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The Souvenir Programme for the Maidenhead Beer & Cider Festival 2015. In conjunction with the CAMRA Angle, the magazine of the Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead Branch of CAMRA.


<ul><li><p>MAIDENHEAD</p><p>24-26 JULY 2015</p><p>BEER &amp; CIDERFESTIVAL</p><p>OVER ONE HUNDRED REAL ALES+ OVER TWENTY REAL CIDERS</p><p>L I V E M U S I C C U R R Y H O G R O A S T B A G U E T T E S</p><p>DESBOROUGH COLLEGE, SHOPPENHANGERS ROAD, MAIDENHEAD, SL6 2QB</p><p>W W W . M A I D E N H E A D B E E R F E S T . O R G . U K</p><p>YOUR SOUVENIR PROGRAMME SPECIAL EDITION ANGLE</p><p>The magazine from the Slough, Windsor &amp; Maidenhead branch of The Campaign for Real Ale</p><p>LIVE MUSIC </p><p>THROUGHOUT </p><p>THE </p><p>FESTIVAL</p><p>FRI&amp; SAT12 noon</p><p> - </p><p>10pm- SUN</p><p>12 noon - 7pm</p><p>SLOUGH, WINDSOR &amp; MAIDENHEAD CAMRA PRESENTS</p><p>@MaidenheadBeer MaidenheadBeerFestival</p><p>FREEPleasetake oneGREAT </p><p>FOODSome</p><p>thing</p><p>for all</p><p>tastes</p></li><li><p> Supporting Real Ale, Real Cider &amp; Real Pubs in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire | Page 3 &lt; </p><p>EDITORAllan Willoughby</p><p></p><p>ADVERTISINGCapital Media GroupTel: 01628 203 203</p><p></p><p>IMPORTANT CONTACTSCampaign for Real Ale Ltd.</p><p>230 Hat eld Road, St. AlbansHertfordshire AL1 4LW</p><p>Tel: 01727 867 201Email:</p><p> Standards</p><p> ask at your local council</p><p>ADVERTISING RATESFull Page: 225.00+vatHalf page: 125.00+vat</p><p>Quarter page: 65.00+vatBook all four editions and receive</p><p>a further 10% discount. Free design.Call today on 01628 203 203 to book</p><p>CIRCULATIONCirculation: 5,000 copies</p><p>Estimated Readership: 6,000Distributed to pubs and other outlets</p><p>in Slough, Windsor &amp; Maidenhead.Published quarterly</p><p>Printed on a 135gsm silk</p><p>PUBLISHED BYCapital Media Midlands Ltd.</p><p>First Floor, Central Buildings, Middle Gate,Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1AG</p><p>Tel: 01628 203 203Email:</p><p></p><p> Copyright 2015 Capital Media Midlands Ltd and CAMRA Slough, Windsor &amp; Maidenhead. All Rights Reserved. CAMRA Angle is published by </p><p>Capital Media on behalf of the Slough, Windsor &amp; Maidenhead Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale. The views expressed in this publication are those </p><p>of individual contributors, and not necessarily those of the publisher, the Editor, the branch or of the Campaign for Real Ale or Capital Media. The stocking and supply of and advertising in CAMRA </p><p>Angle does not imply CAMRA approval of the outlet concerned.Printed by Capital Media Group. </p><p>Please recycle.</p><p>&gt; WELCOME TO THE MAIDENHEAD BEER &amp; CIDER FESTIVAL 2015!</p><p>Slough, Windsor &amp; Maidenhead Branch of CAMRA welcomes you to the 3rd Beer Festival in Maidenhead, now at our new venue, Desborough College. I would like to say a big thank you to the Principal, Paul Frazer and his team for providing such a convenient town centre venue.</p><p>This festival is organised and run by CAMRA volunteers who give up their valuable time to put this all together and I would like to thank them personally for helping us. They are fed and watered, with beer of course, so if you need any help in selecting your beers just ask one of the bar sta . You might even persuade them to allow you to try a small sample, if theres not a queue ten deep! While on the subject of volunteers this festival abides by CAMRAs Charter, which is displayed at the entrance. This year we have chosen a great selection of approx. 