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The official guide to the 2016 Kent CAMRA Beer Festival. Contains tasting notes for all the beer bars and entertainment listings.


<ul><li><p>Follow us on: CAMRA Kent Beer Festival @CAMRA_KBF</p></li><li><p>Kent Beer Festival 2016 3</p><p>Welcome</p><p>to the 42nd Kent Beer festivalA very warm welcome to The Kent Beer Festival 2016. The UKs second oldestCAMRA beer festival this year is our 42nd year.</p><p>We have our usual mix of great ales and cideralong with fantastic food and greatentertainment. Our feature bar and back bypopular demand is The dark and fruity bar. As the name suggests I have attempted to sourcea wide variety of dark milds, porters and stoutsalong with beer with added flavours. This had been done following feedback from previous </p><p>years so I hope the range will be just the rightmix. If these beers are not to your preferencethen there are plenty of others to temp you onour Kent bar (only beers sourced from the 32different Kent breweries) or From the Long barat the end of the barn. Which has beers from allover the UK. Couple this with our fantastic Kentcider bar and our Foreign beer bar and this willgive you an unrivalled choice. Hopefully you willfind something new and interesting.</p><p>I would like to thank all the volunteer staff fortheir support and assistance with helping me torun this festival, as without them there would beno festival. This goes for the organisingcommittee and the sponsors as well. Finally, ahuge thank you to you! Our beer/cider lovingfestival goers! I hope the 2016 festival meets andexceeds your expectations, and that you willcome back again for many years to come.</p><p>I very much appreciate feedback from customersso please let us know any comments orsuggestions you may have, good or bad, via ourFacebook page or twitter or e-mail me direct viaour website.</p><p>Andy MitchellFestival Organiser</p></li><li><p>Thursday July 21st6.30pm to 8.15pmThe Swinging 60sAll the hits from the 60's</p><p>9.15-11pmMaxwell Hammer andSmith Covers</p><p>Friday July 22nd6.45-8.45pmCloud 9 jazz Upbeat jazz classics</p><p>9.30pm to 11pmLost inMusic Coversparty band</p><p>Saturday July 23rd12.30pm - 2pmStringendo String quartet</p><p>2pm - 5pmJuggle It All Childrens Entertainment 2.15pm to 3pm &amp; 3.45pm to 4.30pmGentleman of Few Folk</p><p>5 to 7pmKIng Ziggy Dirty blues</p><p>7.15 to 9pmStraight Eight Jazz</p><p>4 Kent Beer Festival 2016</p><p>Festival </p><p>Thursday 21st July18.30 - 23.006 (pay on the door or online)</p><p>Friday 22nd July12.00 - 16.00 Free Entry 18.30 - 23.00 8.00 (advance tickets only) </p><p>Saturday 23rd July12.00 - 21.00 6 (pay on the door)</p><p>Admission Times &amp; prices</p><p>Entertainment</p></li><li><p>The terms beer, lager, ale and bitter are oftenconfused. To help you understand what theyactually mean and how varieties of beer differfrom one another, we have described how beer isproduced and the ingredients used.</p><p>Water, grain, yeast and hopsWater is the main component of beer. Itnaturally contains dissolved salts that can affect abeers flavour: Soft London water makes goodstouts and the sulphur-rich waters of Burtonupon Trent are ideal for bitters.</p><p>The usual grain for brewing is malted barley.Malting involves allowing the grain to just beginto germinate, starting the process of convertingthe starch into sugar. The germination isstopped by heat. By changing the temperatureand duration of the heat, a maltster can producelight malts, medium-dark malts with caramelflavour, or dark roasted malts. Other grains canbe used, such as wheat, oats, rye or rice.Variation in the grains and malts used will alterthe colour and flavour of the finished beer.</p><p>Yeast is a single-celled organism that convertssugar to ethanol and carbon dioxide gas. In realale, this fermentation is the only source of gas inthe beer. The strain of yeast used can alsoinfluence the beers flavour profile, and manybreweries will guard their particular strain ofyeast carefully.