wealth of ales we have at our disposal. Congratulations to Roger and his team for brewing up such an amazing line-up of over thirty-five ales!

    All proceeds from the Festival will go towards the St. Austell Brewery Charitable Trust and this figure is typically in the region of 10,000. I am pleased to announce that our nominated charities for 2013 will be Macmillan Cancer Support and the Phoenix Stroke Appeal.

    Thank you as always for your generous support. Enjoy yourselves (responsibly) and best wishes for a Happy Christmas and prosperous 2013.

    James Staughton, Managing Director

    Welcome From James StaughtonSt Austell Brewery Managing Director

  • Welcome From Roger RymanSt Austell Brewery Head Brewer

    Now the perfect Cornish lager....

    ...is available on draught

  • Welcome From Roger RymanSt Austell Brewery Head Brewer

    Welcome back to the Brewery cellars and the 14th annual Celtic Beer Festival.

    2012 has been a year of celebrations for Britain, what with the Queens Diamond Jubilee, the first ever British win at the Tour de France and outstanding sporting success at the London Olympics and we are pleased to welcome you back to the Brewery cellars to celebrate another great British tradition BEER!

    We launched Korev as the main lager at last years festival and sales have increased by more than 1600% since this time last year! Whilst we are justifiable proud of Korevs success, cask ale production remains the priority of the brewing team and we are proud to feature Tribute as our lead beer of this years festival.

    In order to meet the ongoing popularity of Tribute and our other beers, we have now installed a new Cask Operations Plant (with improved cold cellar storage) which will allow the racking team to fill a firkin (9 gallon cask) in just 12 seconds, increasing our cask racking capabilities from 120 firkins to 300 firkins an hour. The facility has been designed around optimum energy efficiency, including solar panels which have generated over 45,000kW hours since they were installed one year ago, and is currently one of the largest and most efficient racking plants in the country.

    This year has also seen several awards being added to our already overflowing trophy cabinet, but two awards are of particular note. Back in March Tribute was named Regional Cask Ale of the Year 2012 at the Publicans Supplier Awards in London, the biggest event in the pub industrys calendar where the best suppliers to the pub trade are recognised

    for their outstanding efforts. More recently and a bit closer to home, both Admirals Ale and Proper Job won Gold medals in the beer category at the Taste of the Wests Product Awards 2012.

    Once again the last six weeks have seen a flurry of activity in our micro brewery and over 20 new recipes have been developed for your enjoyment. As I said before, todays festival is about celebrating beer and whether you choose to try one of our new special brews or stick with your tried and tested Tribute, please enjoy the day and celebrate sensibly!

    Roger Ryman, Head Brewer

  • The CellarsA Guide To The Bars

    Entrance & Exit

    Beer Tokens / Glasses / Programmes

    Beer Tokens Available here.1.50 per 1/2 pint.

    Visitor Centre Shop

    Cloakroom (1 Donation Required)

    The Top Bar Beers 1 to 76

    Music Stage

    Hospitality Bar VIP Tickets Only (Until 6pm)

    The Food Bar Food served from 12noon to 9.30pm

    Entrance & Exit

    The Cellars

    The T

    op Ba


    The Q




    Smoking AreaSmoking AreaThe smoking area is accessed from in front of the Top Bar.

    The Bottom Bar Beers 77 to 126

    The Old Rum Store Beers 127 to 166

  • The Old Rum StoreBeers 127 to 166

    The CellarsA Guide To The Bars

    The Top BarBeers 1 to 76

    The Food BarAvailable from 12noon to 9.30pm

    Hospitality BarVIP Ticket Holders Only(Until 6pm)

    Please Note We cannot refund any unused beers tokens. If you require a new glass, please see the upstairs ticket desk. A 1 donation will be required. Bottled water is available at all bars for 1 token.

    VIP Entrance & ExitThe CellarsMusic Stage

    First Floor

    Hospitality Bar


    The B


    m Bar


    Food Bar

    The Bottom BarBeers 77 to 126

  • The Top BarBeers 1 to 11

    Smokin Barrel 5.3% abvSt Austell BreweryA dark and smokey amber ale. Brewed with malt smoked over beech wood.