100 interesting ales from around the country, plus for the rst time a separate bar for 12 di erent Windsor &amp; Eton ales. We have a good selection from other LocAle breweries, within a 30 mile radius of the festival, and the balance comes from nationwide microbreweries. For cider and perry drinkers we have lined up a brilliant selection of 19 Ciders &amp; 4 perries. In line with CAMRA policy all drinks are served in OVERSIZED lined glasses, so you get a FULL MEASURE, and for the rst time we have THIRD PINT measures. Wine is available from Perfect Friday Wine in the food court (outside the main hall). Soft drinks are available from our food vendors, who are: Spicy Chef, Yourz to Eat Catering (hog roast &amp; BBQ), The Baguette Shop, Pipers Crisps, Merry Berry Tru es and Alexandrina Victoria. </p><p>This year, the festival is supporting The Rainbow Trust. Working with local health and educational services, the charity provides much needed assistance to children and families in disadvantaged circumstances regardless of background, race or religion. We hope you will support them by visiting their stand at the fest, and help them raise loads of money for a very worthwhile cause.</p><p>The support of our sponsors, Wetherspoon (The Bear &amp; The Greyhound), Ascot Brewery, Binghams Brewery, West Berks Brewery and Windsor &amp; Eton Brewery is very much appreciated. Without their generous help it would not be possible to stage an event of this magnitude. CAMRA is a not for pro t organisation but we hope to make a contribution to the Campaign Fund. Although CAMRA has had some success in persuading the Government to regulate the PubCos, so publicans get a fairer deal, our job is not done, because without pubs we cant drink the amazing variety of real ale.</p><p>There are many bene ts as a CAMRA member which makes annual membership tremendous value at 24. You get 20 worth of money-o real ale vouchers for J. D. Wetherspoon, a monthly newspaper (Whats Brewing), a quarterly award winning magazine (Beer), plus a range of other discounts. Join today at the festival and well buy you a PINT! </p><p>Please vote for the beer/cider of the festival as it means a lot to the winning brewery/producer. If you enjoyed a particular tipple, why not take some home in our free 2 or 4pt containers.</p><p>Finally, enjoy the ale, the entertainment and the food. Drink safely and a big thank you for supporting Maidenhead Beer &amp; Cider Festival 2015... See you next year! </p><p>Cheers!</p><p>AlanAlan Molloy, Festival Organiser. Slough, Windsor &amp; Maidenhead CAMRA</p></li><li><p>&gt; Page 4 | Supporting Real Ale, Real Cider &amp; Real Pubs in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire</p><p>A century ago, there were four breweries in Maidenhead. The last closed 50 years ago. </p><p>The oldest brewery was Langtons. When Philip Langton died in 1643, his goods included barley and malt, a horse mill, a copper and cooler, and a beer dray. Walter Keyne owed him 13 10 shillings (13.50 to youngsters) for 30 barrels of beer which works out at 4 old pence (less than 2p) per pint. Langtons opened a new large brewery in Market street in 1852, with maltings nearby in East Street. The brewery had to be rebuilt in 1875 after a re. Nicholsons bought the business, with 27 pubs including the Palmer Arms at Dorney and the Compleat Angler at Bisham, when the last of the family died in 1906. The buildings survived until the 1960s, Langtons house is now a medical centre.</p><p>William Nicholson came to Maidenhead as a boy when his father set up his High Street grocers shop. He trained as a chemist and then began to brew at the back of his fathers shop, delivering beer on a handcart. In 1840, he built the Pine Apple Brewery on the site of the old White Hart Inn. The name probably </p><p>came from the fruit being grown in England for the rst time at nearby Dorney Court. In 1860, the brewery was enlarged, with a distinctive High Street o ce, clad in marble. William was a great sportsman, being a member of the Maidenhead Cricket Club which beat an all-England eleven in 1853. He also played soccer and was a good ri e shot. He supported many local charities and his lasting memorial is Maidenhead Library, for which he donated the site.