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The officail programme with tasting notes to Cardiff CAMRA's Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2012


<ul><li><p>GreatWelsh12_programme_Layout 1 24/05/2012 16:56 Page 1</p></li><li><p>GreatWelsh12_programme_Layout 1 24/05/2012 16:56 Page 2</p></li><li><p>03The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2012</p><p>Welcome</p><p>After the sell-out success of last year, we havedecided to make this year the biggest and bestyet with more real ales and ciders than everbefore. We have increased the amount of eachbeer we order as well so we will be able to keepup the range of everyones favourites. </p><p>Over the past year we have seen somemomentous changes to the brewing scene inWales all of them for the better. First off lastyear's Champion Beer of Wales winner RhymneyBrewery moved to a purpose-built visitor centreand brewery in Blaenavon, close to the NationalMuseum at Big Pit, we wish them all the successat this new place and don't forget to visit themthere. Next, Wales biggest real ale brewers SABrain have installed a craft brewery in their existing Victorian tower brewery, allowing them todo short runs of beers utilising different ingredientssuch as unusual hop varieties. We are verypleased to see these new beers on the bar alongside their old favourites such as SA. </p><p>Celt Experience and Otley breweries have bothexpanded into larger premises and Tomas Watkinbrewery purchased a brand-new state-of-the-artbottling line. Meanwhile in Newport, new kids onthe block Tiny Rebel are taking the Welsh brewingindustry by storm with their innovative new beers,definitely a favourite for all hop-heads out there.We now have around 45 breweries in Wales,more than we have had for almost a century, wehave not been able to bring them all to this festi-val, as much as we would have liked to, but ourbars team and wholesalers have tried to bring as</p><p>many as are possible. We also have a selection ofbeers from Yorkshire this year with some award-winning brews that are not usually seen in Wales. </p><p>Then there is our cider and perry, the best rangein the whole of Wales with makers from acrossthe UK represented. The foreign bar this year features beers from the Budvar Brewery of theCzech Republic, with a very rare outing for theirYeast beer, the unpasteurised version of theirOriginal lager.</p><p>We hope you enjoy the festival and dont forgetto tweet about it using #GWBCF, Ill be tweetingabout the festival myself from my personalaccount of @ArfurD and other staff members willbe using the @GWBCF account, so we will tryand respond to your comments straight away,time permitting.</p><p>Please remember that all staff here at the GreatWelsh Beer &amp; Cider Festival are volunteers andwe have given up our free time to run this festivalfor your enjoyment. </p><p>Finally, this year the festival charity is a local,Cardiff-based one, Woodlands High School, whichspecialises in teaching children with learning difficulties. We hope you will donate any unusedbeer tokens to this worthy charity.</p><p>Iechyd da!CF Organiser</p><p>James Arfur DaleyFestival Organiser</p><p>Welcome to the 2012 GreatWelsh Beer &amp; Cider Festival! </p><p>GreatWelsh12_programme_Layout 1 24/05/2012 16:56 Page 3</p></li><li><p>Information about the festival</p><p>BEER TOKENSNo cash is accepted over the bars, payment is bytokens only which are available next to the mem-bership stand, situated on your right as you comeinto the arena. Please note we have changed thetokens this year, please do not rip them, they willbe marked off by bar staff.Unused tokens may be donated to our festivalcharity which this year is Woodlands ActionSupport Group which raises money forWoodlands High School in Cardiff. </p><p>BEER LISTThe list of draught beers can be found later on inthe programme. Any changes will be available onlists on the bars and the membership stands.</p><p>CIDER AND PERRYOur huge range of ciders and perries have a barof their own, on the far side of the hall as youcome in.