</p><p>Hops are the flowers of a climbing plant and areused in almost all beers made today. They</p><p>provide both bitterness and flavour. There aredozens of varieties of hops and the way they areused contributes to the beer's flavour.</p><p>What is the difference between ale,beer and lager?These days, beer can refer to any style of ale or lager. In the past, ale meant a brew without hops,and beer one with hops. Now that hops arealmost universal, ale generally refers to beerproduced by 'top fermentation'. This isfermentation with a yeast that floats on top of theliquid, at temperatures up to 22C this createsthe rich variety of flavours. After primaryfermentation, the ale undergoes a slow secondaryfermentation in a cask. As it matures, the beerdevelops its flavour and a light natural carbonation. </p><p>Lager is produced by bottom fermentation at lowertemperatures (614C). It is then stored for severalweeks or months at close to freezing, during whichtime the lager matures. Most mass-produced UKlagers are matured for very short periods.</p><p>What is real ale?Real ale is a beer brewed from traditionalingredients (malted barley, hops, water andyeast), matured by secondary fermentation inthe container from which it is dispensed, andserved without the use of extraneous carbondioxide gas.</p><p>Real ale should be served at cellar temperature(1114C), so the flavour of the beer can be best</p><p>6 Kent Beer Festival 2016</p><p>What is</p></li><li><p>appreciated. You can recognise real ale in a pubas it is usually served using a handpump,although a number of pubs sell the beer straightfrom the cask using nothing but gravity as atthis festival.</p><p>Real ale is also known as cask conditioned beer,real cask ale, real beer and naturally conditionedbeer. The term real ale and the above definitionwere coined by CAMRA in the early 1970s.</p><p>What is the difference between realale and keg beer?Keg beer undergoes the same primaryfermentation as real ale but after that stage it isfiltered and/or pasteurised. No furtherconditioning takes place. The beer lacks anynatural carbonation that would have beenproduced by the secondary fermentation and socarbon dioxide has to be added artificially. Thiscan lead to an overly gassy product. </p><p>What are bitter, mild, stout and porter?Ale style beers can be broken down further intovarious styles, although many beers are hard tofit into one of these categories.</p><p>Milds are not very bitter and may be dark orlight. Although generally of a lower strength(less than 4%) they can also be strong. Flavourcomes from the malt so there is often a littlesweetness.</p><p>Bitter is the most common beer style. Usuallybrown, tawny, copper or amber coloured, withmedium to strong bitterness. Light to mediummalt character may be present. Bitters arenormally up to 4% alcohol, whereas best bittersare above 4%.</p><p>Golden ales are a relative newcomer, havingfirst appeared in the 1980s. These are paleamber, gold, yellow or straw coloured beers withlight to strong bitterness and a strong hopcharacter that creates a refreshing taste. Thestrength is generally less than 5.5%.</p><p>India pale ale (IPA) originally appeared in theearly 19th century, and has enjoyed a resurgencein the past few years. First brewed in Londonand Burton upon Trent for the colonial market,IPAs were strong in alcohol and high in hops.So-called IPAs with strengths of around 3.5% arenot true IPAs. Look for juicy malt, citrus fruitand a big spicy, peppery bitter hop character,with strengths of 5% to much more. The recentappearance of Black IPAs has confused many,since they are definitely not pale.</p><p>Porters and stouts are complex in flavour andtypically black or dark brown. The darknesscomes from the use of dark malts. These fullbodied beers generally have a pronounced bitterfinish. Historically a stout would have been anystronger beer, but the term evolved to mean astrong porter beer. In modern usage, the twoterms are used almost interchangeably, althoughstouts tend to have a roast character and be lesssweet than porters. They are usually 48% instrength. </p><p>What is beer?