</p><p>The Fullers ran Ray Mill, a our mill at Boulters Lock on the Thames. James Bell joined the family rm in 1842 when he married one of their daughters. He began to diversify, rst into malting, then into brewing. This was so successful that at the time of his early death he was planning a large brewery opposite the railway station. The family built the brewery and named it the Bell Brewery in his memory. It took over the Castle Brewery in Burnham in 1908 and Storeys Station Brewery, Bracknell in 1908, when the rm became Fuller Storey. It was bought by Nicholsons in 1922.</p><p>The East Berkshire Brewery was started by George Braxton who came from Nicholsons. It was later run by James Blunson and made porter for his London depot. It was enlarged by Alfred Keyes in 1887 with an o -licence in King Street. He specialised in family ales, delivering to local households. Nicholsons took over in 1895 and it became the workshops for their pub maintenance team.</p><p>Nicholsons did well enough between the wars, but was then a victim of the merger-mania. In 1956, Courage &amp; Barclay Ltd. began buying shares, acquiring the company two years later. The last brew was in 1961. The brewery was demolished to build the Nicholsons </p><p>came from the fruit being grown in England for the </p><p>&gt; MAIDENHEADS BREWERIESBy Brian Boulter, Hon. Curator, Maidenhead Heritage Centre &gt;</p></li><li><p> Supporting Real Ale, Real Cider &amp; Real Pubs in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire | Page 5 &lt; </p><p>shopping centre, under which there is still the 400ft well. At the back a curious building survives, a carriage house with a ramp at the side for horses to walk up to the overhead stables. It has been listed but is now converted into a restaurant.</p><p>Brewing was seen by country gentlemen as a socially acceptable commercial enterprise, unlike owning a factory. Henry Hewett started a brewery in the Berkshire hamlet of Shurlock Row, with a maltings at a nearby farm. It did well, taking over the new Cricketers Arms beer house, now thehome of the Heritage Centre. When Henry died, it became a limited company and then became entangled in the complicated nancial transactions of Thomas Skurray, a director of Morlands. Unable to get the backing of the Morlands board, he began to buy shares for himself in Hewetts and also in Dymore Browns, the Reading brewer with the Royal Berkshire Hospital contract. Hewetts had 42 pubs, Dymore Browns had excess capacity. Skurray brokered an agreement and Hewetts closed in 1911. When the agreement came up for renewal in 1926, Morlands did take over and so when the Cricketers Arms was refurbished, it had their ceramic artist plaque as part of the glazed brick front.</p><p>Cookham had a brewery in 1675. It was originally near to the church and ferry, but was later relocated to new premises o the Moor. In 1785 this was owned by the Darby family, but the sons did not want to continue. It was sold, together with its 99 pubs to Neville Reid of Windsor in 1837. They had four pubs in Cookham including Bel and the Dragon, and the Crispin in Burnham. Neville Reids closed the brewery but used the maltings until 1907 when they built extra capacity at Windsor.</p><p>We also have a copy of the 2002 survey of Maidenhead pubs carried out by members of the local historical society. This has now become a historic document. If you want to know more, let me know and I can have the relevant material ready for you to consult. Similarly we are always glad to accept items relating to local pubs and breweries. We were recently given a framed poem written for the 50th anniversary of the New Inn in Farm Road. It used to hang in the saloon bar and a regular rescued it when the new landlord decided to change the dcor.</p><p>The food and drinks at this festival are all provided by independent producers, caterers and suppliers. The festival organizers are unable to state de nitely that no allergens are present in the food and drinks. If you su er from any food allergy you are advised to speak to the individual catering and soft drinks provider (for food &amp; drinks) or a bar manager (for ales).