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Front Cover Screenshots Creation

Front Cover Screenshots CreationBy Shannon Sloyan

I created a page by going to file and then to new. I then created a white page like this.

I then changed the background to black using the paint bucket tool.

I created my masthead by using the text tool. In the screenshot to the left is cinema gothic BTN Inline. The font size is 140. I messed around changing the fonts to Eras Bold ITC and Bolts SF.

Bolts SF

Eras Bold ITC

I created .com with the text tool. I used the font Eras Bold ITC and the size is 30. I placed the edited picture of the band Blonette. I will make the photo smaller and so itll fit the page nicely and I will change the white to black.

I will put this header at the bottom of the page underneath the photo. I will change the colour to red using the paint bucket.

I then added a picture of a barcode and placed on the bottom right hand page.

I then added my text that I planned to put on my front cover. Next I added Exclusive and placed it. I then changed the background to red.

I decided to get rid of the red box which was going to be at the bottom because I then realise I didnt have text to put on it.

I made the exclusive text bigger to attract the readers.I used the tool cookie cutter to create the heart shape. I will make the heart become red using the paint bucket tool.

I then cropped it. I dragged it on the front cover.

I will then add another heart shape but leave it to the colour white and place it on top of the red heart. I added Blonette so that the reader would have an idea of the two girls are. The font style is Eras Bold ITC and the size is 30 pt.

I then moved the .com to on top of the E. I also moved the picture up. I put the text Jan/Feb to next the D in Desire as seen in the screenshot below.

I decided to change the font of my masthead to Eras Bold ITC because I referred to what it was before.

I used the cookie cutter to create the sticker. I will use the paint bucket tool to make it become red.

I then cropped and dragged it onto the front cover.

I added the price of the magazine which is 1.

In the screenshot on the left, I resized the image bigger by going to edit and then transform and clicking scale. And I made it become bigger. I also moved the text to the other side of the page and changed the colour to black. And I moved the sticker to the opposite side as well. THIS IS MY FRONT COVER