</p><p>Kent Beer Festival 2016 7</p></li><li><p>8 Kent Beer Festival 2016</p><p>Dark &amp; Fruity BarKey for beer colour : Golden Pale Brown Dark </p><p>Beartown Congleton, CheshirePeach Mel Bear 4.4%</p><p>A golden ale with Peaches and elderflower.Balancedby hoppy bitterness</p><p>Bexley ErithBlack Prince Rum Porter 5.0%</p><p>A rich dark porter infused with dark rum to give asmooth end sweetness</p><p>Binghams BerkshireMacchiato Stout 5.0%</p><p>A dark stout with added coffee and vanilla for a greattaste experience</p><p>Blue Monkey Nottingham99 Red Baboons 4.2%</p><p>A dark malty fruity ale with a hoppy twist- Is it a mildor a porter??</p><p>Brew Buddies Swanly VillageEarl Grey Mild 4.2%</p><p>Crystal and dark malts and oats are combined withEarl Grey tea</p><p>Burton Bridge Burton upon TrentBramble Stout 5.0%</p><p>Blackberry juice is added for a hint of sweetness to thisrobust stout</p><p>Canterbury Ales CharthamThe Merchants Ale 4.0%</p><p>A smooth mild stout with gentle roast malts gives wayto a fruity finish</p><p>Caveman Brewery SwanscombeShatkora 5.5%</p><p>Made using the shatkora fruit (of Indian origin)grapefruit/lime flavours</p><p>Canterbury Brewers CanterburyStreetlight Porter 5.8%</p><p>A traditional porter with the addition of East KentGoldings hops</p><p>Dartford Wobbler Darenth ValleyThieves and Fakers 4.3%</p><p>A fruity full bodied porter with good hop base and along dry finish</p><p>Curiously dark 3.6%A dark mild with roasted malt flavours and fruity hints</p><p>Goachers MaidstoneGoachers Mild 3.4%</p><p>A full flavoured dark mild. Brewed with dark malts andFuggles hops</p><p>Goody Ales HerneGood Lord 5.0%</p><p>A rich porter with smooth roast coffee tinge and silkybitter finish</p><p>Grafton Worksop NottsMarmalady Orange 4.8%</p><p>Marmalade is infused into this ale to give it its distinctand tangy flavour</p><p>Framboise 4.0%With a fruity and raspberry hints on the palate andzesty citrus nose</p><p>Green Jack Lowestoft, SuffolkOrange Wheat Beer 4.2%</p><p>Brewed with Citra hops this wheat beer has grainyorange flavours</p><p>Hop Fuzz HytheTriumph Dark Stout 4.8%</p><p>Roasted malts and Magnum hops combine to make arich smooth stout</p><p>Isla Vale Alesmiths MargateYasigi 5.5%</p><p>A dark rich smooth vanilla stout. With a hint ofsweetness on the finish </p><p>Kent Brewery West MallingZingiber 4.1%</p><p>American hops with ginger for a fruity and warming beer</p><p>Mad Cat FavershamElder Blonde 4.5%</p><p>An elderflower infused summer pale ale not too bitter,not too sweet</p><p>Musket Brewery MaidstoneMatchlock Mild 3.8%</p><p>A blend of 4 malts roasted barley and Kentish hops foran superb mild</p><p>Sponsored By Thomas Tallis Ale House</p></li><li><p>Kent Beer Festival 2016 9</p><p>Nelson Brewey Chatham DockyardPursers Pussy Porter 4.8%</p><p>A traditional London style porter hopped with Fugglesand Goldings</p><p>Pig and Porter Tunbridge WellsDance First Stout 4.2%</p><p>A subtly hopped dry stout. A refreshing summer stout</p><p>Ripple Steam DoverBlack IPA 5.8%</p><p>A smooth chocolate body with wonderfully dry bitterend notes</p><p>Rockin Robin MaidstoneMildly Rockin 3.7%</p><p>A superb dark ruby ale using kentish hops for perfectrounded bitterness</p><p>Salopian ShrewsburyLemon Dream 4.5%</p><p>A shimmering golden ale using organic lemons for azesty finish</p><p>Downton WiltshireChocolate Orange Delight 5.8%</p><p>Distinctive chocolate and orange flavours with a goodhoppy finish</p><p>Tir Dhn Dhlas DoverReal Irish Porter 6.1%</p><p>Made from an old Irish recipe . This punchy stout isvery more-ish</p><p>Titanic Brewery StaffordshireChocolate and Vanilla Stout 4.5%</p><p>An rich opulent stout with added chocolate andMadagascan vanilla</p><p>Cherry Dark 4.4%A black bitter infused with cherries to give a longpleasing after taste</p><p>Saltaire ShipleyBlackberry Cascade 4.8%</p><p>A golden ale with aromas of blackberry caramel andgrassy hops</p><p>VIP Brewery NorthumberlandVillage Ghost 4.5%</p><p>A rich full bodied