    1851 5.2% abvSt Austell BreweryA strong golden ale, originally brewed to celebrate the sesquicentenary of St Austell Brewery.

    High Maltage 5.8% abvSt Austell BrewerySome neck-oil from our Engineering department!

    Dear Boy 4.9% abvSt Austell BreweryA robust beer with a flourish of malt & aromatic hops, by brewery liaison officer Gerry Bazin.

    Smugglers Vintage Ale 6.0% abvSt Austell BreweryA classic blend of barrel aged barley wine and strong old ale.

    B R E W E D



    Proper Black 5.0% abvSt Austell BreweryA contradiction in terms. Black as stout, but close your eyes and this beer is pure IPA.

    Pack o Cards Ale 4.4% abvSt Austell BreweryA traditional copper coloured bitter brewed for the Pack of Cards Inn, Coombe Martin.

    Bucket of Blood 4.5% abvSt Austell BreweryA rich, ruby red spooky beer to celebrate Halloween.

    Dartmoor Best Bitter 3.5% abvSt Austell BreweryEnglish bitter with hints of caramel and English Golding hops, brewed in St Austell since 1994.

    Big Job Double IPA 9.0% abvSt Austell BreweryIf a jobs worth doing, its worth overdoing! A massively hopped double IPA.

    Hope & Glory 4.6% abvSt Austell BreweryA light and golden fruity ale to celebrate the Queens diamond jubilee.


    GLORY4.6% ABV

    5.2% ABV

    5.8% ABV5.8% ABV

    Premium Ale

    5.2% ABV5.2% ABV

    Strong Golden Ale


  • The Top BarBeers 12 to 23

    Black Prince 4.0% abvSt Austell BreweryRich, malty and toffee aromas feature in this full bodied dark mild.

    Nicholsons Pale Ale 4.0% abvSt Austell BreweryThe perfect balance of malt and hops, brewed exclusively for the Nicholsons estate of pubs.

    Tribute Extra 5.2% abvSt Austell BreweryCrafted each year for Christmas, this special brew of Tribute is full and malty with a fruity aroma.

    1913 Original Stout 4.5% abvSt Austell BreweryRecreated from our brewing journal of 1913 it has dark roast and a hint of smokiness.

    Admirals Ale 5.0% abvSt Austell BreweryAward winning malt strong amber ale, brewed exclusively with locally grown Cornish Gold malt.

    Broon Dog Brown Ale 4.7% abvSt Austell BreweryBrewed in the style of a North Eastern brown ale, strong, malty sweet with restrained bitterness.

    Trelawny 3.8% abvSt Austell BreweryAmber session bitter with malt, peach and apricot aromas from Galaxy and English Endeavour hops.

    Proper Job 4.5% abvSt Austell BreweryUS hop varieties give full grapefruit and citrus flavour to this proper IPA.

    Tribute 4.2% abvSt Austell BreweryOur best seller, golden, full and delicate malt with citrus hoppy flavour and finish.

    Gold Rush 4.4% abvSt Austell BreweryA golden, fruity and hoppy ale, with just a hint of sweetness.



    HSD 5.0% abvSt Austell BrewerySt Austell Brewerys legendary strong bitter. Known as High Speed Diesel to its friends.

    Hop Harvest Pale Ale 3.8% abvSt Austell BreweryA light golden Pale Ale with a firm bitterness and crisp edge, brewed with fresh cut Sovereign hops.

    5.0% ABV

    Brewed exclusively for Nicholsons


    EST. 1873 ALC



    ED O

    NLY B

    Y ST A




    NCE 1





    OUT 19


    4.7% ABVBrown Ale



  • The Top BarBeers 24 to 34

    Best Endeavour 4.3% abvSt Austell BreweryFresh Endeavour hops from Worcestershire. A full sweet beer with toffee and a hint of pears.

    Jester English IPA 4.5% abvSt Austell BreweryJester hops are a new trial variety of English hops. This brew tests out this promising variety.