</p><p>FOREIGN BEERThis year, for the first time we have a range ofbeers from the Budvar Brewery in the CzechRepublic.</p><p>GLASSESThe glass is yours to keep as a souvenir of theevent. Look after it as if you drop it you will haveto purchase a replacement. Due to the policy ofthe Welsh Government there are no glass refundsthis year.</p><p>SMOKINGDue to the Nanny State we live in, smoking isprohibited inside the arena, however we have initiated a smoking solution from the foyer wherea pass-out system allows you to leave the building and return to the festival.</p><p>TOILETSToilets can be found either side of the arena.</p><p>FOODThe food is supplied by the Motorpoint Arena andboth hot and cold choices will be available. Thefood is locally sourced wherever possible andWelsh cheeses will be an additional feature onthe menu this year.</p><p>We also have Olives and Things, Merry BerryChocolates as well as Martins Jerked Meats to gowith the finest of ales and ciders.</p><p>COMPETITIONSThe Champion Beer of Wales competition willoccur during the festival along with a CAMRAChampion Cider competition. The winners ofboth will be announced at 3pm from the stageon Friday.</p><p>GOOD BEER GUIDE 2012The beer drinkers' bible will be on sale from theproducts stand, together with other books andproducts such as T-shirts and the odd teddy bar.The products stand is located next door to the:</p><p>CAMRA MEMBERSHIP STAND:140,000 members can't be wrong! Why not joinup and help CAMRA save the pub and promotereal ales?</p><p>TOMBOLADo you want an extra bit of beery history to takehome from the festival? Well head along to seeEric &amp; Julie at the tombola stand to see what fan-tastic prizes you could win.</p><p>The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 201204</p><p>GreatWelsh12_programme_Layout 1 24/05/2012 16:56 Page 4</p></li><li><p> a and The d on</p><p> y to go</p><p> ll A</p><p> f ge</p><p> the</p><p> d bar.</p><p> e:</p><p> join</p><p> ote </p><p> take ee</p><p> fan- </p><p>05The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2012</p><p>GreatWelsh12_programme_Layout 1 24/05/2012 16:56 Page 5</p></li><li><p>06 The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2012</p><p>Restaurant that comfortably seats 50 plus hungry customers!</p><p>Live Music on Thursdays!</p><p>Fagins Ale &amp; Chop House 8 Cardiff Rd, Taffs Well, Cardiff ,South Glamorgan CF15 7QD029 2081 1800 | Email: |</p><p>Set in the village of Taff s Well, and just north of the Cityof Cardiff in South Wales, Fagins Ale &amp; Chop House hasestablished itself as one of Wales premier Real Ale andFood Pubs.</p><p>All our Cask Ales are sourced from small independent brewersand we pride ourselves in sourcing our food from our local butch-er and greengrocer (who in turn provide Welsh reared produce).</p><p>Come and feel a warm Welsh welcome.</p><p>OPENING TIMESBar FoodMonday 11:00am -11:00pm Closed MondayTues -Wed 11:00am -11:00pm Noon - 2pm &amp; 6pm - 9pmThurs - Fri 11:00am - Midnight Noon - 2pm &amp; 6pm - 9pmSaturday Noon - Midnight Noon - 2pm &amp; 6pm - 9pmSunday Noon - 10:30pm Noon - 3:00pm</p><p>CAMRAMID GLAM PUB OF THE YEAR 2008</p><p>Welcome / Croeso to The Gwaelod Inn</p><p>The Gwaelod-y-Garth Inn (or just the Gwaelod as the locals call us) is one of South Wales Premier Country Innsjust a few miles outside Cardiff, offering a relaxing mix ofReal Ales, Home Cooked Food and convivial company. </p><p>Whether you are looking for somewhere for a quick pintafter work, a quiet meal or a family celebration, weresure you that you will find it here. Both the pub andrestaurant have recently been refurbished to a high specifi-cation.</p><p>Main Road, Gwaelod-y-GarthCardiff CF15 9HHTel: 029 2081 0408Pub opening Times </p><p>11am- 11pmRestaurant Opening Times </p><p>MondayThursday Noon2:00pm &amp; 6:30:pm-9:30pmFridaySaturday Noon9.30pm</p><p>Sunday Noon3.30pm</p><p>Our very</p><p>own brew</p><p>ery</p><p>coming</p><p>soon!