</p><p>&gt; ALLERGENS?</p></li><li><p>&gt; Page 6 | Supporting Real Ale, Real Cider &amp; Real Pubs in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire</p><p>Thanks to Ascot Ales, Binghams Brewery, West Berkshire Brewery and Windsor &amp; Eton Brewery for their sponsorship of the festival sta t-shirts.</p><p>Also, a big thanks to our pub sponsors, JD Wetherspoon Maidenhead town centre pubs, The Bear, High Street and The Greyhound, Queen Street for sponsoring the festival commemorative glass.</p><p>&gt; T</p><p>HA</p><p>NK</p><p>S T</p><p>O O</p><p>UR</p><p> SP</p><p>ON</p><p>SO</p><p>RS &gt; A LITTLE MORE ABOUT </p><p>OUR BEER FESTIVAL SUPPORTED CHARITY...</p><p>&gt; FESTIVAL ENTERTAINERS</p><p>This year we are very pleased to have The Rainbow Trust as our Charity of the Festival.Rainbow Trust supports over 25% of the 6,000 families in England who have </p><p>a child aged 0-18 years of age with a life threatening or terminal illness and need the bespoke support they o er. They support the whole family 24/7, 365 days a year, regardless of diagnosis.</p><p>They support the whole family including parents, carers, the unwell child, brothers, sisters and grandparents. Any family can receive support from the moment of their child or young persons diagnosis.</p><p>Their support is hugely varied and depends on the needs of the family. For information about the excellent work they do, please visit their Website. We hope you will support them by visiting their stand at the festival, and help them raise loads of money for a very worthwhile cause!</p><p></p><p>All That Jazz strut their stuff on Sunday afternoon</p><p>Maidenhead Concert Band play on Saturday afternoon</p><p></p><p>their stuff on Sunday afternoon</p><p>Maidenhead Concert Band play Maidenhead Concert Band play Maidenhead Concert Band play </p><p>FESTIVAL ENTERTAINERS</p><p>The Mighty Playhouse appear on Friday</p><p>Mechkov appear on Saturday</p></li><li><p> Supporting Real Ale, Real Cider &amp; Real Pubs in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire | Page 7 &lt; </p><p>SIMPLE LUNCH MENU - Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 2.30pm - 20% Pensioner discount on Mondays</p><p>Real Ales Free WiFiKARAOKE - 2nd Saturday of every month</p><p>LIVE MUSICDates will be advertised on A board &amp; Facebook</p><p>SKITTLE ALLEY Available for meetings/functions with a buffet/hot meal option </p><p>if required, or just a game of skittles - call for availability</p><p>THE GREYHOUNDPUB &amp; SKITTLE ALLEY</p><p>16 Common Rd. | Eton Wick | SL4 6JE | T. 01753 868 633</p><p>Dates will </p><p>meet</p><p>EL C</p><p>ar</p><p>Ebuf</p><p>onday discount on Mo</p><p>al Ales Free WiFOKE 2nd Saturday of </p><p>LIVE MUSICill be advertised on A boa</p><p>Lor meetings/functions with a bd, or just a game of skittles - cal</p><p>The Vansittart ArmsWindsor</p><p>105 Vansittart Road,Windsor, Berks, SL4 5DDCall: 01753</p><p>A traditional English pub with a happy, homely ambience - open fires in the winter and a lovely large garden for the summer with a covered area. </p><p> Enjoy great home cooked food served 7 days a week with weekend breakfasts.</p><p> Function Menu available online.</p><p> Children &amp; Dogs Welcome.</p><p>Opening HoursMon - Weds 12pm - 11pm, Thurs 12pm - 11:30pmFri 12pm - 12am, Sat 10:30am - 12amSun 10:30am - 11pm</p><p>A Warm Welcome Awaits You</p><p>Ladies HALF PRICE Main Meal on Mondays</p><p>Gents receive a FREE PINTwith main meal on Tuesday</p></li><li><p>&gt; Page 8 | Supporting Real Ale, Real Cider &amp; Real Pubs in East Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire</p><p>The festival o ers you the chance to discover your perfect pint, as you explore over 900 real ales, ciders, perries and international beers. The UKs biggest beer festival will feature over 3...</p></li></ul>