    Ruby Jack Red Ale 4.5% abvSt Austell BreweryBrewed by Nick Orton to honour 19th Century boxing champion Bob Fitzsimmons or Ruby Jack.

    To The Lef-t 7.0% abvSt Austell BreweryPale blonde Belgian style beer with an aroma of bananas.

    Cardinal Syn 8.0% abvSt Austell BreweryBrewed with Trappist yeast; a rich and complex monastic brew in the style of Belgian monks.

    Bad Habit 8.5% abvSt Austell BreweryGolden Triple were first perfected by the brothers at the Westmalle Abbey near Antwerp. Our Cornish interpretation require serious contemplation!

    Rostock Bock 8.0% abvSt Austell BreweryGenuine north German style Bock Bier, brewed by our German brewing student, Franziska Kell.

    Jamess Flemish Style Red 6.0% abvSt Austell BreweryBrewer James Vincent takes all year to carefully blend the Flemish style red. An aged beer withacidic notes balanced by raspberries & cherries.

    Hell Up Alt Bier 5.6% abvSt Austell BreweryAlt beers are dark lager style beers that originate from Dsseldorf. This one has been brewed by Dean Kitley and Rob Orton. Dean is an army child who also holds a German passport.

    Draught Korev Lager 4.8% abvSt Austell BreweryIts taken us 160 years to create the perfect Cornish lager, but we think youll agree its been worth the wait. Korev simply means beer in Cornish.

    Proper Cool 5.5% abvSt Austell BreweryA beer of this strength and character will stand up to being served chilled and lightly carbonated.



    Indian Pale Ale

    5.2% ABV


    Worcestershire Hops4.3% ABV

    Belgian Style7.0% ABV


    German Style5.6% ABV

  • The Top BarBeers 35 to 54

    Copper Press 5.0% abvThatchers Cider, Somerset

    Twice a Knight 4.8% abvCastle Brewery, Lostwithiel

    Gorge Best 4.0% abvCheddar Ales, Cheddar

    Atlantic Gold 5.0% abvAtlantic Brewery, Newquay

    Totty Pot 4.5% abvCheddar Ales, Cheddar

    Gem 4.1% abvBath Ales, Bristol

    Hoptimum IPA 6.3% abvCoastal Brewery, Redruth

    Barnsey 4.5% abvBath Ales, Bristol

    Montol 4.1% abvDriftwood Spars, St Agnes

    Topsail 4.0% abvBays Brewery, Paignton

    Exmoor Gold 4.5% abvExmoor Ales, Wiveliscome

    Bays Gold 4.3% abvBays Brewery, Paignton

    Exmoor Dark 4.2% abvExmoor Ales, Wiveliscome

    Flora Dayz 4.0% abvBlue Anchor, Helston

    Chough Ale 4.0% abvFrys Brewery, Launceston

    Butcombe Bitter 4.0% abvButcombe Brewery, Wrington

    Dockside Dark 5.2% abvGloucester Brewery, Gloucester

    Rare Breed 4.2% abvButcombe Brewery, Wrington

    South Western Ciders

    Cornish and West Country Cask Ales



    , SOM



    Pale Ale No. 2 6.0% abvHarbour Brewing Co, Bodmin

    Porter No. 1 5.5% abvHarbour Brewing Co, Bodmin

  • The Top BarBeers 55 to 76

    Beast of Bodmin Moor 4.0% abvPenpoint Brewery, Altarnun

    Porthleven 4.8% abvSkinners Brewery, Truro

    IPA 5.0% abvHarbour Brewing Co, Bodmin

    Trink 5.2% abvPenzance Brewing Co, Crowlas

    Arthurs Ale 4.4% abvTintagel Brewery, Tintagel

    Chocolate Stout 9.0% abvHarbour Brewing Co, Bodmin

    Harrys 4.6% abvQuercus Brewery, Churchstow

    Elves Bells 5.0% abvWooden Hand Brewery, Grampound Road

    Black Boar 4.8% abvHogswood Brewery, Mithian

    Helene Wheat 5.3...