</p><p>Cardiff </p><p>CAMRA </p><p>Pubof th</p><p>e </p><p>YEAR</p><p>2011</p><p>GreatWelsh12_programme_Layout 1 24/05/2012 16:57 Page 6</p></li><li><p>07The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2012</p><p>The Beer List</p><p>ABBEYDALE Sheffield,YorkshireAbsolution 5.3% GA fruity pale ale, deceptively drinkable for itsstrength. Sweetish but not cloying</p><p>Moonshine 4.3% GA beautifully balanced pale ale with a full hoparoma. Pleasant grapefruit traces may be detected.</p><p>ACORN Barnsley,YorkshireBarnsley Bitter 3.8% BBarnsley Bitter is brewed using the finest qualityMaris Otter malt and English hops. Chestnut incolour, having a well rounded, rich flavour, it retainsa lasting bitter finish.Won a Silver Award in it's classat the Great British Beer Festival 2006 and was alsoa finalist in 2007 and 2008. awards</p><p>Gorlovka Imperial Stout 6.0% P/SA deep malt and hoppy aroma with liquoricethroughout. Roast malts, fruit and hops also carrythrough this full-bodied stout.</p><p>IPA 5.0% GBrewed to the same recipe but uses different hopseach month. The use of different hops from aroundthe world has won high accolade from SIBA</p><p>BIG BOG Waunfawr,GwyneddSwampy 4.7%Distinctive ruby ale with hints of liquorice and malt</p><p>BRAINS Cardiff,South GlamorganDark 3.5% MClassic Dark Brown Mild with a mix of malt, roastand caramel with a background of hops.</p><p>SA 4.2% BBMellow, ful-lbodied beer with a malty, hop and fruitmix.</p><p>SA Gold 4.7% GGolden beer with a hoppy aroma. Well balancedwith a zesty hop, malt, fruit and balancing bitter-ness and satisfying finish.</p><p>Strong Ale 6.5% SBFirst brewed for the festival last year, this strong aleis making a welcome return</p><p>British Summer 4.1% GA golden, hoppy ale with a bitter finish</p><p>Brains Craft Brewery All at Sea 5.2% SBA light brown IPA with a classic clean and crisp taste.</p><p>Brains Craft Brewery Barry Island IPA 6.0% GBrewed by Simon Martin aka Mr Real Ale Guide,Only on sale on Saturday. An American-style IPAusing 3 types of US hops</p><p>Organ Morgan 4.0% GInspired by one of Dylan Thomas' characters, thisthirst-quenching ale is crafted with a harmony ofhops to produce a clean, floral aroma and delicatecitrus flavours.</p><p>Jack Black 4.3% P/SA dark oatmeal stout brewed with dark malts, roast-ed barley and oats and named after the cobblerfromLlareggub.</p><p>BRECON Brecon, PowysBright Beacons 4.5% BBA straw-coloured best bitter</p><p>Bronze Beacons 3.9% BA light bronze-coloured pale ale, full-bodied with-plenty of hop flavours.</p><p>The following is a list of the beers which we hopeto have on sale during the festival. Since going topress there may be a few changes to the beer listdue to flooding, anthropomorphic global warming,war, famine and/or religious holidays. Changes tothe list will be published on the bars and on themembership stands. Not all the beers will be onat once, some may not be ready to serve, othersmay have run out. Our knowledgeable bar staffshould be able to help you out if your first choiceis not available.</p><p>The beers are arranged, alphabetically by brewery</p><p>with A-L on the bar on the far side of the hall asyou come in and M-Z are the near side. Beersfrom Brains, Celt Experience, Tiny Rebel, TomosWatkin, Otley and Wye Valley Breweries can befound on the 'Brewery Bar' section that faces theexit and joins the two long bars..</p><p>Mild Best Bitter Bitter</p><p>Porter/Stout Strong Bitter Golden Ale</p><p>Old Ale Other (lager, wheat, fruit)</p><p>M BB B</p><p>PS SB G</p><p>OA SPEC</p><p>GreatWelsh12_programme_Layout 1 24/05/2012 16:57 Page 7</p></li><li><p>The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2012</p><p>Diamond Beacons 4.3% BA red ale brewed to celebrate the Jubillee</p><p>Genesis 1.ii The Prophet's Porter 5.6% P/SAn aged porter brewed last November and a one-off special brew. Darkly complex and smooth.</p><p>Gold Beacons 4.2% GA deep golden ale brewed with a well-defined bit-terness.