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Sharing the story of FlagAHero and how the team built up the site from zero UX experiences, the challenges they faced and the mistakes they have made. Visit http://www.flagahero.com


  • 1. AndThenI SAWNow I am a Believer!

2. Ken TohCo-Founder & CEOSolution ArchitectFlagAHero ideas Inc 2012 Top Incubation Award 3. Ken TohCo-Founder & CEOSolution ArchitectFlagAHero ZEROUX EXPERIENCE 4. Yumi WongCo- Founder & COOZERO UX EXPERIENCEGraphic Design FlagAHero 5. What isUX EXPERIENCE 6. WETHOUGHTIS JUST GRAPHICAL DESIGNS 7. GRAPHICAL DESIGNS.INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE. INTERACTION DESIGNS.USABILITY STUDIES. REQUIREMENT RESEARCH. MARKETING STRATEGY.AND MANY MORE. 8. UXCHALLENGESRIGHT FROM THE START 9. An unique game-changing marketplace, FlagAHero brings about conveniences for people for finding assistance for services within their own communities yet most importantly, with a strong sense of human touch and engagement. With a good hybrid of gamification and crowdsourcing elements, next generation globalFlagAHero aims to be the marketplace for services which in the process, drive to create new exciting possibilities in the way people buy and sell services. 10. Challenge #1FUN + RELIABILITY ??? 11. Challenge #2 Difference in design preferencesMinimalist Approach CarnivalApproach 12. Challenge #3COMPLEXITY IN BUSINESS MODELHelp oneHelp oneanother another 13. Challenge #3 COMPLEXITY IN BUSINESS MODEL Help oneHelp one another another Buy ServicesBuy Services Buy ServicesProfessional CompanyProfessional CompanyProfessional Company 14. Challenge #3 COMPLEXITY IN BUSINESS MODEL Help one Help one anotheranother Buy ServicesBuy Services Buy Services Buy ServicesBuy ServicesProfessional CompanyProfessional CompanyProfessional Company 15. Challenge #4Comprehensiveness vs Convenience 16. #1 MISTAKEWE DIDNT SEEK USERS FEEDBACK ON THEIR PREFERENCES 17. #2 MISTAKE WE DIDNT BUILD FLAGAHERO BASED ONANY PRE-EXISITING HTML5 FRAMEWORK 18. Message (1)Log out My Dashboard Sign inWhat I have Flagged (12)4 Flags are open and waiting for you to assign a hero2 Flags waiting for heroes to do and mark completed My Pic6 Flags has been marked completed by your assigned heroes and pending your review and closureMy Hero To-Do List (5) Welcome Ken Toh!4 Flags are waiting for you to accept Heroes Central1 Flag is waiting for you to do and mark completedView Profile Credit: S$1,300.00Buy Credits Convert to cash! Badges Owned: 3 Browse Flags Raise a Flag!My Activity All | Flagger | HeroFlaggerFlagger Level: Noob FlaggerHeroYou have bid for a Flag raised by Jojo AnneFlagger Points:5HeroAlvin has rewarded you with credits and Hero Points for helping! Raised Flags: 1HeroFlagger 1 new hero responded to your flag Walk my dog on Sunday.Hero Level: Young Hero See MoreHero Points: 345 Completed Flags: 32 19. #3 MISTAKEWE NEGLECT NAVIGATIONAND USER INFORMATION SEEKING BEHAVIOUR 20. #4 MISTAKEWE NEGLECT MOBILE USERS ! 21. USER FEEDBACKS FEEL DATEDTOO COMPLEXTOO CARTOONISH? 22. WHAT WE WILL DO BUILT IN HTML5 RESPONSIVE SITESEEK EARLY USER FEEDBACK, DO CARD SORTING EXERCISETEST WITH MOBILE AND PCENGAGE ANUX EXPERT OR START LEARNING KEEP VALIDATING WITH CONSTANT USABILITY TESTS 23. WHAT NEXT?FIND OUR UX EXPERT HEROSTART OBTAINING USER FEEDBACKS