chocolate stout with coffeeand,caramel flavours</p><p>Wantsum Hersden, CanterburyGalgotha Stout 5.5%</p><p>A broadmalt base leads to hints of blackcurrant,liquorice and cedar</p><p>Black Prince Mild 3.9%A full bodied Kentish mild. Smooth on the pallet withsubtle hop notes</p><p>Triple FFF HampshirePressed Rat and Warthog 3.8%</p><p>A complex dark mild with coffee chocolate and hintsof dried fruits</p><p>Whitstable Brewery MaidstoneRenaisance Mild 3.8%</p><p>A deep ruby mild with a nutty taste and gentle roastedmalts</p><p>Oyster Stout 4.5%Rich, velvety and wonderfully drinkable. GoodChoc/mocha flavours</p><p>Yorkshire Heart YorkGet Pithed Orange Beer 4.2%</p><p>Full of citrus orange flavours which makes a very refreshing beer</p><p>Dark &amp; Fruity Bar</p></li><li><p>Bexley ErithBob 4.2%</p><p>With floral aromas and well balanced gentle bitteringand lingering subtle sweetness</p><p>Five Arches Pale Ale 3.8%A golden pale ale using UK Sovereign hops to give lowbitterness and fruity finish</p><p>Brew Buddies Swanley VillageBest Bitter 4.3%</p><p>Hints of Chocolate and caramel on the nose withfruity spicy and floral notes. Unfined</p><p>Cascade Pale Ale 4.3%A slightly malty base with lots of Cascade and Sybilliahops give citrus/floral flavours. Unfined</p><p>Canterbury Ales CharthamPardoners Ale 3.8%</p><p>A light pale ale giving way to spicy,orange and citrus hops</p><p>Reeves Ale 4.1%A tawny copper best bitter with nutty malts and berryfruit hops</p><p>Canterbury Brewers CanterburyTorpedo 4.5%</p><p>Packing a punch of American and English hops. </p><p>Foundry Mans Gold 4.0%Biscuit and caramel malts and lots of Citra hops forpeach and elderflower aromas</p><p>Foundry Red Rye 5.6%Distinctive red colour and spicy notes with lots ofAmerican hops and a big flavour</p><p>Caveman Brewery SwanscombePalaeolithic 3.8%</p><p>Sweet malts balance out the grapefruit and citrus ofthe Cascade hops for a great Pale Ale</p><p>Dartford Wobbler Darenth ValleyGuinea Guzzler 3.7%</p><p>An Amber coloured fruity session ale. Well balancedwith a and long dry finish</p><p>Golden Wobbler 4.1%A Pale golden malty beer with complex citrus and lightspiced flavours</p><p>Country Wobbler 4.8%Full bodied and great rich fruit/spice flavours with alovely long bitter after taste</p><p>G2 AshfordVela 4.2%</p><p>A superb golden session beer with a subtle tangylemony twist.</p><p>Crux 4.8%With tropical taste and spicy undertones a smooth andsatisfying beer</p><p>Goachers MaidstoneSilver Star 4.2%</p><p>Made with Fuggles hops this pale ale is clean crispwith a light and dry finish</p><p>Gold Star 5.1%Made with Marris Otter malt and East Kent aromahops this is dangerously drinkable!</p><p>Goody Ales HerneGood Health 3.6%</p><p>Award winning fresh golden ale with a hoppy finishand orange zesty undertones</p><p>Goodness Gracious 4.8%A robust IPA citrus flavours evoking the tastes of the Raj </p><p>Hopdaemon NewnhamGolden Braid 3.7%</p><p>A refreshing summer ale with citrus hoppy notes and acrisp clean finish</p><p>Green Daemon 5.0%A golden "Helles" beer with hints of tropical fruit.Great with a curry!</p><p>Skrimshander 4.5%Deliciously fruity with spicy hop aromas and cleanfresh flavour with a dry hoppy finish</p><p>Hop Fuzz HytheBullion Bomb 5.0%</p><p>A special American IPA with bullion hop kick</p><p>English Traditional Bitter 4.0%A traditional amber ale with a round malty taste.English hops balance out sweet malts</p><p>Isla Vale Alesmiths MargateNinkasi Pale Ale 4.5%</p><p>Making its first appearance anywhere this hoppy PaleAle has added elderflower</p><p>Festival IPA 4.0%Fresh vibrant well balanced traditional English Ale</p><p>Kent Brewery BarSponsored By Wantsum BreweryKey for beer colour : Golden Pale Brown Amber Dark </p></li><li><p>Kent Bar - continued</p><p>12 Kent Beer Festival 2016</p><p>Kent Brewery West MallingSession Pale 3.7%</p><p>A light and hoppy session beer with hints of citrusand elderflower</p><p>Larkins Brewery EdenbridgeLarkins Traditional 3.4%</p><p>A smooth tawny session beer Good bala...</p></li></ul>