</p><p>Twilight Brecon 4.0% BA dusky-toned session ale with a distinct hoppy fin-ish</p><p>Wandering Beacons 5.0% SBA dark chestnut-hued, full-bodied strong ale</p><p>Ramblers Ruin 5.0% SBA dark amber, malty and well hopped ale, high percentages of Crystal and Black malt create themalt/biscuit undertones, with bitterness and aromaprovided by Goldings and First Gold, amongst others.</p><p>BRYNCELYN Ystradgynlais,West GlamorganHolly Hop 3.9% GPale amber with a hoppy aroma. A refreshing hoppy,fruity flavour with balancing bitterness; a similar last-ing finish. A beer full of flavour for its gravity.</p><p>Oh Boy 4.5% BBGolden in colour with a tasty mix of hops, fruit, bit-ternesss and background malt.</p><p>BULLMASTIFF Cardiff, South GlamorganWelsh Red 4.8% BBA copper-red ale with sweeetish malt overtones</p><p>Son of a Bitch 6% SBA complex, warming amber ale with a tasty blend ofhops, malt and fruit flavours, with increasing bitterness.</p><p>CELT EXPERIENCE Caerphilly,Mid-GlamorganBronze 4.5% BBA deep golden amber coloured beer with an aromaof toffee with some fruity overtones. A smooth bitter-sweet flavour leads to a rich caramel aftertaste withsubdued bitter finish.</p><p>Golden 4.2% GGolden coloured organic ale, with a rich full-bodiedtexture accompanied by a unique blend of tradition-al and fruity hops</p><p>Silures 4.6% GGolden hoppy ale</p><p>Bleddyn 5.6% SBNamed after a Welsh king who died in 1075, thisbeer is a deep golden colour with a rich aroma of</p><p>pear drops and candied pistachio nuts. Brewed withhops from North America and New Zealand. A bitterflavour is followed by a tangy grapefruit and citrusaftertaste.</p><p>Native Storm 4.4% BBA robust, mid-brown ale full of spicy and biscuitflavours</p><p>CERDDIN Maesteg, Mid-GlamorganCascade 4.8% BBPale amber, rich body with a citrus hop flavour</p><p>CONWY Conwy,ConwyBeechcomber Blonde 4.2% GA hoppy blonde ale, crisp and refreshing</p><p>Cwrw Mel 4.5% SpecA pale beer with a pleasing touch of honey</p><p>COPPER DRAGON Skipton,YorkshireBlack Gold 3.7% MThis creamy dark ale has a malty, roast characterthroughout with coffee notes and a bitter roast finish.</p><p>Challenger 4.0% BAmber-coloured, this is a best bitter in the tradition-al style. Initial malt and hops give way to fruit and agrowing bitter, dry finish.</p><p>Golden Pippin 3.9% GThis golden ale has a citrus aroma and flavour,characteristic of American Cascade hops. The dry,bitter astringency increases in the aftertaste.</p><p>ELLAND Elland,Yorkshire1872 Porter 6.5% P/SCreamy, full-flavoured porter. Rich liquorice flavourswith a hint of chocolate from roast malt. A soft butsatisfying aftertaste of bittersweet roast and malt.</p><p>Bargee 3.8% BAmber, creamy session bitter. Fruity, hoppy aroma andtaste complemented by a bitter edge in the finish.</p><p>Nettlethrasher 4.4% BBGrainy amber-coloured beer. A rounded nose withsome fragrant hops notes followed by a mellownutty and fruity taste and a dry finish.</p><p>FACERS Flint, FlintshireClwyd Gold 3.5% GClean tasting session bitter, mid-brown in colourwith a full mouthfeel. The malty flavours are accom-panied by increasing hoppiness in the bitter finish.</p><p>Landslide 4.9% GGolden, gentle maltiness leads to resinous citrus bit-terness with a hint of cherry and a strong mouthfeel.</p><p>08</p><p>GreatWelsh12_programme_Layout 1 24/05/2012 16:57 Page 8</p></li><li><p>The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 2012</p><p>The Beer List - continued</p><p>09</p><p>FELINFOEL Llanelli, CarmarthenshireDouble Dragon 4.2% BBMalty and subtly hopped with a rich colour andsmooth balanced character</p><p>SALTIRE Wakefield,YorkshireTriple Chocoholic 4.8% SpecA chocolatey brew made with chocolate malt, cocoaand chocolate essence</p><p>Raspberry Blond 4.0% SpecDelicately infused with raspberry flavours.</p><p>GLOUCESTER GloucestershireDockside Dark 5.2% SBA silky rich ale, warm and chocolatey with a subtlesweetness</p><p>Gloucester Gold 3.9% GA refreshingly crisp, hoppy thirst quenching goldena...</p></li></ul>